Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to another, "This is your life Vic Toews" sponsored by Twitter!

Good Day Readers:

We did some sleuthing over the long weekend (www.jus.gov.mb.ca) Manitoba Justice's online Queen's Bench File Registry to locate the Disposition Sheet for FD (Family Division) 08-01-86932 better known internationally now, thanks to @vikileaks, as Lorraine Kathleen Fehr versus Victor Eric Toews.

If you check it out you'll see a somewhat lengthy proceeding encompassing 89 filings covering the period March 31, 2008 to February 22, 2011. According to Registry staff business has been brisk to see the dossier. If you're not a party to the litigation there's a $5 fee after a simple form requiring the date, name, address, as well as, telephone number is completed along with a piece of photo identification tendered. Media representatives and lawyers are exempt.

We have a standing request to see Fehr versus Toews as soon as it's available so we can have a read. Since the file is in the public domain, any and all documentation can be photocopied and published on the internet. Our intention is not to reproduce every sordid detail only those deemed to be in the public interest. We'll leave the minutiae for others "to knock themselves out" should they so choose. Please stay tuned.

Clare L. Pieuk



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