Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unprecedented in Canadian politics!

Good Day Readers:

Surreal! Anonymous is really putting itself out there with this latest video. If nothing else it sure has cojones making such bold claims. Should nothing of consequence happen in 7-days it will be seen as blowing more hot air out the back of its shorts.

If you're Vic Toews you have to believe he's got the RCMP working 24/7 to track down those responsible. But who are they a group of hackers scattered God knows where? What are its source(s) of the information they claim to have?

Approximately 2-3 months ago we were contacted by a reliable source alleging a situation which, if true, was potentially explosive. However, we would never go public without independent third-party verification which we do not have. We'll be listening to Anonymous in 7-days to hear what, if anything, it has to say. Is this what it's talking about. Certainly hope not.

Clare L. Pieuk    

Laura Strapagiel/Saturday, February 25, 2012

In a new video, hacker group Anonymous says they're giving Vic Toews seven days before they reveal a new scandal about the Public Safety Minister.

"Anonymous has warned you this is only beginning," says the video. "Over the past several days, we have been inundated with messages exposing all manner of political wrongdoings and personal scandals, some of which extend to the very highest levels of your government."

"There is a very real possibility that after the revelation of this incident, Mr. Toews, that public outrage will not be necessary for you to find yourself without a job."

The video's message blasts Toews for his support of online surveillance Bill C-30, about which Toews has said he's "open to amendments." According to Anonymous, that's not good enough.

The video also claims that the bill is being disguised as a way to protect victims of child pornographers, but actually serves a more wide-reaching purpose.

"This is not merely a matter of opinion," says the computerized voice. "You yourself, Mr. Toews, have submitted a piece to multiple media outlets, stating that Bill C-30 would allow police to crack down on, quote, 'identity theft, online organized crime, and many Internet scams and frauds.'"

Like a similar video posted last week, the group is demanding Toews' resignation and for the bill to be scrapped in its entirety.

Anonymous is also taking credit for the hacking of the Ontario Police Chief's Association website for their support of Bill C-30.


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