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Trevor Gladue - The Public Eye is watching!

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Found this article posted on Truth To Power ( ) operated anonymously by The Public Eye a Canadian lawyer.

We'll have to visit Metis Mama to see what she has to say.

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Clare L. Pieuk
Former Metis Nation of Alberta Vice President Trevor Gladue


Former Vice-President Suspended For Actions Detrimental To The Métis Nation of Alberta

March 9, 2009 (Calgary) -In a decision issued Friday, March 5 2009, the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) Judiciary Council suspended Trevor W. Gladue, the former Vice-President of the MNA, for a period of six (6) years, for conduct deemed harmful and inconsistent with Mr. Gladue’s responsibilities as the Provincial Vice-President.

Two Métis Local Presidents from MNA Region 3, Bev Weber from Rocky Mountain House and M. Jeannette Hansen from Medicine Hat respectively, brought the action forward against Mr. Gladue, in May 2008. The Métis Judiciary Council (MJC) heard the case on October 18, 2008.

The MJC listened to testimony from four (4) witnesses in addition to the testimonies from the two MNA Local Presidents who initiated the action against Mr. Gladue. The MJC reviewed documented evidence to substantiate the allegations that Mr. Gladue used his office and influence to:

a) undermine the positions taken by MNA President and Provincial Council;

b) to prevent Provincial Council from voting on key and urgent matters; and,

c) to spread false, prejudicial information and a misrepresentation of facts about MNA finances to banking institutions with whom the MNA conducts its business. In addition, the MJC reviewed evidence of letters sent by Mr. Gladue to senior Government officials and Ministers alleging misconduct against the MNA with respect to its financial integrity.

In a unanimous decision, the Judiciary Council held that Mr. Gladue actions were not in keeping with his sworn Oath of Office and that his conduct was gravely detrimental to the Métis Nation and suspended Mr. Gladue as per MNA Bylaws Article 7.1 (a) (b) and (d).

Appearing only briefly at the hearing due to other personal commitments, Mr. Gladue, stated in his own defense that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms gave him “the right to speak his mind. The Judiciary Council ruled that his Charter defense did not absolve him of “his obligation of Office of Vice-President of the MNA to put his service to the people or the processes of the Métis Nation of Alberta ahead of published personal perception.”

Bev Weber, who is now the elected Vice-President from MNA Region 3 stated, “If anyone has hurt or wronged Mr. Gladue, it was he himself, by resorting to actions that supported a personal agenda without regard for his responsibilities to the Métis people and Mr. Gladue is to be held accountable for his actions.”

“Mr. Gladue has instead left a legacy of harm in his wake. The current Provincial Council now has the duty to rebuild the trust of our Nation, government, banking institutions and all those with whom we deal with in a professional capacity,” said Weber.

“This decision confirms that the process by which the people of our Nation can request a review of behaviors that are harmful to our Nation is fair and effective process and protects us from the wrongful actions taken by those we put into office,” said Métis Local President from Medicine Hat, Jeannette Hansen.

The suspension takes effect March 4, 2009 and will not interfere with Mr. Gladue’s rights to vote at MNA Assemblies or elections, but does disqualify him seeking or holding elected office in the MNA until March 4, 2015.

Decision of the Métis Judiciary Council
Docket Number 008-02

For further information: Bev Weber at


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