Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ow-yar-gain, fair dinkum crack a tinnie?


My name is Deborah Bryan and I work for Kindling Media. I am reaching out to you about a video I am currently working on for my client Meat & Livestock Australia. The video is rather amusing as it pokes fun at two Australian politicians who rarely get along. 

I decided to reach out to your CyberSmokeBlog first of all because I am a big fan of your site and secondly because I thought that this topic could capture the interest of your readers with something a little bit different but still related to your regular blog posts. The combination of food and politics should be something quite unique that grabs the attention of new viewers. I've attached the links to the video and look forward to your input. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any additional info.

Video link:

Deborah Bryan

Dear Deborah,

Thank you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog and your kind words. But most of all for the opportunity to practice our "Australianese."

Loved your video so are putting a pair of eyes on it meaning our readership better watch it!

We recognized Prime Minister Julia Gillard but who was the gentleman with "the honourable intentions" Tim Mathieson her partner since 2006 because after all she had previous relationships with union officials Michael O'Connor and Bruce Wilson, as well as, Labour Member of Parliament Craig Emerson.
Perhaps you could help us with a special project. Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been somewhat of a rat bag lately pushing through unpopular legislation because he now has a majority government. What we were thinking was to put a snag on the barbie in front of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa where he's "the special guest" - "Nudge nudge wink wink know what we mean? Know what we mean?" His next birthday will be April 30th.

Would you do us a teeny-weeny little favour? Could you use your considerable influence with the Australian government to so see if you might get us a copy of an article from The Australian newspaper? It's entitled, Leadership sought in family law by Peter Dowding which appeared in the June 8, 2012 edition. Problem is, to get full access to the piece would require subscribing online to The Australian which for us is hardly worth it. If you're able to help we'd be whatever's beyond eternally grateful.

We'd like to use the piece as the basis for an upcoming article about what's wrong with The Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Family Division. We have a request in to one of our Vancouver readers but she's a very busy lady and it may take a while.

Thank you and good luck with your promotion.

Clare L.. Pieuk


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