Saturday, June 16, 2012

At the Inquiry with "Rocky" and "The Tap?"

Good Day Readers:

Don't know how many of you remember those great Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons from bygone days but we couldn't help but wonder if they'll make an appearance at the upcoming Inquiry.

Exhibit "A" - Rocky

Attached are the Notice of Allegations from the Independent Counsel and the Response of ACJ Douglas. The Committee has now authorized the release and publication of these documents. When these are released on the CJC website, or in a CJC press release, there should be a statement that none of the facts alleged in either the Notice or the Response have been proved before the Committee.

I'm working at home today, 604-266-4603 and feel free to call me there if you have any question.

George Macintosh, Q.C.

cc: Rocco Galati, counsel for Alex Chapman, via fax

Exhibit "B" - The Tap

"The Tap" is Winnipeg defence counsel Robert Tapper who's e-mail address appears on the distribution list for The Notice of Allegations and Response by ACJ Douglas' defence team? So what will be his involvement if any? Interested member of the public, possible intevener, part of Lori Douglas' legal team; perhaps advisor to Alex Chapman - interesting to speculate. We'll keep digging and let you know what we come up with if anything. Then again maybe he's just "tapping it cool" so to speak..

Oh, and by the way. "The Tap" comes from the vanity license plate on his car or so we've been told.
Clare L. Pieuk


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