Wednesday, June 06, 2012

'Dick' Tracy puts out All Points Bulletin for VJH!

"CyberSmokeBlog, I've just put out that APB for VJH! The little rascal can run but he can't hide - it's just a matter of time!"

Good Day Readers:

In case you're wondering what that's all about we'd like to talk offline with VJH about some research he has previously undertaken. Fortunately or unfortunately, when a reader contacts us via the site their e-mail address shows up as a non-reply meaning we're unable to contact them to verify information. Therefore, we have no way of directly getting in touch with VJH.

Not to worry VJH should you choose to e-mail us other than through CSB your identity and the content of our discussion will remain strictly private and confidential. For reasons we'll explain offline it's best our information request as it relates to your previous findings, at least for now, not be publicly divulged. In all cases your name will remain anonymous.

Clare L. Pieuk


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