Thursday, April 19, 2012

The frolicking G-men!

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Secret Service Pre-Planned Party at Columbian Hotel
Hotel Caribe
By Mary Bruce
Thursday, April 19, 2012

ABC News’ Reena Ninan, Christine Romo and Mary Bruce Report

CARTAGENA, Colombia — Secret Service officials planning a wild night of fun in Colombia did some of their own advanced work last week, booking a party space at the Hotel Caribe before heading out to the night clubs, hotel sources tell ABC News exclusively.

As first reported by ABC, the men went to the “Pley Club” brothel, where they drank expensive whiskey and bragged that they worked for President Obama. The men were also serviced by prostitutes at the club.

But the night didn’t end there. The men brought women from the Pley Club back to the hotel and also picked up additional escorts from other clubs and venues around town, sources tell ABC News.

Eleven officials were involved and, according to Senator Susan Collins, Republican-Maine, who was briefed on the misconduct by Secret Service, “twenty or twenty-one women foreign nationals were brought to the hotel.”

ABC has learned that, when booking the party space, the men told hotel staff that they anticipated roughly 30 people.

The following morning there was reportedly a dispute between one of the women and an official over the amount of money she was owed for spending the night. A quarrel ensued and the authorities were ultimately called.

The officials’ misconduct in Cartagena last week, ahead of the president’s visit for the Summit of the Americas, has already forced three agents out of their positions.

The Secret Service announced Wednesday that one supervisor was allowed to retire while another was “proposed for removal for cause.” A third, non-supervisory employee resigned. The remaining eight Secret Service personnel allegedly involved remain on administrative leave.

The Secret Service has also widened their investigation of the officials to include possible drug use during their partying in Cartagena, ABC News confirmed.


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