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MMF Election Day - Thursday June 29, 2006!

Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer


As the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) appointed by the Board of Directors of the MMF Inc., I hereby announce the calling of the election for 2006.

Any Member of the Federation, 18 years of age or older, whose name appears on the List of Electors on file at the MMF Head Office may vote in the MMF Election. A Member may only vote in the Region where the Local he/she is a Member of, is located.

An Advance Poll will take place for those who wish to vote prior to Election Day. Electors who choose to vote at an Advance Poll must vote at the Advance Poll established in the Region where they are entitled to vote. At least one Advance Poll shall be established in each of the seven (7) Regions. Electors who choose to vote in advance must do so in person.

Monday, June 19, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Tuesday, June 20, 2006 from 3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Nominations are now open for the positions of President of the Federation and Vice-President and two Board Members for each of the seven (7) Regions.

To stand for election, a member must submit a Nomination Form, signed by at least twenty (20) members whose names appear on a list of electors within the Region the candidate is running and the candidate must sign, accepting the nomination. The completed form must be be sent to and received by the CEO, by post marked mail or by fax, by 5:00 p.m. on May 12, 2006. A member may not be nominated for more than one position with the Board of Directors.

Within seven (7) days from the close of nominations, any elector may submit a written challenge with necessary documents or other material that support the challenge to the right of a candidate to run for the Office to which he/she has been nominated.

May 12, 2006


As per the MMF Inc. Election By-Law Article V, One (1), the Preliminary List of Electors shall be distributed by the MMF Head Office within three (3) days of the CEO announcing the date of election. Each Region shall post the Preliminary List of Electors at their Regional Office and shall within two (2) days of receipt, send out a copy to each Local within their Region.

Members shall have twenty-one (21) days from the date of this notice, April 29, 2006 to apply to be added to the Preliminary List of Electors if they have been omitted and to challenge and seek to remove the name of any person they believe should not be on the List of Electors. An elector may only challenge a candidate for Vice President or Board Member in the Region where the challenger is entitled to vote. Challenges if any, are to be sent to the address noted below. Written challenges will be accepted up to and including May 21, 2006 by 5:00 p.m. Evidence to support a challenge must be provided. The acceptance or rejection of each challenge will be completed within seven (7) days of receiving the challenge. When the challenges have been completed, the CEO will forward the Final List of Electors, the Rules for voting in person and the location of the Polls that are established.

Mr. Alvin Zivot
Chief Electoral Officer
P.O. Box 225 RPO Corydon
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3S7
Phone: 896-4141
Fax: 896-4142
Toll Free: 1-866-841-7788

If I'm world famous much more importantly so too are the Plaintiffs and Counsel in the MMF's defamation lawsuit against!

Mr. Murray N. ("Happy") Trachtenberg, B.A., LL.B.
(Counsel for the Plaintiffs)

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From: "Terry Belhumeur" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 8:57 PM

Terry Belhumeur has sent you a link to a weblog:

Looks like you're world famous now....


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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The return of Batman and Robin!

"Jeez Batman did you see Murray Trachtenberg get into in with His Lordship Menzies when the latter kept questioning him during closing arguments while silk-like lead Defence Counsel Anders Bruun glided through with hardly a question from the Justice?"

"You weenie Robin I was sitting in the courtroom next to you. Remind me again why I bother to keep you around - go apply for EI you loser and you're not getting a big, fat, juicy severance package."

"Screw you Batman!"

You can still remain anonymous!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Since Derryl Sanderson ( implemented user verification many of you have stopped posting on his site which, of course, is exactly what President David Chartrand, no doubt many of his Provincial Board Members and Murray Trachtenberg would like. However, you're still safe. For example, below is an e-mail I received today from Mr. Sanderson re-produced exactly as it arrived.

I only know it's from him because he chose to self-identify. Had he used an anonymous address such as I'd have no way of identifying him from Adam or Eve. However, what this feature allows me to do is modify his posting had he referred to Mr. David Chartrand, heaven forbid, as a Big "whatever" which I'm sure he'd never do. His Friday April 29, 2006 article ("Yvon Dumont Trial Wraps Up" - currently third from the top) was copied verbatim from but omitted the last sentence. So just to annoy you Derryl (Just joking!), here it is again but this time in boxcar sized letters:


You can also read the piece in its entirety on Yvon Dumont's Defence attorney Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer's Blog, ( but definitely NOT on Murray Trachtenberg's or

So please don't allow yourselves to be threatened, bulled or intimidated by the leadership of the taxpayer funded Manitoba Metis Federation - you can still remain anonymous. Continue to support Derryl in the great work he's doing.

Clare L. Pieuk
----- Original Message -----
From: Derryl Sanderson
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 7:15 PM
Subject: New Comment On Seven Second Delay

Derryl Sanderson (or, for example, has left a new comment on your post "Seven second delay?"

Clare, the seven second has been in place for about 11/2 years.

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Posted by derryl sanderson (or to at 4/29/2006 05:13:04 PM

Seven second delay?

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Must confess I missed approximately half this morning's "Metis Hour Times Two" so can't comment much. However, I did notice at one point some people calling were getting confused whether they were live on-air because of a seven second time delay - like they tried to implement with Don Cherry ("Grapes") on CBC Television's Coaches Corner during hockey game intermissions. Is that something new for MHX2 or has it been in place for a while?

Was wondering if it was installed after Blogger Derryl Sanderson ( sent a letter of complaint to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission about Host Ray St. Germain and MMF President David Chartrand's antics during last week's show. Anyone know?

Clare L. Pieuk

Friday, April 28, 2006

"Time to beard the lion in its den" ..... Shakespear!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

On Monday May 1, 2006 I'll be in Court before Madam Justice McCawley arguing against MMF lawyer Mr. Murray N. Trachtenberg's pre-trial Motion I be forced to reveal the name(s) of source(s)/informant(s) who may have provided me with MMF documents now in the possession of the Auditor General of Canada (Head, Forensic Accounting Unit).

This issue is much, much bigger than, Vanessa Everton, Terry Belhumeur or even Clare Pieuk. It's all about YOUR right as Manitoba Metis to criticize a taxpayer funded organization which purports to represent you free from the constant threat/fear of legal action. As you will see, it's eventually going to come down to our Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights And Freedoms.

I'm ready and welcome the challenge from Mr. David N. Chartrand, his Provincial Board of Directors and especially Mr. Murray N. Trachtenberg. Bring it on - see you Court!

Clare L. Pieuk

Metis National Council Secretariat versus W. Yvon Dumont - all for naught?

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

After five days of testimony the trial is over! Justice Menzies reserved his decision meaning he will call both Parties back to Court to advise them of his ruling probably in a couple days. Highlights:

(1) For me it was Day 3 when Mr. Dumont took the stand and was masterfully direct examined by Defence attorney Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer. But one example - Manitoba's former Lieutenant Governor talked of the many fundraisers with which he has been involved over the years helping out of town Metis cancer patients come to Winnipeg for treatment. You couldn't help but be moved and think, "After all this man has done for his people and Nation they're putting his family and him through this?" SHAME! As strange as it may seem, Counselor Trachtenberg never once jumped to his feet to object to anything said by witness Dumont whose testimony lasted close to two hours

(2) Today's closing arguments. On at least two occasions Mr. Trachtenberg got into a protracted legal sparring match with His Lordship who expressed the view:

(i) None of the witnesses has clearly demonstrated how Mr. Dumont by his actions caused irreversible, irrevocable and irreparable damage to the MNCS

(ii) The Metis National Council Secretariat could have appointed a new Metis Nation Governor anytime after Yvon Dumont departed. The fact it has chosen not to has nothing whatsoever to do with the Defendant's past actions as alleged by the Plaintiffs

(iii) A complaint could easily have been filed with former MMF Chief Electoral Officer retired provincial judge Alvin Hamilton challenging Yvon Dumont's candidacy in 2003. It was never done

The courtroom presence of both sides was markedly different. While Mr. Trachtenberg was often aggressive, strident and pointed, by contrast the Defence was always low key, unassuming and respectful - but very effective. Perhaps lead Counsel Anders Bruun summed it up best in his closing arguments, "This case should not have been brought to court and can't be won."

Counsel and Plaintiffs should go to bed this evening significantly worried.

Clare L. Pieuk

Mr. President Chartrand, Sir, is that you?

Dear Webmaster:

Clare, you're slipping. You still haven't informed your readers of yesterday's events in court. Many people are waiting to hear from you.

Dear D C,

Sorry for the delay but a lot is happening very quickly behind the scenes. Shortly I'll be leaving to attend the trial. Today will be devoted to closing arguments. I'll have more to say about yesterday's proceedings soon. Suffice it to say for now Yvon Dumont had another very strong day. Under intense cross-examination he held up very well indeed againt Murray Trachtenberg's onslaught. Counselor Trachtenberg came nowhere even remotely close to landing any fatal blows!

Anonymous Chicken, Peeping Tom Blogger
(You can't be too careful these days!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Possible MMF audit by federal government?

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

I'm releasing the following e-mail because it's now public information. It can be found on Page 20 of my Motion Brief registered with Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench on April 12, 2005 (File No. CI 05-01-41955) in the MMF's defamation lawsuit against Could this be one of the reasons Federation leadership at 150 Henry Avenue is so paranoid these days?

Clare L. Pieuk
-----Original Message -----
From: Asselin, Christian
To: Clare Pieuk
Cc: McCammon, Cindy; Papineau, Neil; Lysyk, Bonnie; Singleton, Jon; Lennox, Andrew
Date: Thursday, April 06, 2006 12:50 PM
Subject: Manitoba Metis Federation

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of a box of documents that includes details of your concerns about the Manitoba Métis Federation. The box was forwarded to us by the Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba.

We will review these documents, along with the information you provided by telephone and e-mail, to determine if any of the issues you raise are within the auditing mandate of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. If we require further information, we will contact you.

Please note, however, that this is not a commitment to audit any of the particular issues you have raised. As I am sure you can appreciate, many potential audit issues come to our attention in relation to a wide variety of matters. While we cannot address all of them, each is carefully considered in light of our mandate, the significance of the matter, our audit schedule, and our available resources.

Please note also that, as the independent auditor of the federal government, the Office reports its planned audits and their results directly to Parliament.

Thank you again for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention.

Yours sincerely,
Christian Asselin, CA, CMA, CFE
Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada/
Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Numéro du standard automatique/Auto-attendant number: 613-952-0213 ext. 6218
Tél/Phone (613) 995-3708 Fax (613) 947-9556

The Trial - day 3!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Those who stopped by today included:

Arnold Asham (Publisher, Grassroots News)
Terry Belhumeur
Al Benoit
Dave Charette
Lionel Chartrand
Grace/Walter Menard

The Highlights:

(1) Before proceedings began I formally served Counselor Trachtenberg with an affidavit for our May 1, 2006 hearing before Justice McCawley in the MMF's defamation lawsuit against - it will be posted shortly

(2) Tony Belcourt, President Metis Nation of Ontario and Metis National Council Governor was leadoff witness for the Defence. He testified MNC President Clem Chartier stated during a mid-2001 meeting the Saskatchewan delegation would never recognize Yvon Dumont as the legitimate Governor of the Metis Nation. Further, he told Mr. Dumont the terms of reference (i.e. his employment contract) would not be valid until Manitoba's former Lieutenant Governor had sworn and signed an Oath of Office

(3) Next up Yvon Dumont. His direct examination was skillfully conducted by Campbell Marr's Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer. Mr. Dumont's testimony could best be described as precise, knowledgeable and compelling delivered in a convincingly honest, sincere and powerful manner. Although he went into significant detail on several occasions, Justice Menzies rarely interrupted other than to seek clarification. Even Mr. Trachtenberg fell noticeably silent

(4) Mr. Dumont noted on February 25, 2003 Lionel Chartrand wrote to Metis Nation of Alberta President and MNC Governor Audrey Poitras suggesting The Council had no basis for a lawsuit against the Defendant

(5) Defendant Dumont stated if the MMF and President Chartrand were so concerned about his eligibility to run in the 2003 MMF election they/he could have simply filed a formal complaint with then Chief Electoral Officer retired provincial judge Alvin Hamilton. He offered this was never done because it would have been a cheap way to challenge him whereas a lawsuit would cost a lot more

(6) The Defendant suggested on several occasions his treatment at the hands of certain MNC Members was both embarrassing and humilating

(7) The testimonies of Messrs. Belcourt and Dumont appeared to be seamless containing no discrepancies

Tomorrow Murray Trachtenberg will cross-examine Yvon Dumont. After that each side will present their closing arguments. Formal proceedings should conclude tomorrow or possibly Friday morning. Every Justice is different - His Lord may decide to render a decision immediately or call both Parties back to Court in a few days to advise them.

Prognosis: The Plaintiffs' case is going sideways fast and they know it!

Clare L. Pieuk

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The trial - day 2!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Those who stopped by today included:

Arnold Asham ("Grassroots News")
Clem Chartier
Carl Chartrand
Lionel Chartrand
Darrel Deslauriers
Grace/Walter Menard
Oliver Monkman
Don Roulette
Plus a few others (didn't recognize)

The highlights:

(1) It was pretty much a standoff with neither side making any significant gains

(2) Gerald Morin took the stand for the Plaintiffs but on numerous occasions had difficulty recalling specific details. At one point he noted a previous difficulty with chemical dependancy. When Counselor Trachtenberg began questioning the former Metis National Council President on the matter Justice Menzies cut him off ruling his line of questioning was irrelevant. Nothing earth shattering came out of his testimony

(3) Next up was Alberta Metis National President Audrey Poitras. When asked by His Lord she confirmed had Yvon Dumont won when he ran for MNC President he would have had to resign as Governor of the Metis Nation. Under cross-examination by Anders Bruun, Ms Poitras admitted she had nominated Mr. Dumont as a candidate for the Metis National Council Presidency. However, there seems to be an issue with one aspect of her testimony

(4) DRUM ROLL - ALL RISE ..... thank you! Enter David Chartrand. It was like listening to "The Metis Hour Times Two" minus sidekick Ray St. Germain - lots of talk but not much substance

(5) Lionel Chartrand was singled out again for honourable mention. It seems while he was assisting Regan Thatcher with the preparation of Yvon Dumont's defence he also had a consulting contract with the MMF. Should be interesting to see for whom he casts his ballot come the next election. Perhaps he should give David Chartrand one half and Yvon Dumont the other

Tomorrow: two key witnesses for the Defence.

Clare L. Pieuk

What's in a headline?

Dear Webmaster:

The headline in today's Winnipeg Free Press article read, "Dumont Broke Deal, Court Told" (Dan Lett, Page B3) when it should have been, "Metis National Council Broke Deal." How can an organization hire someone under certain conditions then expect to change them after two years without an adjustment in pay whether higher or lower.

A deal is a deal until the condition(s) change. Only when a new one is agreed to and signed by both parties does a replacement exist. The original was terminated the minute the MNC re-wrote the terms of refrences. So who broke it?

Dear Anonymous:

As somone who was in the courtroom yesterday I agree the headline tends to be a little misleading. However, if you read the entire article it's fair, impartial and an accurate reflection of what transpired Monday. Anyone with whom I talked today was of the same opinion.

Clare L. Pieuk

Please support "The Dave Has To Go Election Team" - contact!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

The following article has appeared anonynmously (Must be one of David Chartrand and Ray St. Germain's "Chicken Peeping Tom Bloggers!) on and Other locations where you will find interesting comment on the current MMF President's leadership and that of his Board of Directors include, and

There is no copyright protection on any of these sites, including this one, so you can print and distribute their postings to whomever you wish. We encourage you to do so and please support "The David Has To Go Election Team" by contacting

Clare L. Pieuk
Monday April 24, 2006

From: The David Has To Go Election Team!

A word to the wise. These blogs only reach about 5% of our Metis people. It will be the job of those few to take information which we will be posting on these sites, print them, make copies then pass them along to each Metis in every little community. That is the way we will achieve our goal to effectively change the current President and Board. I am sure David Chartrand realizes we do not reach everyone and thus fears little from us. The fact the media picks up on articles is not good for him but he practices damage control on "his" media outlet every Saturday (NCI Radio).

It is time to identify at least one internet computer person in all the Metis communities. If you are that individual please e-mail We will confirm your sincerity and the rest will be history. This is not an attempt to demonize anyone so if that is your goal please move on. We are here to ensure a fair Metis government for all.

More trial coverage!

Dumont Broke Deal, Court Told
By Dan Lett
Winnipeg Free Press
Tuesday April 25, 2006
Page B3

Former Manitoba Lt. Gov. Yvon Dumont breached a contract with the Metis National Council when he ran in the last Manitoba Metis Federation election despite having promised to say out of elected politics for two years a Court of Queen's Behch trial heard yesterday.

The Metis National Council (MNC) is suing Dumont and is seeking $47,000 in damages, a sum equal to the salary and benefits he received in 2002 for serving as its national governor.

The MNC is a national Metis political organziation, the membes of which are the provincial Metis organizations from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Clement Chartier, president of the MNC, said Dumont was appappointed governor of the Metis nation in 1999 after he had finished his five year-yer term as Manitoba's lieutenant governor. The position was largely ceremonial and intended to promote Metis culture across Canada.

Two Years

Court heard yesterday the MNC set down terms of reference for Dumont in early 2002 which required him, among other things, to remain out of elected Metis politics for two years after he left his national position.

Chartier told the court the terms were implemented after Dumont had run unsuccessfully to become president of the MNC in 2001. Many Metis leaders believed it was inappropriate for the governor to be involved in elected potitics, he added.

Dumont ultimately resigned as governor in January 2003 and within a week had declared his intention to run for president of the Manitoba Metis Federation against incumbent David Chartrand.

Under cross-examination by Anders Bruun,the lawyer representing Dumont, Chartier conirmed the MNC did nothing to stop Dumont form running against Chartrand. Chartier also confirmed that if Dumont had won - he lost by only 20 votes - the MNC would probably have welcomed him as a member of the board of governors as head of the MMF.

Bruun also suggested in cross-examination the MNC failed to have Dumont sign an oath of office based on the new terms of reference imposed more than two years after he first took up the post as governor.

Chartier confirmed that no oath of office was signed, and no efforts were made to swear him in under the new terms of reference.

The trial is expected to finish this week.

Day One: Defence = 1 Plaintiffs = 0

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Yesterday's highlights:

(1) Upon entering Courtroom 213 for the opening of the trial I sat in a chair directly behind Counselor Trachtenberg who immediately challenged me. He suggested he didn't want anyone looking over his shoulder and I should re-locate by lawyers for the Defendant. I inquired whether it was his prerogative to assign seating. Mr. Trachtenberg then advised if I didn't move he'd raise the issue with the Justice. Reluctantly, I agreed but respectfully notified him this would be reported on my blog. He did not look amused!

Then I got to thinking what is accepted protocol in such situations? I'm going to do a little research - first stop The Law Society of Manitoba

(2) During the day several spectators spent time in the courtroom. Those I recognized included: Lionel Chartrand,Will Goodon, Frank Godon, Dave Charette, and Grace/Walter Menard

(3) Justice Perry Schulman was selected to hear the case. However, Counselor Trachtenberg immediately objected citing His Honour's involvement in Yvon Dumont's January 2004 Court of Queen's Bench victory (overturned results of 2003 MMF Presidential election) asking His Lord to recuse (disqualify) himself. It was agreed and Justice Menzies took over

(4) There is much which could be written but my highlights:

(i) The outstanding performance of the Defence team

(ii) Certain documents had not been made available to the Defence. Mr. Trachtenberg undertook to try to rectify the situation by today providing certain of them to Mr. Bruun. For his part, Mr. Chartier agreed to attempt to secure for the Defence an initial draft copy of the terms of reference for the Governor of the Metis Nation's job description

(iii) A letter introduced into evidence by Anders Bruun written by lawyer Lionel Chartrand to Metis Nation of Alberta President Audrey Poitras. In it, Mr. L. Chartrand was clearly acting as Mr. Dumont's attorney. Regan Thatcher had been listed as the only solicitor of record for the Defendant on all previous documents filed with the Court in this case

(iv) Mr. Trachtenberg cross-examined Clem Chartier and was followed by Anders Bruun after which Counselor Trachtenberg asked to re-examine the Metis National Council President. Shortly into his questioning, Justice Menzies had to interject to advise Murray Trachtenberg he was, in fact, conducting a de facto re-cross-examination again of his witness. With very little further comment Mr. Trachtenberg fell silent and quickly sat down

(v) Chance encounters of the worst kind: Upon exiting the Courthouse perchance there stood Messrs. Chartier, David Chartrand, Will Goodon and Don Roulette. The Honourable Yvon Dumont being ever the gentleman stopped to exchange pleasantries. I even got to shake President Chartrand's hand (A first and yes counted my fingers afterword!). Being at a loss for words, I offered how I was one of the "Blogger Chickens" to which he referred on radio last Saturday. He reiterated we're "Chickens." So Derryl Sanderson, Randy DeLaRonde, Darcey Jerome, Terry Belhumeur - you're all "Blogger Chickens!"

(vi) Score? Based on a very strong performance by The Defence Team; Anders Bruun's silk-like performance featuring his mastery of the facts; and the, at times, shaky testimony of Chem Chartier:

Defence = 1 Plaintiffs = 0

Mr. Trachtenberg indicated he will be calling witnesse(s) today. One of the big questions: will David Chartrand be subpoenaed to testify? Please stay tuned.

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, April 24, 2006

Yvon Dumont trial - day 1!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Spent the day in Court and will have a more detailed account of the proceedings shortly. Suffice it to say for now, Mr. Anders Bruun (capably assisted by Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer) of Campbell Marr LLP ( did a masterful job. The former's low key, unassuming approach combined with his complete command of the facts caught many off guard including Murray Trachtenberg and especially Metis National Council President Clem Chartier when cross-examined by Mr. Bruun. A longer report to follow.

Clare L. Pieuk

Continuous coverage - Yvon Dumont trial!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Will be leaving shortly to cover opening arguments in the Metis National Council Secretariat Inc., and Clement Chartier on behalf of the Metis National Council and the Metis National Council versus W. Yvon Dumont lawsuit. It's expected to last 4-5 days Later today I'll file my first report.

Clare L. Pieuk

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tired yet of being called a CPT - eh?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Don't like being referred to as a "Chicken Peeping Tom" by Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand and Ray St. Germain, Host of NCI Radio's "Metis Hour Times Two" just because you post negative internet comments about the MMF's current leadership? Time to fight back! Contact the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). They're the ones who license media outlets. Here are their Winnipeg particulars:

Winnipeg Office:
275 Portage Avenue
Suite 1810
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2B3
Telephone: (204) 983-6306
TDD (204) 983-8274
Facsimile: (204) 983-6317

Remember an election is coming! Do you really want to be known throughout NCI Radio's coverage area during the campaign as a CPT - Eh?

Thank You!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Honourable W.Yvon Dumont Legal Defence/Campaign Fund!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Why not make a contribution to help Mr. Dumont pay his legal bills. If there's anything left it could go to his Re-Election Campaign Fund. If you'd like to help mail your contributions to:

The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont Legal Defence/Campaign Fund
c/o Campbell Marr, LLP
10 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1L5
Telephone: (204) 942-3311
Facsimile: (204) 943-7997

For More Information:

Thank You!
Clare L. Pieuk

Go Yvon Go - let's have a rally!

For Immediate Worldwide Distribution
The Gobal Headquarters,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
9:34 P.M.(Local Time)

Clare L. Pieuk,

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

As you know, Canada's first Metis Lieutenant Governor, The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont, goes on trial Monday April 24, 2000 at 10:00 a.m. He is being sued by The Metis National Council Secretariat Inc., and Clement Chartier on behalf of the Metis National Council and the Metis National Council. Let's meet on the steps of The Provincial Law Courts Building (408 York Avenue) at 9:00 to show our support.

Messrs. Anders Bruun ( and Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer ( of Campbell Marr, LLP will be representing the Defendant. Mr. Murray N. Trachtenberg ( of Posner & Trachtenberg will be acting for the Plaintiffs.

To find the Courtroom, after clearing security you'll noitice (left wall) a large glass enclosed bulletin board where cases are listed by Parties, presiding Justice/Judge and location.

Let's show The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont we want him as OUR NEXT MANITOBA METIS FEDERATION PRESIDENT!

Thank You,
Clare L. Pieuk

Listen Up You Chicken Peeping Toms!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Highlights from this morning's NCI Radio's "Metis Hour Times Two" sponsored by the Manitoba Metis Federation and your ABC (Anyone But Chartrand) Committee:

(1) "All the negative comment these days on the internet about the current MMF leadership won't fizz me. It's old style politics!" - President David Chartrand

(2) "People have made too much about my hunting lodge in Duck Bay, Manitoba calling it Camp David but jeez the lumber only cost $8,000!" - David Chartrand

(3) "If you steal documents or money from the MMF you will be prosecuted it belongs to the Metis!" - David Chartrand

(4) "People are making too big a deal out of my new home in Duck Bay - it's nothing more than a little renovated school house I stocked with furniture from auctions!" - David Chartrand

(5) "When people comment anonymously on blogs/websites they're just out to hurt people and that's crap!" - David Chartrand

(6) "Instead of all the negative on the internet you should debate what you can change. Not identifying yourself is desperation politics!" - David Chartrand

(7) "Derryl Sanderson thinks he's some kind of Guru of the Opposition!" - David Chartrand

(8) "He was in the audience at last month's Winnipeg Regional Annual General Meeting but did not get up to directly ask me one question!" - David Chartrand

(9) "People who post anonymously on the internet are Chicken!" - David Chartrand

(10) "Yes, you're right David they're like Peeping Toms!" - Ray St. Germain

(11) "Will Goodon's harvester card court challenge begins May 8, 2006 in Brandon!" - Al Benoit (Conveniently forgot to also mention The Honourable Yvon Dumont goes on Trial Monday April 24, 2006)

So all you Chicken Peeping Toms out there - stand up, be counted identify yourself and get sued by the MMF plus receive a complementary visit from The Winnipeg Police Service!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Yvon Dumont's trial begins April 24, 2006!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Earlier today Madam Justice J. Keyser, Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, ruled opening arguments will be heard starting at 10:00 a.m. Monday. The trial is expected to last 4-5 days. Her Honour ruled the Defence can amend their statement of Defence during the proceedings.

Messrs. Anders Bruun ( and Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer ( from Campbell Marr LLP ( will be representing Mr. Dumont. Counselor Murray N. Trachtenberg ( will be acting for the Plaintiffs (Metis National Council Secretariat Inc., and Clement Chartier on behalf of The Metis National Council and The Metis National Council). I will be in Court each day to bring you the highlights.

There were fascinating, if not startling, relevations made in open Court today on which I'll be reporting shortly.

Clare L. Pieuk

Electronic Copies

Courtroom 114!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Sometimes having good ears while sitting near the front of a courtroom has its advantages:

(1) During a recess Mr. Anders Bruun asked Counselor Trachtenberg for his thoughts on the serious Employment Insurance malfeasance allegations involving the Manitoba Metis Federation which have been appearing on web/blog sites throughout Manitoba. Mr. Trachtenberg replied (I believe this is an exact quote):

"Oh, Anders, you can't believe everything you see on the internet."

(2) Murray Trachtenberg in his submission explicitly noted his clients' were not seeking an adjournment because they were worried this ongoing action could become an election-year issue in the soon to be announced general vote (must be held by June 26, 2006) even suggesting the Plaintiffs believed the lawsuit would likely be THE most important issue in the upcoming campaign.

Whoa, whoa, whoa Plaintiffs and Counselor ..... not quite so fast! Mr. Trachtenberg and I have a court appearance before Madam Justice McCawley (May 1, 2006) at which time I'll be self-represented as a Co-Defendant in a defamation lawsuit brought by the MMF against a Metis specific Winnipeg website. If you don't think that case is going to be a major election issue better give your collective heads a good shake folks!

(3) During his closing arguments, Mr. Bruun noted he had a conversation about the trial with Mr. Dumont on the way to Court earlier today. Manitoba's former Lieutenant-Governor said it would probably be more politically advantageous to hear the case next week and use THAT as the issue in the campaign

(4) In his address to the Court, Mr. Murray Trachtenberg noted Yvon Dumont's recent decision to retain counsel and "to spend at least some money" on a lawyer contrary to his previous statement he would self-represent at trial. Mr. Bruun in his introductory comments had earlier detailed how upon examining the case he was appalled at the injustice of this lawsuit and decided to assist Defendant Dumont essentially pro bono (i.e. free)

(5) Attorney Bruun (opening statement) observed in passing it appeared the idea for this suit came from a letter to the MNC Board written by none other than David Chartrand

(6) Mr. Trachtenberg made reference to the fact David Chartrand in his affidavit listed the various Costs Orders the MMF has registered against Mr. Dumont's property

(7) Once again, much like he had previously done before Master Sharp (February 13, 2006) and Senior Master Lee (March 2, 2006) in the aforementioned defamation lawsuit, Mr. Trachtenberg went into excruciating detail before Madam Justice Keyser regarding the Court cost he could charge for today's appearance ($700 plus disbursements)

(8) Metis Nation of Ontario President Tony Belcourt has been subpoenaed as a Defence witness

(9) There was informal, off the record discussion by knowledgeable sources as to whether David Chartrand should be subpoenaed to testify at trial

Clare L. Pieuk

Electronic Copies

What would you have done?

Dear Webmaster:

Mr Guibouche, it doesn't matter what corporation - any files pertaining to personal information, such as was allegedly copied or stolen are indeed confidential. Even if there are discrepancies and evidence of law breaking they are still confidential and those in possession can be prosecuted. A good example are provincial agencies which now need a signed letter to release even your address. The MMF is no different.

Dear Anonymous:

Don't think anyone would question, especially given today's privacy laws, the right of employee information (e.g. medical, career related, etc.) to remain confidential. However, what if, as being reported on the intenet, the documents in question strongly suggest possible corporate malfeasance? Should the Winnipeg Police Service blindly, dutifully and blithely return them to MMF headquarters no questions asked? Or are they legally, ethically and morally obliged to either initiate an investigation or turn the file over to an empowered Agency such as Employment Insurance? The problem with the example cited is it's far too simple, obvious, limited and limiting.

Had the material come into your possession by whatever means, what would you have done - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? Turning a blind eye to look the other way has its limitations. This case may indeed be one of them.

For many months now the rumours, speculation and innunendo about information/document leaks at MMF headquarters have been rampant - it's almost as though it has reached epidemic proportions! Why? Could it be many employees are angry and frustrated with how they been treated over the past several years? Perhaps they witness wrongdoing and feel an ethical, moral and professional need to vent their concerns for the greater good of the organization? Of course, they could stand up to speak out but it's well known if they value their jobs ..... this is a very repressive regime! In such circumstances the incidences of unmarked, brown paper envelopes invariably proliferates. It's no more complicated than that!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It wasn't me!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Don't know anything more than what appears below. All I can tell you is it wasn't me! Wonder if the police had a search warrant? This is starting to sound more and more like Stalinist Russia! Assuming it's true, and I have no reason to think otherwise, wonder after which documents "our City's finest" were inquiring. An educated guess? Those pertaining to the headquarters alleged Employment Insurance scandal everyone on the internet has been talking about recently. If true it's potentially explosive and hughly embarrassing for the MMF.

Clare L. Pieuk
From: "Ferg"
To: "clare"
Sent: April 20, 2006 7:30 PM
Attach: Document.rtf

----- Original Message -----
From: Ferg
To: david
Cc: derryl
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 7:27 PM

A Metis Blogger was visited by the Winnipeg Police today to enquire about stolen MMF Inc. documents. This is very disturbing! What material at any MMF Inc. Offices throughout the province could be secret? Every document is a public document and must be available to all Metis citizens who request access to information of a particular nature.

This abuse of authority by the Federation's Board of Directors must not be tolerated - such behaviour smacks of desperation! The federal government is on record as supporting wistleblower protection legislation. The MMF would be wise to do the same.

Fortunat Guiboche

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Latest developments in the MNCS versus Yvon Dumont lawsuit!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

A couple more affidavits have been filed in the Metis National Council Secretariat versus W. Yvon Dumont case. As soon as we have a chance we'll visit Winnipeg's Provincial Law Courts Building so we can photocopy and re-produce them verbatim on this site. In the meantime, to track what's happening go to In the upper left-hand side of the screen which appears you'll see the link (second from top) "File Number Search" - enter CI05-01-42919 and click "Search" - Voila! However, to view the content of the documents listed you'll have to visit the Provincial Law Courts Building, pay $5 if you're not one of the litigants and you can then photocopy your face off.

For the MMF's beyond asinine suit against CyberSmokeSignals use CI05-01-41955. Keep on eye on that one there will be some fascinating affidavits appearing shortly!

Clare L. Pieuk

Is this why Canada-Manitoba give the MMF leadership $20 million annually?

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

I would particularly like to draw your attention to Item 3 (below) of Mr. Trachtenberg's e-mail. Perhaps forthwith he would like to file yet another Notice of Motion so we can argue before a Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice at exactly what point Ms Everton broke down in tears - no doubt Their Honour would be most impressed! If successful, I would then be able to have it entered into the official public record as evidence for the world to see. Why not? There have already been an astonishing ninety-four (94!) documents filed to date since the Statement of Claim was served May 28, 2005, most by the Plaintiffs, which must be unprecedented in the annals of Canadian legal history for this type of case.

On the subject of Item 4 (below), at my January 24, 2006 Cross-Examination by Counselor Trachtenberg at his Office, among the many e-mail he ordered me to bring was any correspondence which existed between Mr. Niederhoffer and Ms Everton. Guess what? There was none! To protect her as best I could, Mr. Niederhoffer was not informed of her identity until just before we met with Mr. Trachtenberg prior to my "interrogation" at which time I turned over all the requisite documentation to my attorney.

In what had to be a First for Canadian jurisprudence, Mr. Trachtenberg actually contested Mr. Niederhoffer's request to withdraw as Counsel of Record for a client whose identity he did know until the morning of January 24, 2006 nor meet before the February 13, 2006 Hearing in front of Master Sharp. Why should Mr. Trachtenberg care who represents Ms Everton?

Or what about the time my former attorney and I filed an affidavit which had one slight error - February 9, 2005 should have read February 9, 2004. Instead of simply picking up the telephone like most lawyers would to confirm the minor mistake, Mr. Trachtenberg had to make it the subject of yet another separate affidavit by MMF Executive Director Oliver Boulette - Unbelievable!

The lawsuit is nowhere near trial ready. The Federation currently pays Mr. Trachtenberg at least $250/hour. From which Metis Programs is this public money being taken? Ms Everton is a Metis Mother of four. Nice, real nice .....

Clare L. Pieuk

Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer
Barrister and Solicitor
P.O. Box 48081
RPO Lakewood
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 4A3

Dear Mr. Niederhoffer:

Re: MMF et al. vs. Clare L. Pieuk et al.
Queen's Bench File No. CI 05-01-41955
My File No. 2003-20

Following the appearance before Master Sharp on Monday, February 13, 2006, I requested that you provide me with a copy of the Notice of Intention to Act in Person which you told me had been signed by Ms. Everton. Despite promising to do so, I note that I have yet to receive a copy of the document. Please attend to this forthwith.

I have also reviewed your Press Release posted on your website yesterday and on as well. Your Press Release is misleading and a distortion of many of the facts including the position of my client in this lawsuit. Particulars of this are as follows:

1. You describe "Pieuk and Terry Belhumeur, currently the only named defendants in the suit." That is patently false. This action was started against metis_mom right from the start.

2. You "confirmed" in the Press Release "that it is only a matter of days before a Court Order is issued to include Everton in the suit." As you are fully aware, this Order was pronounced by Master Ring on January 30, 2006 allowing for an amendment of the Statement of Claim to properly name Vanessa Everton.

3. You have stated that "Everton broke down in tears when the MMF lawyer confirmed in open court that the MMF and its Board of Directors intend to proceed against her." That is not true. Ms. Everton broke down in Court when she first started to speak. One of the first things she said is that she understood you had been assigned as her lawyer but she did not know how that happened. She also said that she was not aware of this until very recently and believed that someone should have made a better effort to find her and advise her of this lawsuit before now.

4. You describe yourself as "Everton's lawyer before she made the decision this week to represent herself." You consistently denied that you were acting for Ms. Everton and having any communications with her. You were her lawyer of record through what appears to have been an unauthorized filing by you of a Notice of Appointment of Lawyer which you then immediately recanted and have spent several months pursuing a Motion to be removed from the record at considerable costs to my client.

5. You state that in the MMF Statement of Claim "lawyers for the MMF have conceded that Everton did not write or publish the petition and that her formal role was limited to fielding requests for hard copies of the petition." I would like you to immediately advise me where that is stated in the Statement of Claim. While you are at it, I suggest you read paragraph 54 of the Statement of Claim in which the allegation is made against all defendants that they published the election funding petition. I expect that you have widely distributed this false and misleading Press Release to the media. I suggest that you immediately take steps to curtail the effect this will have. I shall be seeking further instructions from my clients with regard to this action on your part.

Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What Murray missed in court today!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

A hearing was held at 10:00 this morning in Courtroom 115 before Madam Justice Simonsen (Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench) to consider a request by the Defence for an adjournment in the Metis National Council Secretariat versus Yvon Dumont trial scheduled to begin Monday April 24, 2006.

The proceedings lasted approximately 5 minutes:

(1) Mr. Murray N. Trachtenberg, Counsel for the Plaintiffs, was absent because of an all day trial in Selkirk, Manitoba. Mr. Jeffrey J.Niederhoffer ( appeared on behalf of the Defendant

(2) Justice Simonsen ruled today's Uncontested Motion would be moved to the Contested List. Mr. Trachtenberg previously indicated he was available for a Court appearance Thursday afternoon or Friday of this week. Given the very short timeline, Counselor Trachtenberg waived the requirement a Motion Brief and Affidavit of Service be filed with the Court in time for the Hearing

(3) Her Honour inquired as to whether there were any Justices with possible conflicts to either Party in the case. She also recommended both the Plaintiffs and the Defence file a Motion Brief arguing their positons noting it was understandable if neither Party were able given the time constraints

(4) A follow up Hearing was scheduled for Friday April 21, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at which time Mr. Anders Bruun ( will represent Defendant Dumont

I will be there to report on the proceedings.

Clare L. Pieuk

The real enemy!

Dear Webmaster:

For now our real enemies are within the MMF not outside the borders! So who are they and what is their purpose? Those of us who are ostracized know - they are the ones who will do anything to cling to power. The Big Question is what are we prepared to do? We need to think carefully - the most obvious choice is to vote them convincingly out of Office. Secondly, major changes are necessary.

On the subject of governing ourselves, for responsible government to emerge a strong opposition is necessary within the Manitoba Metis Federation. All the tools (checks, balances and protections) are required to do the job so every Metis citizen is treated fairly. I leave you with these thoughts.

Fortunat Guiboche

Wonder who that could be?

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

There was a brief hearing this morning in the Metis National Council Secretariat versus W. Yvon Dumont lawsuit - I'll be reporting more later today. In the meantime, while studying the online list of documents filed to date another Requisition for a Subpoena has been issued (Document 23; Registered April 13, 2006). As you will recall, former Metis National Council President Gerald Morin is already scheduled to testify for the Plaintiffs.

To determine who the latest witness is and whether they will be appearing on behalf of the Plaintiffs or Defendant will require a trip to Queen's Bench File Regiatry which I'll undertake shortly.

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, April 17, 2006

Where are all the prospective Metis leaders?

Dear Webmaster:

  • They must be out there somewhere?
  • Can anyone point out who they are - female/male?
  • Are you of the opinion what we have now is OK?
  • Mediocrity is alive and well in the MMF and Metis Womens Association!
  • It appears the Metis folks out there accept this as normal!
  • A ......... ........ Board of Directors!
  • Very sad the Metis who sold their souls to the MMF power structure - yes you know who your are!
  • MMF reduced to a program calling itself a Nation!
  • Just because you wrap yourself in a Metis sash does not make you one!
  • The weak ........ link ........ MMF Board of Directors!

    Fortunat Guiboche


Dear Mr. Guiboche:

Sorry we had to edit your e-mail in a couple places because MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg who is suing for alleged defamation is also closely monitoring this site along, of course, with his trusty Assistant and "Head Affiant/Deponent" (Wonder what he'll do soon when he can't use Oliver Boulette any more?) Louise Coulombe. No doubt the dynamic duo are watching any pages critical of the current Federation leadership. My Mother has an expression, "Don't you have better things to do with your time?"

Abraham Lincoln said it best, "In the end people get the kind of government they deserve." Sit back, don't get involved and look what happens.


Clare L. Pieuk

A Metis veteran passes!

Dear Webmaster:

Good Day I am a member of the Canadian Forces and have been to France to see the graves of our Métis Veterans who have given their lives for our people and country. Today they are still dying and we are losing that part of our history.

Last week a Métis veteran from my home town pasted away, a decorated hero...his name was Robert Lavalle (I hope I spelled his last name right). He was a soft spoken man with a golden heart. As a child growing up, I was always happy to see him riding around on his tractor going about his business, a content soul - I never knew of his military past (he never spoke of those hard memories) and only became aware when attending a gathering of Métis Veterans in the 90's. I saw so many former military men going over to shake his hand and him sitting silently there shaking theirs with familiarity, smiling. I, standing there in my uniform, felt the humbleness of the man. Mr. Lavalle we will all miss you. One less attachment to our rich history.

Warrant Officer Guiboche
Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Dear Warrant Officer Guiboche:

On behalf of our readers thank you for writing such a simple yet beautiful letter.

Clare L. Pieuk

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Anyone know?

Dear Webmaster:

Have you heard anything about the last Metis National Council Meeting which was supposed to have been held in Winnipeg at the beginning of this month or the MNC elections? I was told the vote was postponed until October 2006 so incumbent President Clem Chartier will have to wait until then to see if he gets another term. Also, British Columbia and Alberta were not going to take part if Saskatchewan was allowed at the table.

Saskatchewan Reader

Saturday, April 15, 2006

"The Metis Hour Times Two!"

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

This report is brought to you by The ABC (Anyone But Chartrand) Committee. Host Ray St. Germain said hello to Glorian Yakiwchuk and wished her well on air which was very nice of him. We too would like to do the same and especially hope her new business is going well.

David Chartrand called in with his usual cornpone. He had been in Swan River and was heading for The Pas when he noticed smoke coming from his vehicle. Yikes - we certainly all hope it's not the transmission! Main points:
  • Thompson Region has new office which will be renovated - old one to be sold
  • The Pas to also get new facility - official announcement later
  • Visited good buddy Will Goodon whose harvester card court challenge opens May 8, 2006
  • The land claims case is being heard in Courtroom 128 Mondays-Thursdays

That was about it.

Sincerely, Clare L. Pieuk

Friday, April 14, 2006

"The MurrayGate Tapes!" - Part IV: "The fine art of trying to make a silk purse out of an old sow's ear!"

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

This is the final episode based on an official Court transcript of my cross-examination (Read: Interrogation!) by Mr. Murray N. Trachtenberg (his Office January 24, 2006). Also present was my former attorney Mr. Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer now at Winnipeg based Law Firm Campbell Marr LLP ( As you read it ask yourselves, "Is this why the federal and provincial governments give the MMF leadership taxpayer dollars?"

Clare L. Pieuk
101 Q: So let's just see if we can identify firstly what we're looking at here where it starts off on page 1 of Exhibit 6 Friday November 11, 2005. It says,

"Please do the right thing. Turn yourself in immediately."

An then it continues, and it continues, Sir, onto the next page, page 2 where at the top of the page after the first paragraph, it says, "Merci/Sincerely Clare L. Pieuk Web Master." So am I correct that that first page at the top of page 2 of Exhibit 6, that's something that you were responding to and you posted that?

Mr. Niederhoffer: Objection. How is any of this remotely relevant to Mr. Pieuk's affidavit or to the withdrawal of myself as counsel for

Mr. Trachtenberg: Totally relevant. If you want to just first let him identity that that is in fact something that he posted, it will become apparent in a moment, Mr. Niederhoffer.

By Mr. Trachtenberg:

102 Q: Is that the response that you posted, Sir, as I pointed out to you?
A: You're looking at this section?

103 Q: Yes. All of page 1 and the top of part of page 2.
A: As you can clearly see, it bears my name.

104 Q: So is the answer yes?
A: Yes.

105 Q: Thank you.
A: You're welcome.

106 Q: Now, in that part you posted on Friday, November 11, 2005 you started off saying, go back to page 1:

"Dear If you are the person(s) using this e-mail address who sent us the following letter today, we urge you to do the right thing. Step forward and self-identify."

Then on page 2, where it says, "Friday November 11, 2005, Dear CyberSmokeSignals" and then there's a paragraph and then it says "Thanks MM." So am I correct that the Friday, November 11, 2005, that paragraph is the letter or e-mail letter that you received that day that you are referring to in your response?

A: The letter which starts "Attention Web Masters?"

107 Q: That's correct?
A: Yes.

108: Q: Okay. So you received a communication from what you believed was on November 11, 2005, correct?

A: I didn't know whether it was metis_mom or not.

109 Q: Well, in your response you said, "Dear" on page 1of Exhibit 6. You say you didn't know that that's who you were writing to?

A: I'm doing this from memory, but that e-mail about which you're questioning me probably came in as an anonymous hotmail address. So was it the original metis_mom or someone else? I do not know.

110 Q: Okay. But you assumed it was"
A: That I assumed that it was Vanessa Everton?

111 Q: You assumed that it was because that's who you sent your response on page 1 of Exhibit 6 to. Is that correct?

A: That is correct. And if I could add, the reason I did that was the person had signed their e-mail metis_mom, so.

112 Q: Which is fine. That's fine. And in your, go to the top of page 2 of Exhibit 6, you said in part:

"Once again, we urge you to please immmediately arrange a meeting with Mr. Trachtenberg and your solicitor of record so counselor Trachtenberg can serve you in person with your Statement of Claim."

And as at November 11, 2005, the solicitor of record for the person or persons using the e-mail address at was Mr. Niederhoffer, correct?

A: No, because I did not know or I had not been in communication with Vanessa Everton. So I had no way of knowing whether she had obtained separate independent legal counsel.

113 Q: You said that should get in touch so a meeting with myself and their solicitor of record could be arranged. I'm simply asking you when you use the phrase, "solicitor of record" where you referring to Mr. Niederhoffer?

A: No, Sir.

114 Q: You were referring to whom?

Mr. Niederhoffer: Sorry, Clare stop for a second. Murray, I question the productivity of this line of questioning. It's established Mr. Pieuk has just said that he has not assumed that this person writing to him was Vanessa Everton. If could have been anybody.

Mr. Trachtenberg: I've heard what he said. I want him to finish the answer.

The Witness: Could you repeat the question please.

By Mr. Trachtenberg:
115 Q: Who did you assume the solicitor of record for was on November 11, 2005 when you sent this response?

A: I didn't know.

116 Q: Okay.
A: It could have been any lawyer.

117 Q: Yes. I'm showing you a three page document. I wonder if you can confirm that this reflects a posting on on August 15th and August 16, 2005?

A: Without reading the exact contents and upon cursory examination, it appears that someone has directly downloaded this from

Mr. Trachtenberg: All right. Let's mark that as the next Exhibit.

(Exhibit 7 three page Press Release on on August 15th and August 16th, 2005)

By Mr. Trachtenberg:

118 Q: Now what we've marked in Exhibit 7 is a so-called Press Release that was circulated by you to a number of individuals on or after August 15, 2005. Is that correct?

A: That appears to be correct.

119 Q: And the Press Release, would you agree with me, it deals with the petition, the resulting lawsuit and the matter of a forensic audit of the Manitoba Metis Federation?

A: It does.

120 Q: All right. Now you sent a copy of this Press Release to Prime Minister Martin by e-mail?
A: I can't recall.

121 Q: Let me assist you in that way.
A: Please.

122 Q: I'm showing you a two page document. It appears to be a letter from you to Prime Minister Martin on Monday, August 15, 2005. It refers to a Press Release. Firstly, can you confirm the two page document is an article that appeared on CyberSmokeSignals on that date?

A: I guess it should be amended to ex Prime Minister Martin.

123 Q: Yes. But are you able to confirm that in fact this was a posting on August 15, 2005?
A: It appears someone has downloaded this from

124 Q: Which means it was a posting on that date, correct?
A: Correct.

125 Q: Thank you.
A: You're welcome.

126 Q: Also, while you have it in front of you, it refers to below a copy of a Press Release. Is the Press Release the Press Release that we've just marked a moment ago as Exhibit 7? So that's the Press Release you were referring to. Is that correct?

A: I can't be certain because I didn't write the attached Press Release of --

127 Q: Well, on August 15 of 2005, did you have some other Press Releases you were circulating?
A: I think we circulated four to date.

128 Q: But on August 15, 2005 you just released the new Press Release, Exhibit 7. I'm asking you is that not the Press Release you sent to the Prime Minister along with this posting on August 15, 2005?

A: It most likely was.

Mr. Trachtenberg: Thank you. We'll mark the two page letter to the Prime Minister as the next Exhibit

(Exhibit 8: Two page letter to Prime Minister Martin dated August 15, 2005.)

129 Q: And you also sent a copy of the Press Release to Premier Doer? And I'm showing you a page from CyberSmokeSignals on August 17, 2005. Can you confirm that posting was in fact on the website on August 17, 2005?

A: It appears that Exhibit whatever number was downloaded by someone from

130 Q: Okay. And just to clairfy the record, we haven't marked it as an Exhibit. You're talking about this letter of yours to Premier Doer. It that correct?

A: Correct. So it's now an Exhibit. I was not premature in my comment.

Mr. Trachtenberg: Okay.

(Exhibit 9: Letter by Mr. Pieuk to Premier Doer)

By Mr. Trachtenberg:

131 Q: And according to Exhibit 9, you did in fact transmit that by e-mail to the Premier on or about that date, did you Sir?

A: to the best of my knowledge, I did.

132 Q: Okay. And below, it indicates several other Ministers as also receiving copies. You transmitted it to them also on or about that date?

A: To the best of my knowledge I did.

133 Q: And the reference to sending them the Press Release, we are able to agree the Press Release that you've sent them was the one we've already looked at a moment ago and marked as Exhibit 7, the Press Release of August 15th or 16th, I can't quite tell from the 2005 posting.

A: It's August 16, 2005.

134 Q: That's the Press Release that you sent off to the Premier?
A: To the best of my knowledge, Sir.

135 Q: Thank you.
A: You're welcome.

136: Q: Have a look at paragraph 4 of your affidavit, please.
A: What page is that?

137 Q: Page 2. Now in page 2 you deposed that from September 15, 2003 to September 9, 2005 when you swore the affidavit, Lionel Chartrand had served and continued to serve as general counsel for the website. So let me just get some clarification. Lionel Chartrand is a lawyer correct?

A: Correct, a Metis lawyer from Winnipeg.

138 Q: Yes. And when you say he served as your general counsel, do you mean he gave - firstly, well just deal with the website where it says general counsel for the website. So he gave legal advice on a number of matters from time to time? Is that what you mean by general counsel.

A: Yes.

139 Q: Okay. And then you went on to say, "and an informal legal adviser to Mr. Belhumeur and myself." And when you say informal legal adviser, do you mean that he was not acting as a lawyer to you?

A: He was acting as a lawyer.

140 Q: So what's an infromal legal adviser as compared to a general counsel? What's the distinction you are drawing there?

A: Well, maybe there is no distinction.

141 Q: Well, it's your words. You swore this affidavit.
A: I understand that.

142 Q: Okay. So you're saying though that despite that, there's no distinction you can tell me about today?

A: Perhaps you can find the correct words. On several occasions we showed postings to Mr. Lionel Chartrand asking for an opinion before we posted them. And that was because, as I'm sure you are aware, from a Manitoba Metis Federation Annual General Assembly --

143 Q: Excuse me, Mr. Pieuk.
A: -- in early September --

144. Q: Excuse me, Mr. Pieuk.
A: -- of 2003 --

145 Q: Mr. Pieuk, you're not going to keep talking over on the record, Sir, if you want. I said excuse me, twice.

A: I'm sorry, Sir, twice.

146. Q: I asked you a question if there was a distinction between the words general counsel and an informal legal advisor. And I think your answer, I just want ot get it clear, is you are saying there is no distinction that you can tell me about today?

A: He served as out pro bono general legal counsel.

147 Q: Pro bono meaning he didn't charge you a fee?
A: Exactly.

148 Q: And he was your legal counsel you're saying?
A: He was CyberSmokeSignals'.

149 Q: But you said he was an informal legal advisor to Mr. Belhumeur and yourself relative to CyberSmokeSignals?

A: Maybe we should take out that last statement.

150 Q: I don't want to take out anything. It's your affidavit. I want to know what you mean.
A: He was general legal counsel and he agreed to it in writing.

151 Q: All right. That concludes my questions. Thank you, Mr. Pieuk.
A: You'be very welcome. It was nice seeing you.

(Proceeding Adjourned At 10:40 A.M.)


The Yvon Dumont Trial!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Registered my Motion Brief (21 pages) in the defamation lawsuit against a couple days ago at The Provincial Law Courts Building. It will be heard before Justice McCawley on Monday May 1, 2006. While there I tried to access the Yvon Dumont dossier but it was with the File Co-ordinator suggesting more documentation has or is being added. Staff suggested I check back after the long weekend to see if it has been returned which I'll do. The trial begins Monday April 24, 2006 and is expected to last four days. In the meantime here's something we thought you might find interesting.

Clare L. Pieuk
File No. CI 05-01-42919
(Expedited Action - Rule 20 A)




- and -



390 York Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0P3

Regan Thatcher
Telephone No: 947-5484
Fax No: 943-0282


I, W. YVON DUMONT, of the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba MAKE OATH AND SAY THAT:

1. I am the defendant herein, and as such, I have knowledge of the facts and matters hereinafter deposed to by me except where same are stated to be based upon information and belief, in which case I do verily believe same to be true.

2. I make this affidavit in support of the Notice of Motion of Regan Thatcher, my counsel in this matter, to withdraw.

3. On November 15, 2005 the Honourable Mr. Justice A.D. MacInnes set this matter down for trial to begin April 24, 2006 and continue through until April 28, 2006.

4. I do not wish to incur the expense of having a lawyer represent me at trial. For this reason, I would like to represent myself.

5. This matter is essentially ready for trial with the exception of two things:

(a) I must file a statement of defence to the amended statement of claim. The amended statement of defence will not raise any new defenses, and the filing of same, as stated in the case conference memorandum (number two) is very much a formality. Mr. Thatcher has indicated that he will assist me in having this defence filed forthwith.

(b) There is one undertaking that I must get response to arising out of the examinations for discovery. Mr. Thatcher has assured me that he will assist me in answering that undertaking forthwith.

6. I am fully aware that there are risks associated with representing myself at trial, and further that I am not a professionally trained lawyer and may accordingly be at a disadvantage. Notwithstanding, I would like to represent myself at trial.

SWORN before me at the City of)
Winnipeg, in the Province of)
Manitoba, this 20th day of)
March, 2006.)

Regan Thatcher
A Barrister at law in and for the Province of Manitoba.

W.Yvon Dumont

Note: On March 31, 2006 Mr. Anders Bruun Senior Partner, Campbell Marr LLP ( filed a Notice Of Appointment Of Lawyer indicating he'd be representing Mr. Dumont.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The power of one!

Dear Webmaster:

The MMF (Board of Directors and Advisors) failed to understand the individual positions of Manitoba's Metis citizens. They assumed everyone would follow blindly - that was their first mistake! Secondly, the matter of trust comes into play. It is my thinking the Court will rule for us on issues such as Sections 31 and 32 of the Manitoba Act the only way they can, that is, for individual descendants who have a legal claim. My thinking is partially based on the Georges Forrest case a few years ago involving a parking ticket printed only in English.

The Manitoba Act of 1870 included French language rights which the government of the day struck down. Many years later the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that decision to be unconstitutional forcing our Legislature to adjust the laws accordingly. To some extent we now have a bilingual province. In the end we may be satisfied with the land claims decision except those who want control. Our heritage and descendants are a private matter.

Fortunat Guiboche
Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 13, 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

History of the MMF - J. Angus Spence!

Dear Webmaster:

I first met Angus seated across from me at a large table in the Marlborough Hotel. It was Fall of 1967. The Chair of the meeting was the Chief of Hollow Water a gentleman by the name of Barker. He said a few words as I was sitting on his left when turned to me and said, "OK you're next." I responded I am not sure I'm in the right place because I was Metis and did not speak an Indian language. Then I asked if anyone there were Metis. A few people raised their hands one of whom was Angus another George McKay. Shortly afterward we broke for coffee.

Angus Spence made his way over to me and introduced himself noting he was Metis. I was immeiately impressed so we went for lunch to talk about who we were, what our thinking was and the clear need for an organization to represent us. We agreed our people must come together to decide their future. As soon as the group reconvened Angus stood up to address the Assembly. He was a very good speaker pointing out the need for us to meet. The Chair then asked him to make a Motion which he did and inquired if he had someone to second it. "Yes" he said at which point I stood to introduce myself.

A room was set up for us and the rest is history. Some of the others attending were Adam Cuthhand, Joe Keeper, Mary Guilbault, Herman Burston and Tom Eagle (Joe Keeper may still have minutes of the meeting). So I describe Angus and myself as co-founders of the modern day Metis movement. More to follow.

Fortunat Guiboche
April 12, 2006

This will not be a slam dunk for Murray Trachtenberg!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Sorry for being absent the past few days but I've been immersed preparing my Motion Brief (all twenty-one pages) in the MMF's defamation suit against (Vanessa Everton), Terry Belhumeur and I. Justice McCawley gave me until tomorrow to have it ready. On May 1, 2006 I'll be in Court before Her Honour debating Mr. Murray N. Trachtenberg.

Another very interesting trial set to begin shortly (April 24, 2006) will be "The Metis National Council Secretariat Inc. and Clement Chartier on behalf of the Metis National Council and the Metis National Council versus Yvon Dumont." Until recently Winnipeg lawyer Regan Thatcher was representing Mr. Dumont but withdrew from the case. He has been replaced by Mr. Anders Bruun a very experienced, skilled and respected litigator with Campbell Marr LLP ( If Mr. Trachtenberg thought he was going to be facing yet another self-represented Defendant he's sadly mistaken.

I'll be in Court Monday April 24, 2006 to bring you trial coverage - it's going to be a fascinating case. In the meantime here's Yvon Dumont's Amended Statement of Defence obtained from official Court records.

Clare L. Pieuk
File No. CI 05-01-42919
(Expedited Action - Rule 20A)




- and -




Yvon Dumont
69 Ashbury Bay
Winnipeg Manitoba
Telephone: 338-9146


1. The defendant admits the allegations contained in paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28 and 31 of the statement of claim.

2. The defendant denies the allegations contained in paragraphs 1, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27, 29 and 30 of the statement of claim.

3. The defendant has no knowledge in respect of the allegations contained in paragraphs 5 nad 6 of the statement of claim.

4. In response to paragraph 11 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that it was the Metis National Council, an unincorporated non-profit organization, which created an honorary position of Governor as otherwise stated under paragraph 10 of the Plaintiffs' statement of claim.

5. In further response to paragraph 11 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that the Metis National Council, an unincorporated non-profit organization, created a position of Governor, not for itself, not for the plaintiffs herein, but for the "Metis Nation." The Metis Nation is the collective of all Metis people in Canada who share common culture and values, and while it includes in small part members of the governing members of the Metis National Council, it also includes many Metis who self-identify as Metis but who do not hold membership in any provincial Metis organization or in the Metis National Council.

6. In further response to paragraph 14 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that he never agreed with the "2 year clause" in question when accepting the position of Governor for the Metis Nation from the Plaintiffs.

7. In response to paragraph 15 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that, it was the Metis National Council, an unincorporated non-profit organization, which proposed the stated terms of reference. The original terms of reference as stated, however, were not agreed to by the defendant.

8. In further response to paragraph 15 of the statement of claim, and in the alternative, if a contract existed between plaintiffs and defendant, and if it was a term of the contract that the defendant was not eligible to seek or hold political office for a periond of 2 years from the date he ceased to be Governor, which is not admitted but denied, the defendant states that the said clause is void as against public policy.

9. In further response to paragraph 15 of the statement of claim, and in the further alternative, if a contract existed between plaintiffs and defendant, and if it was a term of the contract that the defendant was not eligible to seek or hold political office for a period of 2 years from the date he ceased to be Governor, which is not admitted but denied, and if the entire 2 year clause is not void as against public policy, the defendant states that the portion of the said clause in respect of seeking political office in any of its governing members is void as against public policy.

10. In further response to paragraph 15 of the Statement of Claim, and in the further alternative, if a contract existed between plaintiffs and defendant, and if it was a term of the contract that the defendant was not eligible to seek or hold political office for a period of two years from the date he ceased to be Governor, which is not admitted but denied, and if the entire two year clause is not void as against public policy, and if the portion of the said clause and respective seeking political office in any of its governing members is not void as against public policy, the defendant states that he received no consideration for a material change to his employment contract, or in the alternative, if the defendant did receive consideration, his bargaining position as compared to that of his employer was such that an unequal power relationship existed between the two such that the defendant was not able to bargain freely and was in fact under duress, and the impugned terms of reference were and are unconscionable.

11. In response to paragraph 16 of the statement of claim, the defendant denies that he accepted the position of Governor on January 22, 2002. As the facts are, the defendant accepted from the Metis National Council as appointment as Governor of the Metis Nation on or about March, 1999 and began to receive remuneration therefore in or about January, 2000.

12. In further response to paragraph 16 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that, any contract or agreement with the Plaintiffs was completed by January, 2000.

13. In response to paragraph 17 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that, as the facts are, the Plaintiffs amended their terms of reference by deleting the 2 year clause and requiring only that the Governor must resign his position prior to announcing his candidacy for any Metis political office. It was the amended terms of reference that the defendant agreed to under his letter dated January 22nd, 2002 with the Metis National Council.


The president of plaintiffs at the time of the alleged breach, Geral Morin, agreed on behalf of the Metis National Council to amend the clause respecting the prohibition from seeking political office by deleting the 2 year requirement and only providing that the defendant resign prior to declaring candidacy for such political office. This amended agreement was a consequence of the defendant not agreeing to a swearing-in ceremony in December, 2001 on account of the said clause. After the president of the Metis National Council agreed to amend the clause as aforesaid, the defendant accepted the amended terms of reference.

14. In response to paragraph 25 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that, it was the Metis National Council, an unincorporated non-profit organization, with whom the defendant agreed to resign or be dismissed in the event the defendant chose to run for Metis political office. There was no breach of contract.

15. In further response to paragraph 25 of the statement of claim and in the alternative, the defendant states that if the contract was entered into with the plaintiff, and if the terms of contract included a 2 year clause, which is not admitted but denied, that the plaintiff waived the 2 year clause condition or acquiesced to the defendant seeking political office in the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.


The president of the plaintiff at the time of the alleged breach, Geral Morin, agreed by way of verbal communication to allow the defendant to seek office in the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

16. In further response to paragraph 25 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that, neither the plaintiffs not the Metis National Council suffered any damages. The defendant puts the plaintiffs to the strict proof of damages.

17. In further response to paragraph 25 of the statement of claim, the defendant states that, no damage has been caused to the position of governor of the Metis Nation. The defendant puts the plaintiffs to the strict proof of damages.

18. In further response to paragraph 25 of the statement of claim, and in the alternative, and if damage was caused to the position of governor, which is not admitted but denied, the defendant states that any damages to the said office does not enure to the detriment of the plaintiffs. The defendant puts the plaintiffs to the strict proof of this particular damage.

19. In response to the statement of claim as a whole, the defendant states that the plaintiff nor the Metis National Council are not entitled to any damages.

20. In response to the statement of claim as a whole, the defendant states that he performed all of his duties and obligations as Governor of the Metis Nation and he was not unjustly enriched.

21. In further response to the statement of claim, as a whole, the defendant states that there is no basis in law, even if the 2 year clause was included in a contract, if the clause was not void as against public policy and if the contract was with the plaintiff herein, all of which is not admitted but denied, and if the defendant did breach the contract and if the clause was not waived, upon which an employee can be ordered to repay salary for which he performed his contractual duties.

June, 2005

Yvon Dumont
69 Ashbury Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2V 2T4
Telephone: 338-9146

Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public
710 - 491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 2E4
Fax: 944-8878

Monday, April 10, 2006

Is the MMF the legitimate representative of all Manitoba Metis?

Anonymous said ...

Of course, but it has been said before and I will say it again. The MMF is not a government and it will have to straighten out its act before it can claim to represent all the Metis in Manitoba. A government does not sue its own citizens for defamation because they raised concerns over the way taxpayers' money is being spent. Only in the Federation and under the "BULLY's" leadership has that ever been done.

The MMF is the farthest thing from being a responsible government than it has ever been to this point. Until they learn to respect all their Members and are accountable to every Metis in Manitoba they will never legitimately be able to claim they completely represent our people.