Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Hey Dean, where's the hat?"

Good Day Readers:

Ran into Winnipeg Sun reporter Dean Pritchard (as we often do) the other day clutching a classic old fedora. Our first impulse was to knock him over the head and steal it - it was all we could do not to drool.
"Hey Dean, where's the hat?"

For a couple years now we've been on the trail of an old style black one like Frank Sinatra used to wear in the movies when he was young. Checked out a Value Village and 3-4 Goodwill Stores hoping one would show up - so far no luck.

When visiting The Law Courts we walk (exercise, parking Royal pain in the arse) so can alter our route to go past a Goodwill store where we can check out their hat rack from the street. So inspired were we by Mr. Pritchard we stopped in last night to ask they telephone us should one appear in their system.

Funny. It was clear English was not the first language of the gentleman with whom we spoke. Using first the Frank Sinatra analogy followed by the old Press tradition still no success. Then you could see his eyes light up. "Oh, you mean mafia." Perfecto!
Sam "The Cigar" Giancana

If you can score one or let us know where we can please let us know.

The plan is to neatly affix "Blogger" using duct tape to symbolize our low budget (Read: no budget) operation on the front and wear it whenever attempting to "muscle in" on a mainstream media's impromptu televised scrum. Laugh as you will but the other day the CBC was winding down an interview outside The Law Courts when we identified ourself as a blogger to ask Sheldon Kennedy what changes he'd like to see in the government's Omnibus Crime Bill (C-1). Mr. Kennedy graceously answered our question (much tougher penalties for Graham James type offences). Problem was shortly after he began the camera light was turned off. Rats!

We're going to begin lobbying Dean Pritchard to wear his fedora while doing videos in front of The Courts but you're got to help. Next time you see him ask, "Hey Dean, where's the hat?"

Clare L. Pieuk


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