Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black shoes at The Law Courts!

Good Day Readers:

Had a veteran lawyer tell us over lunch the other day at the Douglas Inquiry forty odd years ago solicitors had to wear black shoes in court. Never heard that one before but have come across the term, "black ink." That's when you've got the other side dead to rights in writing, in other words, you've got them by their little short and curlies.

Can you imagine if court officials tried to enforce that rule today. People would be all over them like a cheap shirt with complaints to organizations such as The Canadian Human Rights Commission ranging from colour discrimination to having a foot fetish.

It's nice to see The Law Courts have progressed a little from those days. Now if we could only get Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench Family Division up to speed on child custody issues.

Our prediction? Independent Counsel Team Pratte-Crain ably aided and abetted by Rocco "The Champ!" Galati will prevail largely because combined they have more legal paper than Defence Team Block-Reynolds  but especially since "Pratte the Cat" has the nicest shoes in the courtroom - black and polished too!

Clare L. Pieuk


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