Wednesday, May 31, 2006

But he once was MMF President!

Anonymous said ...

Regarding Fortunat Guiboche's article, "The legitimacy of the Manitoba Metis Federation," too bad Mr. Guiboche no longer affiliates himself with the MMF ..... he would have made a great President.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Our understanding is years ago he was, in fact, President of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Clare L. Pieuk

Here it is -!

Dear Webmaster:

Please post Yvon Dumont's website address so all Metis know it. By the end of the day we could have 2,000 more hits. Thank you all.

Dave Charette
Dear Dave,

Shortly we'll be creating a special link on CyberSmokeBlog so our readers will be able to directly access Mr. Dumont's site from here. Hopefully, the other Metis specific pages will do the same. Other useful information:

Campaign Headquarters: 615 Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg
Telephone: (204) 589-6501
Fax: (204) 589-6609

As soon as you e-mail us Yvon Dumont's upcoming schedule of campaign appearances we'll post that as well so everyone in the province will know in advance when and where he'll be.

Clare L. Pieuk

The legitimacy of the Manitoba Metis Federation Incorporated?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

On his site (April 15, 2006) Fortunat Guiboche published a detailed article questioning the MMF's legitimacy and has summarized his arguments below.

Our basic question - why is the Federation incorporated as a non-profit entity in the first place when over the years it has invested in business ventures designed to turn a profit? Is it for tax purposes or are there other reason(s)? Also, what is the Manitoba Metis Community Investments Incorporated (MMCII) all about? Its purpose? How does it operate? If anyone has answers please let us know.

Mr. Guiboche raises another interesting issue. If only MMF members can participate in an election isn't that analogous to saying during a provincial vote you must belong to the Premier's governing New Democratic Party to be eligible? What provisions, if any, are there for Metis to express their preferences on June 29, 2006 should they not be registered with the Manitoba Metis Federation?

Clare L. Pieuk
That is the question I wish to highlight and deal with today. The MMF is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of Manitoba which represents the province's Metis who agree to the by-laws which have been set out. Those who are members accept the conditions - they have the right to determine their future so in that sense it is a legitimate non-profit corporation.

To suggest the Federation is the rightful governing body for all Manitoba Metis is a wild reach. For the federal and provincial governments to recognize the MMF is not legal or possible under existing laws. Show me how a non-profit corporation can achieve this.

I am no longer a member and have not been for years. Therefore, I will not vote in the upcoming election and am representing myself until a Metis government is established by our people where we can truly call ourselves a Nation. Until then I await that day.

Fortunat Guiboche

Monday, May 29, 2006

Like the buck the confusion stops here!

Tasi/Good Day Folks:

There has been much confusion over when the official cutoff date was for challenging a candidate's eligibility to run in the June 29, 2006 election - May 19 or 21, 2006? Here goes:

(1) The May 19, 2006 date is based on the Election By-Law provisions embedded in the MMF constitution. Specifically, Article 10 Section 1 states:

"Within seven (7) days of the close of nominations any elector may submit a written challenge to the right of a candidate to run for the office to which he/she has been nominated."

The "Notice of Election" published in the Winnipeg Free Press clearly stated candidate nominations closed May 12, 2006 which would calculate to a May 19, 2006 deadline for filing a challenge

(2) However, the Notice of Election's last paragraph is the source of the confusion. First it starts by talking about what to do if you have been omitted from the Preliminary List of Electors or wish to challenge someone you believe shouldn't be entitled to vote. Next it goes on to say any elector may only challenge a candidate for Vice President or Board Member in the Region where the challenger is entitled to vote. Finally, it concludes with:

"Written challenges will be accepted up to and including May 21, 2006 by 5:00 p.m."

By the time someone reading the Notice of Election reaches this point, does the May 21, 2006 date refer to the deadline for filing a challenge:

(i) If you've been left off the voters list and/or wish to oppose someone you believe to be ineligible to cast a ballot?


(ii) Would like to challenge a candidate for Vice President or Board Member in the Region where you are entitled to vote?

(3) The resulting confusion raises some interesting issues:

(i) How many Metis voters have read and possess an in-depth knowledge of the MMF constitution? In other words, would know the cutoff date for challenges of Vice-Presidential and Board Member candidates was May 19, 2006? More likely they would have relied on the ambiguously worded last paragraph of the Notice of Election which could easily have led them to incorrectly conclude it was May 21, 2006?

(ii) What does the constitution say about challenges of candidate(s) running for the Office of President?


In our view Dave Charette was honest and completely reasonable to conclude the cutoff date was May 21, 2006 especially given the confusing wording of deadlines as contained in the Notice of Election. Further, since the documentation provided in support of his challenge appears to have significant merit and is compelling, the Chief Electoral Officer should immediately reverse his earlier decision by ordering an investigation of the complaint.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The affidavit that almost was!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Unlike my previous attorney Mr. Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer ( I am not a lawyer. Therefore, in my dealings with MMF solicitor Mr. Murray Norman Trachtenberg I am not bound/constrained by the usual accepted conventions and protocol which exist between those practicing within the legal community. For example, how can The Law Society of Manitoba discipline me or threaten to suspend my license when I don't have one?

Below is an affidavit I attempted to have entered into the official record at a May 1, 2006 Hearing before Madam Justice McCawley but was denied on the basis it was submitted too late in the proceedings. I tried to explain to My Lady unlike "my learned friend" Mr. Trachtenberg, who has unlimited MMF resources at his disposal and can charge at least $250/hour, I have to work to earn a living while representing myself. Further, since the earlier March 30, 2006 appearance before her I had already submitted a 31 page Motion Brief in preparation for our May 1, 2006 session.

Unfortunately, the Court did not accept my arguments. Judging by her comments at the March 30, 2006 Hearing which were directed squarely at Counselor Trachtenberg, My Lady is concerned with the slow progress being made in this case. I'd respectfully submit the MMF's lawyer is now a captive of the past strategy he has pursued on behalf of his clients. But one small example - challenging Mr. Niederhoffer's request to no longer represent Co-Defendant Vanessa Everton. How much time did that needlessly waste? Why? Normally attorneys could care less who is representing whom.

At the May 1, 2006 Hearing Murray Trachtenberg also attempted to introduce an affidavit to have certain documents sealed. This is a rarely used provision under Canadian law but it can and has happened in the past. Madam Justice McCawley advised Counselor Trachtenberg if she were to grant his request, the Court was required to advice the media. Man, I've never seen Murray move so fast to withdraw an affidavit!

Because we're under six Court Orders obviously I can't go into detail. Suffice it to say for now Mr. Trachtenberg's request involved certain MMF internal documents. Currently I'm researching the law in this area but my preliminary understanding is when material is sealed a period is normally specified by the Judge during which time the media can have access to it although they may not be able to go public with what they've seen. More about that later.

So here's the affidavit that almost was. You'll notice as a courtesy to former Plaintiffs Richard De La Ronde and Bonnie McIntyre their names have been deleted although I certainly don't owe them a bloody thing!

Clare L. Pieuk
File No. CI 05-01-41955





- and -

SWORN APRIL 30, 2006
HEARING DATE: MAY 1, 2006 AT 10:00 AM

2-371 Des Meurons Street
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2N6
Telephone: (204) 237-7063

I, CLARE L. PIEUK, of the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba MAKE OATH AND SAY THAT:

1. I am one of the Defendants herein, and as such have personal knowledge of the matters hereinafter deposed to by me, except where same is indicated to be based upon information and belief, in which case I verily believe same to be true.

2. In or around June 2005, I attended with Kurt Penner, who was then and to my knowledge is presently the Special Assistant to the Minister of Aboriginal & Northern affairs of the Province of Manitoba, and provided him with copies of certain internal documents from the Manitoba Metis Federation and affiliated corporation ("the MMF") which were originally provided me by persons who wish to remain anonymous ("the documents"). Immediately after I provided the documents to Mr. Penner, I was informed by Mr. Penner and do verily believe that he would be preparing what he described as a "briefing document" for reference by Mr. Oscar Lathlin, who was then and to my knowledge is presently the Minister of Aboriginal & Northern Affairs.

3. In or around June 2005, I attended with Corporal Tracy McGonigal with the Commercial Crimes Unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ("the RCMP") and showed her copies of the documents. I was informed by Corporal McGonigal and do verily believe that it was her intention to open a file on behalf of the RCMP in relation to a potential investigation of the MMF.

4. Attached hereto and marked as Exhibit "A" to this my Affidavit is a copy of an email which is dated April 6, 2006, and which I received from the Director of the Office of the Auditor Gerneral of Canada on said date.

5. On or around April 15, 2006, I telephoned Ms. Terry Klassen who informed me that she was an Investigation and Control Officer with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada ("The Department"), which I verily believe to be true, and in my telephone conversation with her, I provided to her the name and telephone number of a certain person wishing to remain anonymous who is in possession of copies of the documents ("this person"). I was informed by Ms. Klassen, and do verily believe, that it was her intention to obtain the documents from the person, to review the documents, and to determine the feasibility of conducting an investigation of the MMF based on her review.

6. On or around April 18, 2006, I attended with Ms. Klassen and was informed by her, and do verily believe same to be true, that she and others within the Department have over an unspecified period of time harboured suspicions as to the veracity of certain information provided by the MMF to the Department, and further indicated that to date the Department has been unable to pursue an investigation due to the lack of evidence available.

7. I make this Affidavit bona fide and for no improper purpose or motive.


SWORN before me at the City)
of Winnipeg, in the Province of)
Manitoba, this 30th day of)
April, 2006.)

Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer (Signature)
A Notary Public in and for the Province of Manitoba
Exhibit "A"

From: "Asselin, Christian"
To: "Clare Pieuk"
Cc: "McCammon, Cindy" <>; "Papineau, Neil" <>; "Lysyk, Bonnie" <>; "Singleton, Jon" <>; "Lennox Andrew" <>
Sent: April 6, 2006 12:50 PM
Subject: Manitoba Metis Federation

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of a box of documents that includes details of your concerns about the Manitoba Metis Federation. The box was forwarded to us by the Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba.

We will review these documents along with the information you provided by telephone and e-mail, to determine if any of the issues you raise are within the auditing mandate of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. If we require further information, we will contact you.

Please note, however, that this is not a commitment to audit any of the particular issues you have raised. As I am sure you can appreciate, many potential audit issues come to our attention in relation to a wide variety of matters. While we cannot address all of them, each is carefully considered in light of our mandate, the significance of the matter, our audit schedule, and our available resources.

Please note also that, as the independent auditor of the federal government, the Office reports its planned audits and their results directly to Parliament.

Thank you again for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention.

Yours sincerely,

Christian Asselin, CA, CMA, CFE
Bureau du verificateur general du Canada/
Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Numero du standard automatique/Auto-attendant number
613-952-0213 ext. 6218
Tel/Phone (613) 995-3708 Fax (613) 947-9556

Here it is!

Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
P.O. Box 225 RPO Corydon
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 357

Phone: 896-4141; Fax: 896-4142
Toll Free: 1-866-841-7788

Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C.

May 23, 2006

Mr. Dave Charette
... ........ Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 1E6

Dear Sir:

Re: Nomination Challenge David Chartrand

I acknowledge receipt of your challenge to David Chartrand as a candidate to run as President of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

As advised in the Notice of Election all challenges to candidates were to have been received in our office within seven (7) from the close of nomionations. The close of nominations date was May 12, 2006, which means your challenge would have to have been submitted to our office on or before Many 19, 2006 by 5:00 p.m.

The challenges for electors were to have been submitted to our office by May 21, 2006 by 5:00 p.m.

As your challenge is two (2) days late we cannot accept your challenge.

Yours truly,
Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C.
Chief Electoral Officer

c.c. Mr. David Chartrand
Note: A special thank you to Dave Charette for sending us a copy in the midst of his very busy election schedule. Next we'll interview an MMF constitutional expert to determine if the timing as set out in the Notice of Election is consistent with the applicable provision(s) of the Election By-laws.

Is there a constitutional expert in the house?

Anonymous said ...

Why was there confusion over the cutoff date for submitting candidate eligibility challenges - was it 5:00 p.m. May 19 or 21, 2006?

Dear Confused,

We're trying to unravel that one ourselves. If you look at the Notice of Election posted in the Winnipeg Free Press April 30, 2006 it states:

"Within seven (7) days from the close of nominations, any elector may submit a written challenge with necessary documents or other material that support the challenge to the right of a candidate to run for the Office to which he/she has been nominated."

The close of nominations was May 12, 2006 which would clearly make the cutoff May 19. However, the Election By-laws embedded in the MMF Constitution are apparently stated such that May 21, 2006 could reasonably be interpreted as the deadline. Believe it or not we couldn't find a copy of such a pivotal document re-produced anywhere on the Federation's website! You'd think the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer would have a dedicated link somewhere on with that information available. Could someone with the exact wording covering candidate challenges please send it to us?

Potentially this could have serious ramifications. For example, if there is indeed a legitimate timing issue Dave Charette would be well within his rights to launch an appeal, however, it would likely have to be done via the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench. Can you imagine, the MMF election put on hold while the validity of Mr. Charette's challenge was being debated. If he won the Chief Electoral Officer would have to reverse his earlier decision and initiate an investigation. Mr. Charette has agreed to e-mail us a copy of his response from CEO Alvin Zivot.

A young Metis speaks out!

Anonymous said ...

Regarding your posting, "GET THE .... OUT!" I feel the same way about all the lame excuses and coverups coming from certain people who sadly are responsible for our Nation's representation. As a young Metis with two University degrees, and a huge student loan to re-pay, I'm filled with angst on the eve of the coming election. I say this because I hope Yvon Dumont gets his chance to try to make some changes. He has recognized "7 Areas In Need of Immediate Action" as a Plan. Especially pleasing for me is "Accountability And Transparency" as well as "Education And Training."

One of the main problems I see within the Nation is the lack of educated and qualified individuals working within our systems. These are the same people who are responsible for the allocation of funds. It is like asking a group of fourth graders to run an organization with a multi-million dollar annual budget. We need to support as many university students as possible in a fair, non-discriminatory manner. Also, there is a tremendous number of suspicious deals being made within the Nation.

With an "Accountability And Transparency Clause" there would be less blame being thrown around (usually via lawsuits) amongst our people. Promising honesty and integrity is one thing providing it is another. If people are truly upstanding they would have no reason to make such claums. Sadly, I cannot thank the MMF for getting me where I am today. When I tell others about my culture (which I often do) I am quick to mention the current Manitoba Metis Federation leadership is a poor representative for us. I hope to see that change soon.

Proud Of My Nation But Not My Representation
Dear Proud:

Completely agree, a serious upgrade of the MMF's leadership is long overdue. Face it, there are Directors on your Provincial Board who sadly lack the intellectual breadth, depth and scope to effectively manage an organization's $20 million annual budget. But one example - lawsuits. They're making lawyers rich on your money. Believe me when I say senior federal politicians (about 95% of the Federation's funding comes from Ottawa) are quietly and very closely watching this election. Do you think they're pleased when they see thousands and thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars going to Murray Norman Trachtenberg to fund a ridiculous, frivolous and feeble action against Is that why they originally allocated the funds?

Transparency and accountability are coming but not from the Federation per se, rather, it's the "Chicken, Peeping Tom" Bloggers as David Chartrand and Ray St. Germain have called us. If they were smart they'd play us like a violin jigging us all over the place to their advantage. Instead they've alienated the sites - why do you think never before have there been so many information leaks?

For the May 3, 2000 election there were no Metis specific websites; during the March 26, 2003 general vote only CyberSmokeSignals existed; now there are several sites. Although the shenanigans still occur those responsible have to me much more careful. Voters have never before been so well informed.

It's people like you who hold the key to the future Metis Nation. Hopefully, you'll get involved politically as a way of making a positive contribution. The seven planks in Yvon Dumont's campaign platform make a lot of sense and should be supported by everyone.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Elementary my dear Watson!"

Anonymous said:

Mr. Pieuk:

Why the subterfuge? Everyone knows the person who made the complaint against Allan Fourre is .... ........ .
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing to CyberSmokeBlog. To answer your question - simple Watson, legal considerations!

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous said ...

All of you know we can't get a fair and honest election from you know WHO. It just makes me SICK and the feeling of throwing-up to see so much BULL coming from an elected leader who everyone knows including him he lost the last election.

It' a shame because this goes to the centre of your heart which hurts immensely - every good honest Metis person feels the PAIN.

Dear Anonymous:

I've used that exact same word myself. It's a perfect descriptive isn't it? Unfortunately, we better not repeat it publicly. Don't forget your MMF leadership has Counselor Murray Norman Trachtenberg (At least $250/hour!) monitoring the "Chicken, Peeping Tom" Bloggers. And while you're at it, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer looks like it's in need of some serious upgrading!

More on the deadline for challenges!

Anonymous said ...

Right on Dave (Charette). Talk about the last day of "Notice of Election" - we also called to confirm whether the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer was going to be open. According to them they would be until May 21 at 5:00 p.m. The reason we did this was becaue of the long weekend (May 22 was Victoria Day), as well as, the 60 day requirement and so forth ...

Friday, May 26, 2006

"Super Dave" to the rescue!

Anonymous said ...

Um, am I missing something here? On the MMF Inc. website under the "Notice of Election" Link at the top of the Page "Challenge to Voter" Link (bottom left) it clearly states, "Written challenges will be accepted to and including May 21, 2006 by 5:00 p.m."

If, according to Alvin Zivot, Dave Charette filed on May 19, 2006 doesn't that mean his challenge was submitted well within guidelines?
Dear Anonymous:

Talked with Dave Charette a few minutes ago who was on his way to mount Yvon Dumont posters. He has agreed to send us a copy of Alvin Zivot's letter rejecting his challenge of David Chartrand's eligibility to run for the Office of President. Dave will also be e-mailing Mr. Dumont's itinerary - tomorrow he'll be in Binscarth. We'll know more shortly. Please stay tuned.

Clare L. Pieuk

What the blogs are saying this morning!

Friday May 26, 2006

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

It's interesting to look at what the other blogsites are saying:

(1) Although Terry Belhumeur ( notes he missed most of the Board and Vice-Presidential debates at Wednesday's Candidates Forum in Stonewall, he has some interesting insight given his past extensive grassroots involvement with Interlake Metis politics. Based on his comments, it sounds as though most of the attendees were from outside the area covered by the Local. Like the 2003 election, it appears as though David Chartrand arrived with his large entourage several of whom were Home Office employees. Wonder if these individuals are paid for their time or are doing this as volunteers because they believe in the merits of the current administration?

This raises the issue of propriety. If Gary Doer were running for re-election should Manitoba civil servants paid by his government be accompanying him on the campaign trail?

(2) On much is made of the fact Dave Charette working on Yvon Dumont's campaign challenged David Chartrand eligibility. But is that really the issue? Isn't it the substance of the complaint which matters - who cares who filed it how legitimate is it? Recently, Blogmaster Derryl Sanderson's support seems to be waning for Mr. Dumont given his initial unbridled enthusiasm when the former Lieutenant Governor's election platform was announced last week. However, here is someone who until recently was a David Chartrand supporter before finally seeing the light. Perhaps it should be expected given politics makes for such strange bedfellows

Next point. Remember the May 3, 2000 election Derryl? Were not at least a couple Presidential Candidates (And almost a third Jack Fleming!) running against David Chartrand disqualified for allegedly owing the MMF money. President Chartrand damn near won by acclamation. Who do you figure were behind those challenges? So you see the fact Dave Charette launched the action is irrelevant. It's what's right that only matters

(3) While still on the subject of Dave Charette's challenge, it may have more merit than many people realize. While the MMF is governed by it's Constitution and Election By-laws don't forget about the province's Corporations Act after all it is the Manitoba Metis Federation Incorporated. Something to think about - under corporate law are the timing provisions in Chief Electoral Officer Alvin Zivot's official election announcement flawed? Did he perhaps rush to judgment in summarily dismissing Mr. Charette's challenge?

(4) There's a fascinating analysis from someone who obviously knows what they're talking about on's latest posting, "Stonewall Local Update ... Dave Chartrand And Glorian Yakiwchuk." While President Chartrand has publicly proclaimed no contract exists between the MMF and former employee and wife Glorian Yakiwchuk's company is that true? We urge you to read this excellent article!

(5) Then we have the Mega Issue of Candidate Allan Fourre being unsuccessfully challenged in his bid to become a Director for The Pas Region. The fact it appears a forged document may have been used is deeply disturbing. If true, this is the sort of behaviour which could lead to a Saskatchewan type election. How could such an obviously flawed document escape the notice of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer?

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, May 25, 2006

No - this is a separate and distinct issue!

Anonymous said ...

Is this (i.e. the Allan Fourre story) your posting about yesterday's Candidates Forum in Stonewall?
Dear Anonymous:

No, the Allan Fourre situation is unrelated to last night's All Candidates Forum in Stonewall. It's simply not clear it was even discussed yesterday or people knew about it. We haven't finished our research (talking with/interviewing individuals) who were present at the meeting.

Clare L. Pieuk




May 24, 2006
P.O. Box 5650
1091 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3K2

Attention: Commercial Crime Section

Dear Sirs:

Re: Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. Election

This is to advise that I am a candidate for the position of Director for The Pas Region in the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.'s elections to be held on June 29, 2006.

My candidacy was challenged by (Name deleted) as indicated in her letter dated May 18, 2006, copy enclosed, to Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C. who is a Chief Electoral Officer for this election. In support of her challenge (Name deleted) provided to the Chief Electoral Officer an invoice, copy enclosed, which appears to be a forgery. The invoice was intended to be evidence that I was indebted to the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. and was, therefore, under its by-laws not eligible to run for an elected position for the organization. My reason for stating that this document is a forgery are as follows:

1. The documents purport to have been prepared on 30 April 1997. The document also indicates that David Chartrand was then the President and the Home Office of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. is indicated as being 150 Henry Avenue, 3rd Floor, Winnipeg Manitoba.

2. In fact, David Chartrand was not elected President of the Manitoba Metis Federation until May 15, 1997. In addition, the Home Ofice of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. was not 150 Henry Avenue on 30 April 1997. The Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. did not take title to this property until November 3, 1999 and took occupancy some time after that. At the time that this invoice was supposedly prepared the Home Office of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. was on McGregor Street.

3. The Chief Electoral Officer has ruled on this challenge denying it (see enclosed letter dated May 24, 2006) and I remain eligible to stand as candidate for the position of Director. Thus the harm intended by this apparently forged document did not materialize. Nonetheless there was an attempt to gain advantage by inducing, or attempting to induce, the Chief Electoral Officer to believe that the invoice was genuine and to, therefore, disqualify me from standing for election.

As this appears to be a forgery within the meaning of Section 366 of the Criminal Code of Canada I would like to ask that you review and investigate this matter. I will, of course, be pleased to provide any assistance that you may require. You may contact me at (Telephone number deleted).

Yours truly,

cc. Alvin Zivot, Q.C.,
Chief Electoral Officer
(Via facsimile: 896-4142)

May 18th, 2006

Alvin Zivot, Q. C.
Chief Electoral Officer

Dear Mr. Zivot:

I am challenging Allen Fourre's name in the upcoming election for Board Member in The Pas Region of the Manitoba Metis Federation. Allen has an outstanding balance of $2,616.35 that he owes to The Pas Region. I have attached for your perusal information verifying this statement. If you have any questions you can call me at (Telephone number deleted) during the day and evenings at (Telephone number deleted).

In Friedship,
(Name Deleted)

David Chartrand

Home Office
150 Henry Avenue - 3rd Floor

R3B 0J7
Ph: (204) 586-5474
Fax: (204) 947-1816

The Pas Region Inc.
Box 2187
R9A 1M2
Ph: (204) 632-5701
Fax: (204) 632-2825

INVOICE NO: 97-1204

Date: April 30 1997


Mr. Allan Fourre
Box 571
The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1M0

Ln Date id No. Description $ Total
01 12 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 406.25
02 13 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 200.00
03 17 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 300.00
04 17 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 158.70
05 25 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 210.00
06 28 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 641.40
07 03 Jul 140-250 Travel Paid 300.00
08 05 Jul 140-250 Travel Paid 150.00
09 10 Jul 140-250 Travel paid 250.00
10 $2,616.35
Balance payable upon receipt of this Invoice
Please quote Invoice number when making payment
For Office Use Only
Invoice No: 97-1204
Date Received: _______________
Amount Deposited _______________
Coded to Acct: _______________
Date Entered: _______________
Processed By: _______________

Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C
Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
P.O. Box 225 RPO Corydon
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3S7
Phone: 896-4141 Fax: 896-4142
Toll Free: 1-866-841-7788


Decision to a challenge to a candidate running as a Board Member under Article X subsection 1 of the Manitoba Metis Federation Election By-law.

(Name deleted) has loged a challenge against Allan Fourre runing as a candidate for the Board in The Pas Region stating that he owes $2,616.35 to The Pas Region.

"Article IX subsection 5 of the Election By-law states:

"A member who has a debt or financial obligation owing to the MMF that is more than thirty (30) days in arrears at the date nominations close may not be a candidate. Any member against whom the MMF holds and unpaid judgment must pay such judment in full on or before the date nominations close in order to be eligible to be a candidate."

Each of the seven Regions of the Manitoba Metis Federation has a regional corporation. In The Pas it is The Pas Regional Inc. It seems that if Mr. Fourre owes money to anyone, it is to the Manitoba Metis Federation The Pas Regional Inc.

In my opinion, each of the regional corporations is a legal entity separate and apart for the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

The Election By-Law clearly states in Article IX subsection 5 that is a member "who has a debt or financial obligation owing to the MMF that is more than (30) days in arrears may not be a candidate." No mention is made in the Election By-Law of debts due and owing to a regional corporation. The wording of the Election By-Law is clear and if debts due and owing to a regional corporation are to be included in disqualifying a member as a candidate, the By-Law should specifically state so.

Therefore, it is my decision that the challenge fails.

Dated at the City of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba this 24th day of May 2006.


Alvin Zivot,

Chief Electoral Officer

Copy to: (Name Deleted)

Allan Fourre

The Board of Directors, Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

Patience is a virtue!

Anonymous said ...

Regarding your posting, "Beyond UNBELIEVABLE" I want to know - Hurry! Hurry!
Dear Anonymous:

We're getting ready to drop a nuclear bomb but first all the pieces must be in place. It's won't be long - later today. Please stay tuned.

Clare L. Pieuk

Don't you want to meet Murray?

Anonymous said ...

"Dirty politics" or not it doesn't feel very nice to get picked on now does is David Chartrand? Besides if you've done nothing wrong what's there to worry about?

Too Chicken To Sign My Real Name Because I Can't Afford To Go To Court
Dear Chicken:

Too bad you can't afford to go to Court - you're missing MMF lawyer Murray Norman Trachtenberg's weak, tired, feeble, esoteric, irrelevalent arguments on behalf of his clients.

"Dirty politics" by whom?

Metis Leader Alleges Smear
Charges Dirty Politics At Play
By Rochelle Squires, Legislature Reporter
The Winnipeg Sun
Thursday May 25, 2006
Page 9

David Chartrand, the president of the Manitoba Metis Federation, believes he's a victim of a smear campaign staged by his opponent trying to swipe the leadership title from him at the June 29 presidential election.

A challenge was filed against Chartrand's bid to seek re-election as president of the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) last Sunday alleging he has a conflict of interest. The challenge was filed by Dave Charette.

"It Doesn't Exist"

Charette alleges that Chartrand's common-law wife has a lucrative contract with MMF to provide insurance.

"There is no contract! It doesn't exist," said Chartrand, who has been president of the organization since 1997. "There's no doubt in my mind that people won't accept this dirty politics."

Charette is on the campaign team for Yvon Dumont, the other only other candidate in the race for president.

Charette cites a section of the MMF constitution that prohibits anyone who receives financial gain from a contract with the MMF from running as a presidential candidate.

"I think there's been a great injustice to the Metis people and I think some people are profiting off the poor," said Charette.

However, even if there has been a constitutional breach, Charette's challenge isn't worth the paper it was written on, said Alvin Zivot, chief electoral officer for the MMF.

"He didn't file it in time and I can't accept the challenge according to the Manitoba Metis Federation constitution," said Zivot. "It was filed on May 21. He needed to file it by May 19. I haven't even looked into whether it has merit or not."

Charette disagreed his challenge was filed too late for consideration and said he's being stymied.


Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Whatever the words(s) beyond "undelievable" could only describe last night's All Candidates Forum sponsored by the Manitoba Metis Federation's Stonewall Local! Unreal! We'll be back shortly with more detail.

Clare L. Pieuk

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anyone know?

Anonymous said ...

According to a comment left on there may be another challenge this time of a candidate running for Board of Directors, The Pas Region. That makes two.

What is the procedure? Does the Chief Electoral Officer arbitrarily make the decision? Does he talk with the challenger and others? Is there a written decision which can be posted on the internet? Are CEO rulings appealable and if so to whom or is that the end of the line?
Dear Anonymous:

Very good questions! Don't know does anyone?

Clare L. Pieuk

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Your grandaughter sounds like a real little sweetheart!

Anonymous said ...

Went to Mr. Dumont's official campaign launch this evening. What a turnout from old Metis friends I haven't seen for a longtime to employees of you know who?

Mr. Dumont had some outstanding solutions to very realistic problems that presently exist in the MMF. As he stated, you can't be the boss, payroll clerk, worker and the one who takes credit for ALL good things which happen. There has to be protocol. Give credit where it's due.

He stated you do not lead your people by force or fear you treat them with dignity and in return you have happy, hard working employees with loyalty and respect for you. I am an old Metis now, however, I have a vast interest in who is leader and can make something happen in ALL areas of the MMF. This vast interest are my grandchildren. I need to know they will have something to help them along in life.

(My granddaughter types for me)
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. This evening on Global Television (Cable 12) they had a piece about the MMF election featuring each of the Presidential Canadidates for about 20-30 seconds. Had to smile, the first words out of Mr. Dumont's mouth were, "If I'm elected on June 29 there will be no more defamation lawsuits!"

Something you said brought back a memory. During Mr. Dumont's recent trial he was direct examined by one of his defence lawyers Jeff Niederhoffer. Earlier Tony Belcourt, President of The Metis Nation of Ontario had testified on his behalf. The friendship between the two goes back over thirty years.

In open court, Yvon Dumont related how he once had a conversation with David Chartrand during the 1990s about Mr. Belcourt in which Mr. Chartrand allegedly said words to the effect, "You haven't seen anything yet wait until I attack him." Our former Lieutenant Governor replied, "That's exactly what I mean David you lead your people you don't threaten them." You'll be able to read the exchange when the official transcripts are available. As I sat and listened I thought there's the difference between the two that says it all!

Clare L. Pieuk

Ask Murray?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Readers have asked why the names of former Plaintiffs Bonnie McIntyre and Richard De La Ronde still appear on legal documents filed in the Manitoba Metis Federation versus defamation lawsuit. Here are the facts:

(1) The original Statement of Claim (65 paragraphs, 18 pages) was prepared by MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg and dated March 31, 2005. I was served May 28, 2005

(2) During October 2005, Counselor Trachtenberg provided my attorney Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer with an Amended Statement of Claim (78 paragraphs, 22 pages) also dated March 31, 2005

(3) On May 12, 2006 I received a letter from Murray Trachtenberg which stated, "Enclosed please find a copy of Amended Statement of Claim amended May 9, 2006." This time it was 84 paragraphs and 23 pages. Like the others, it too was dated March 31, 2005. The three versions have in common:

(i) Both Ms Bonnie McIntyre and Mr. Richard De La Ronde are named as Plaintiffs (Paragraphs 9 and 19 respectively):

"The plaintiff Richard Delaronde ("Delaronde") resides in the City of Winnipeg and is a director of the MMF for the Winnipeg Region of the MMF having been elected on March 26, 2003."


"The plaintiff Bonnie McIntyre ("McIntyre") resides in the Town of Toutes Aides and is a director of the MMF for the Northwest Region of the MMF having been elected on March 26, 2003."

(4) How many months has it been since Counselor Trachtenberg signed Notices of Discontinuance on their behalf which effectively removed them as Plaintiffs? Why do they still appear on the legal documentation I receive?

(5) On April 12, 2006 I filed with the Court and Counselor Trachtenberg a Motion Brief. Among other considerations it carefully documented paragraph by paragraph errors, inconsistencies, misleading statements and inaccuracies in the Statement of Claim. I noted (Page 12) in response to Mr. Trachtenberg's aforementioned Paragraphs 9 and 19:

"Richard De La Ronde is no langer a Plaintiff. A Notice of Discontinuance has been issued and signed."


"Ms Bonnie McIntyre is no longer a Plaintiff having previously agreed to a Notice of Discontinuance."

Being self-represented means I'm acting simultaneously as both solicitor and client. As such, I'm fully within my rights to post verbatim all legal documents, correspondence and e-mail I receive from Counsel for the Plaintiffs. To alter, revise or otherwise change them would be unethical, immoral and unprofessional which I will not do.

If Ms Bonnie McIntyre and/or Mr. Richard De La Ronde would not like their names to appear on our postings of legal documents in the defamation lawsuit, especially with an election underway, I would recommend they contact Mr. Murray Norman Trachtenberg. Hope that explains it.

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, May 22, 2006

Weasel, weasel weasel - squirm, squirm, squirm!

Anonymous said ...

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Let them weasel their way out of this one. ALL eyes are on YOU Chief Electoral Officer.

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Our hats are off here at CyberSmokeBlog to the person who is challenging David Chartrand's eligibility to run again as President. The way you stealthily launched your missile at the eleventh hour catching all of them right in the ass while sleeping with their pants down - what a work of art! POW! BANG! ZAP! BOOM! Now that's bushwhacking at its best! Beautiful just beautiful!

What's that old Bob Dylan song - "How does it fee?" (or whatever). We'd change the lyrics slightly, "How does it feel now David?"

We're in awe "Challenger?" - great piece of investigative work! Sure could use a person of your skills at

Clare L. Pieuk

More on David Chartrand's candidacy challenge!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Attached to the letter sent Chief Electoral Officer Alvin Zivot challenging David Chartrand's candidacy was a second document shown below. The challenger obviously visited the Companies Office (Manitoba Finance) located at 1010 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg (Woodsworth Building). For a nominal fee ($5) anyone can have an online search done of corporations and businesses registered in the province - information such as company name, location, Directors, ownership and share structure (we used this approach a couple years ago to see what we could find out about Duck Bay Fish Packers). Here are the results.

Clare L. Pieuk
Search Results

Name: Priority Financial Inc.
Business Number: 818422743MC001
Current Jurisdiction: Manitoba
Date of Incorporation: 2005/11/10
Date Registered in Manitoba: N/A
Current Status/Status Date: Active 2005/11/10
Year of Last Return on File: N/A
Nature of Business: Financial Services

Registered Office Address:

Duboff Edwards & Co.
1900-155 Carlton Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2H8

Mailing Address:

Attn: Kara
Duboff Edwards & Co
1900-155 Carlton Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2H8

Authorized Capital: Share Type Issued Consid
Com A Unltd
Com B Unltd
Pref A Unltd
Pref B Unltd
Pref C Unltd


Linda Branconier
22 Woodford Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 4J3

Glorian Yakiwchuk
74 Diamond Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 2J2

Note: Duboff Edwards & Co. is most likely Winnipeg law firm Duboff Edwards Haight & Schhachter which has done significant legal work for the MMF over the years. A couple examples:

(1) During March 2003, Hilda Mary Boucher and her husband Robert were set upon by a Conservation Manitoba Officer doing a routine compliance check. They were not in possession of a valid fisher's license while using nets registered to another person (David Chartrand) so Ms Boucher was charged under the Manitoba Game And Wildlife Act. According to the report filed, a copy of which was obtained from the Dauphin, Manitoba Courthouse, by way of explanation Ms. Boucher told the gentleman David Chatrand was busy campaigning for the election.

At a brief 2004 court appearance (she did not attend), Ms Boucher was represented by Mr. Harvey Haight who pleaded quilty on her behalf. She was fined and assessed court costs. I gleaned this information not from internal MMF documents but by attending the hearing. Spoke with newly married Lionel Chartrand who was also in the courtroom at the time

(2) Mr. Harley Schachter has done work on the land claims case for the Federation

(3) Paul Edwards is a former Liberal MLA who was a Member when Ms Sharon Carstairs was Official Leader of the Opposition. If my memory serves me correctly he was part of a Hearing, along with then Chief Electoral Officer Alvin Hamilton, which decided the eligibility of a couple candidates running for President in 2000. They were eventually disqualified for owing money to the Federation. The only one to survive was Jack Fleming who got wind of what was happening and quickly made a payment

Sunday, May 21, 2006

David Chartrand's candidacy challenged!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

We've just received word (Thank You Very Much!) the following letter was successfully faxed (Confirmation received by sender 4:53 p.m.) to Manitoba Metis Federation Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C. Incumbent President David Chartrand faces a challenge to the legality of his candidacy in a bid for a a fourth consecutive term. The challenger, who has requested anonymity, alleges Mr. Chartrand is in violation of MMF By-law Article X of its Constitution as ratified by the 37th Annual General Assembly. It all hinges on whether Ms Glorian Yakiwchuk, David Chartrand's former Executive Assistant for approximately 10 years, is his common law wife. Word has it they're planning to get married.

Clare L. Pieuk
May 21, 2006

Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C.
Chief Electoral Officer
P.O. Box 225 RPO Corydon
Fax: 896-4142
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3S7

Dear Mr. Zivot:

Re: Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. 2006 General Election Nomination Challenge v. Presidential Candidate David Chartrand

This document shall serve as my challenge under Article IX Section 6A of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. Election By-Law as ratified by the 37th Annual Assembly, as a member of the Federation, to the right of Presidential Candidate David Chartrand to run for President. I hereby request that a Hearing be called and scheduled for this challenge.

The grounds of my challenge are as follows:

Article IX, Section 6A

A member who has a contract or an interest in a contract for pecuniary gain with the MMF at the date the nominations close may not be a candidate.

The Facts To Support My challenge Are As Follows:

Glorian Yakiwchuk owns at least 50% of the shares of an insurance broker company

The said insurance broker was under contract at the date nominations closed to sell employee benefit package and insurance coverage to staff employed with the MMF

The said contract provides substantial pecuniary gain to Glorian Yakiwchuk; and Glorian Yakiwchuk shares a home with the Presidential Candidate under challenge.

The Evidence To Support The Electoral Officer Accepting The Above Facts Are:

Glorian Yakiwchuk lists her home address as the one used by the Presidential candidate

My Submissions Are As Follows:

Under current Manitoba law, namely the Family Property Act, as amended in 2003, a common-law partner has a right to an accounting and a division of assets including an entitlement to 50% of the property accumulated during the cohabitation of the partners; and

By virtue of the common-law relationship, the Presidential Candidate has a financial or pecuniary interest in the benefits which derive from the operation of the insurance contract with the MMF and, therefore, is ineligible to run for Office on the grounds of having an interest in a contract for pecuniary gain.

You may contact me at .....

Yours truly,

cc: Presidential Candidate David Chartrand
3rd Floor
150 Henry Avenue
Winnipeg, Maniotoba

Written challenges will be accepted up to and including May 21, 2006 by 5:00 p.m. Evidence to support a challenge must be provided. The acceptance or rejection of each challenge will be completed within (7) days of receiving the challenge.

Yvon Dumont oficially launches his 2006 election campaign!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

A special Thank You to the Member of "Team Dumont 2006" who contacted us with the following information:

Election Campaign Grand Kickoff
Yvon Dumont Headquarters
615 Selkirk Avenue
Tuesday May 23 at 6:00 p.m

There will be bands, dancers and a speech by The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont.

Food (barbequed hotdogs) and refreshments will be available. Everyone welcome!

The Yvon Dumont trial - Lead Counsel Anders Bruun!

Senior Partner
Campbell, Marr LLP
10 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1L5

Telephone: 942-3311
Ext. 211
Coleen Lazarenko
Telephone: 942-3311

Ext. 226

Anders joined the firm as a partner in 2001 and is engaged in general legal practice with a focus on agricultural and agri-business law. With extensive experience as Corporate Secretary and General Counsel to Manitoba Pool Elevators (1992-1998) and as solicitor to the Canadian Wheat Board (1984-1992), Anders brings a wealth of experience in commercial and corporate matters. His experience includee: participation in matters such as developing commercial paper programs; other corporate finance transactions; developing contracts for commodity purchases and sales; asset acquisition and sale; employee benefits issues; and corporate governance.

He has participated extensively in the legislative process at the federal and provincial levels through involvement in the development of several amendments to the Canadian Wheat Board Act from the initial conceptual stages throught to Parliamentary Committee Review. As well, he has assisted in detailed review, and through appearances before Legislative Committees, implementation of the Manitoba and Canada Cooperatives Acts.

Mr. Bruun has experience in corporate governamce matters having been a member of the Board of Directors of the Cooperators Group Limited and five of its subsidiaries. He has also chaired the Corporate Governance and Resolutions and By-laws Committees of the Cooperators which is Canada's largest wholly Canadian owned general insurer listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Anders is Honorary Consul of Denmark, having been appointed as Consul for the Province of Manitoba by Her Majesty Margarethe II of Denmark in 1983. He was awarded the Knights Cross of Dannebrog in 1992, the Knights Cross of Dannebrog (First Class) in 2001 and the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003 for community service.

Anders is on the Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative Council.
Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Lead counsel Anders Bruun was more than capably assisted by Mr. Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer (Ext. 224; in defending Yvon Dumont against a lawsuit initiated by The Metis National Council Secretariat and President Clem Chartier on behalf of the Metis National Council. It was alleged Mr. Dumont owes MNCS slightly more than $47,000 plus interest and damages for allegedly breaching a contract stipulating he not engage in Metis politics for two years after leaving as MNC's Metis Nation Governor. The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont ran in the controversial 2003 MMF election. Counselor Murray Norman Trachtenberg acted on behalf of the Plaintiffs.

Justice Menzies heard the case which concluded April 28, 2006. We're still awaiting his written decision.

"Here it is - what a piece of ....!" - it's coming!

Tanis/Good Day Folks:

Currently I'm transcribing all 23 pages of Counselor Trachtenberg's tome (i.e. Amended Statement of Claim) filed on behalf of the Plaintiffs (seventh posting from top of main page). As soon as it's done I'll double back to add my comments after certain paragraphs in bold, blue italics so you'll be able to see for yourself what a piece of .... it really is with holes big enough to simultaneously drive a bulldozer and semi tractor-trailer through!

Murray Norman Trachtenberg first sent my then attorney Mr. Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer a copy way back in October 2005. On May 1, 2006 Mr. Trachtenberg and I argued before Madam Justice McCawley an extraordinary Court Order [Paragraph 2 (a) Statement of Claim] and Interim and Permanent Injunction [Paragraph 2 (b)] Murray was seeking on behalf of his client. I submitted my arguments in a Motion Brief with a lot of background for Madam Justice McCawley so if she were not familiar with how the current MMF leadership operates, she sure would be after reading it - must have been a bit of an eye-opener for My Lady.

My Motion Brief now forms part of the official public record and, as such, will be available to the Justice who presides when this case goes to trial before a jury. Please stay tuned - I'll let you know as soon as everything has been completed on the posting. Those attending next Wednesday's Candidates Forum organized by the Stonewall, Manitoba MMF Local will have full access to the information long before the meeting.

One quick question. Can anyone confirm which Provincial Board of Director proposed the Motion to sue and who seconded it? Further, when was it done? I think I know but would like to be sure before going public with the information.

Clare L. Pieuk

It's 2006 MMF Chief Electoral Officer - time to get with the program Mr. Alvin Zivot!

Anonymous said ...

I was under the impression as of Friday May 9, 2006 we would know who were officially running for President, Vice-President and Board yet I have found nothing anywhere. Has the official list been made public or not?

Thank You
Dear Anonymous:

Unfortunately, we don't know the answer to your question. The best we can do is point you to and which have published the candidates' list but they're unofficial which isn't much help to you. If anyone has the answer please e-mail us and we'll post it which brings us to our next issue - The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer:

(1) It's very telling you have to go to a blog to look for information which the CEO is responsible for disseminating

(2) Why doesn't the Chief Electoral Officer have an e-mail address and website both of which can quickly be established and do not cost a lot of money? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go to an official electronic hub on the evening of June 29, 2006 to follow the results as they arrive at the CEO's Office? It's now May 21, 2006 Mr. Alvin Zivot Metis voters deserve this basic level of service

(3) The only physical location for the CEO is a Post Office Box. What good is that if, for example, you have document(s) which need to be stamped as "Received" where can you deliver them in person? You can't you must surface mail the material and hope you get a response

(4) Would anyone like to wager there will be problems with voters' lists and some of the bylaws come June 29, 2006 yet how long has it been since the last election?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back by popular demand - The new, revised "Adventures of Batman and Robin" - like you've never quite seen before!

Robin: "Holy S..t Batman did you see the ridiculous Offer To Settle Co-Defendant Pieuk made to the Manitoba Metis Federation Plaintiffs and their Counsel Murray Norman Trachtenberg in that defamation lawsuit? I can't believe how STOOPED he is!"

Batman: "You Dick-Weed," Robin, he did that for a very good legal reason!"

Robin: "Screw you Batman if you're so smart why are we applying for Employment Insurance beginning June 30, 2006?"

Batman: "Because we're going to need Big, Fat, Juicy SEVERANCE PACKAGES you idiot!"

Now you've done it Derryl - hope you're happy!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Had to laugh, David Chartrand was on NCI Radio's "Metis Hour Times Two" this morning trying to take over the show from Host Ray St. Germain. Not once did he mention the "E" (Election) word. Instead he tried to be charming, friendly, jolly and urbane. Problem is, we know differently!

Derry Sanderson ( recently filed a complaint with The Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission, as well as contacted NCI's Station Manager, about President Chartrand's antics of using this taxpayer funded program to further his political agenda to the exclusion of those opposed to him. Good work Derryl you shut him both up and down!

Clare L. Pieuk

Thank you!

Derryl Sanderson said ...

LOL. Good on Clare. I have to say you are doing a super job covering the election and it seems people are sharing some great information - keep up the excellent work and on June 29th we will see the change in leadership.
Hi Derryl,

Thank you for the kind words. Coming from a fellow "Chicken, Peeping Tom Blogger" they mean a lot! It's truly amazing the transformation from May 6, 2000 when went online three days after that year's election to now in the amount of information available to the Metis electorate! Never before have they gone to their polling stations as well informed on the issues as they will be June 29, 2006 thanks to sites such as yours.

The current MMF leadership's monopoly on information via newspaper ("Grassroots News") and radio ("The Metis Hour Times Two") has effectively been broken and they don't like it one bit! Although dirty tricks will happen (reliable sources recently indicated they've already started) and will be impossible to completely stop, with the Bloggers watching it will be much, much harder this time around!

From the feedback we're getting on the "Hall of Shame All Stars" article we ran recently, it's really resonating throughout Manitoba's Metisland which is further confirmed by the number of visitors the past few days to this site. As for the "LOL" I'm guessing you're referring to yesterday's photo piece "The Comparison Game!" (From one of our regular readers with a "unique sense" of humour!) and/or "Getting ready for tomorrow's Metis Hour Times Two!" Please keep up the terrific work you're doing over at

Must now leave to finish the article, "What a piece of ....!" - the 23 page Amended Statement of Claim against CyberSmokeSignals along with my analysis/comments. It's important those attending the Stonewall Local's Candidates Forum next Wednesday (May 24, 2006) have this information so they're armed with what they need to ask the Plaintiffs running for re-election the tough questions.

Clare Pieuk

Friday, May 19, 2006

Getting ready for tomorrow's "Metis Hour Times Two" on NCI Radio!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

This morning on MHX2 David Chartrand said, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ....." to which Host Ray St. Germain replied, "Yes David I completely agree you're always right but too bad you're going to lose the election ....."

Clare L. Pieuk

The Comparison Game!

Question: What's the difference between these two things?

Answer: One doesn't know it's toast!

Candidates Forum - Wednesday May 24, 2006 Stonewall Manitoba!

Hi Clare,

We are hosting a Candidates Forum in Stonewall, Manitoba on Wednesday May 24th 7:00 p.m. at the Parochial Hall (291-1st Street West). The Two Presidental candidates will be here, as well as, the Vice Presidents and those running for Board of Director, Interlake Region. Everyone is welcome. We will have all of them speak then open it up for a Question Period. Can you post this for me?

Thank You,
Rita Morton
Secretary /Treasurer
Stonewall Local
Hi Rita,

Although we've never met had occasion not long ago to have a long telephone conversation with the lady and came away very impressed. She's the kind of person who is very hard working and dedicated to the MMF - the type of individual who forms the foundation upon which leading edge organizations are built. Rest assured Stonewall Local Members as long as Rita is there your voters' list will be clean.

Shortly I'll be posting Murray Trachtenberg's 23 page tome (Plaintiffs' Amended Statement of Claim) in the defamation lawsuit I recently received along with my analysis/comments (They're not going to be pretty!). You may wish to read them so you can ask the tough questions which need to be addressed during the campaign. Best part of all - the Plaintiffs won't have Counselor Trachtenberg to hide behind. What about these inquiries voters:

(1) How much in legal fees have been paid to date for this litigation?

(2) If you're re-elected will you continue to support the lawsuit after Yvon Dumont becomes your next President?

(3) Why did Bonnie McIntyre withdraw as a Plaintiff?

(4) Although he's not running but if he's present, Mr. Richard De La Ronde, Sir, why did you also withdraw as a Plaintiff?

You have a right to know the answers to these questions before you vote on June 29, 2006!

If you'd like to file a report with www. after The Candidates Forum we'll post it for our readers. Good luck Rita I now the event will be a huge success!

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Better be ready Plaintiffs when the paradigm shifts!

Anonymous said ...

If Darryl Montgomery is not running for re-election is the MMF paying for his costs to proceed with this "shut up" lawsuit. Otherwise he just becomes a Member like the rest of us who pay our own dues. Excellent reading on your blog Clare. Now is the time to show candidates how we feel about the lawsuit.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for the kind words. Good question - I don't know. What we've got here is a gang/pack mentality. As a group they're pretty brave believing they'll be able to hid behind David Chartrand/The Great Murray Trachtenberg and it won't cost them a penny.

However, once this case goes to trial before a judge and jury the paradigm shifts - everyone goes back to zero. I will subpoena each and every one of the Plaintiffs (including the two who dropped out) under oath as is my right. Suffice it to say I will be armed with a ton of dirty laundry - even Murray will not be able to save them. How can you allegedly defame only 20 of 23 Provincial Board Members?

They should never, ever have let it get this far! And one other point - I'll make sure the media is following the case not just in Manitoba but far beyond.

Clare L. Pieuk

Yvon Dumont's election campaign website now online!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Go to - there you will find the seven planks in Mr. Dumont's election platform. Wherever you are, print copies to distribute among your friends, neighbours and family. Shortly we'll create a link on and urge the other Metis specific Bloggers out there to do the same.

Clare L. Pieuk

That's exactly what I'm saying!

Anonymous said ...

I don't get it - are you saying MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg has already negotiated a golden parachute for his golden boy President David Chartrand?
Dear Anonyous:

Yes! A very well placed, reliable source so advised us. Unfortunately, Mr. Trachtenberg currently has six Court Orders against the Defendants in the defamation lawsuit one of which prevents me from discussing the details with you, that is, until this case goes to trial. So much for YOUR and OUR freedom of speech and expression. Reminds you a little of Stalinist Russia doesn't it?

However, there's nothing stopping YOU from asking the candidates about it during the election campaign. Good Luck!

Clare L. Pieuk



Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Of the 23 Manitoba Metis Federation Provincial Board of Directors this is the ONLY ONE who had the intestinal fortitude NOT to become a Plaintiff in the defamation lawsuit against while I was the site's Webmaster. Although I have never met the gentleman, it speaks volumes about his character. As a non-Aboriginal I cannot vote in the MMF June 29, 2006 election otherwise I would for this MAN!

Please support Ron Chartrand Vice President, Winnipeg Region.

Thank you so very much Mr. Chartrand!


Clare L. Pieuk

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 22: Drum roll - envelope please ..... JEAN DESROSIERS!

SouthEast Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Director

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 21: Drum roll - envelope please ..... DENISE THOMAS!

Vice President, SouthEast Region
MMF Provincial Board of Directors


MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 20: Drum roll - envelope please ..... CLAIRE RIDDLE!

Winnipeg Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 19: Drum roll - envelope please ..... JACK PARK!

Interlake Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors


MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 18: Drum roll - envelope please ..... MARILEE NAULT!

SouthWest Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors


MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 17: Drum roll - envelope please ..... DARRYL MONTGOMERY!

Vice President, Thompson Region
MMF Provincial Board of Directors


MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 16: Drum roll - envelope please ..... ROSEMARIE McPHERSON!

Spokesperson, Metis Women of Manitoba

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 15: Drum roll - envelope please ..... BONNIE McINTYRE!

NorthWest Region, Board of Directors

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 14: Drum roll - envelope please ..... JUDY MAYER!

Vice President, The Pas Region

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 13: Drum roll - envelope please ..... LEAH LAPLANTE!

Vice President, SouthWest Region
MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 12: Drum roll - envelope please ..... JOYCE LANGAN!

The Pas Region, Board of Directors

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 11: Drum roll - envelope please ..... JULYDA LAGIMODIERE!

Thompson Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 10: Drum roll - envelope please ..... LAURA HYRICH!

The Pas Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 9: Drum roll - envelope please ..... JOHN FLEURY!

SouthWest Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors

NNF Hall of Shame All Star Number 8: Drum roll - envelope please ..... WILLIAM FLETT!

Intelake Region, Board of Directors

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 7: Drum roll - envelope please ..... DARREL DESLAURIERS!

NorthWest Region, Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 6: Drum roll - envelope please ..... RICHARD DE LA RONDE!

Winnipeg Region, Board of Directors

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 5: Drum roll - envelope please ..... RITA CULLEN!

SouthWest Region, Board of Directors

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 4: Drum roll - envelope please ..... ELBERT CHARTRAND!

Vice President, NorthWest Region

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 3: Drum roll - envelope please ..... DAVID N. CHARTRAND!

("Thanks Murray got my severance package!")

MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 2: Drum roll - envelope please ..... ANITA CAMPBELL!

Thompson Region, Board of Directors

MMF Provincial Board of Directors

And MMF Hall of Shame All Star Number 1: Drum roll - envelope please ..... MURRAY TRACHTENBERG!


Tansi/Good Day Folks:
The other day I received a copy of the 23 page Amended Statement of Claim against for alleged defamation. Shortly I'll reproduce it in its entirety for the world to see.
However, let's meet the genii behind this brilliant lawsuit. We're proud to bring you "THE MMF HALL OF SHAME ALL STARS! By unanimous vote Number 1 goes to Mr. Murray Norman ("Happy") Trachtenberg" the Plaintiff's lawyer. Congratulations Murray on your award - see you and the remaining Plaintiffs in court Big Guy!
Clare L. Pieuk