Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is Manitoba's Queen's Bench Family Division in an "effen" mess?

Hi Clare,

There is an event in September I found on Facebook under, Opening of the Courts Protest. Here's the details I copied:

This is the most peaceful protest of the year. On Wednesday, September 12, the Law Society of Upper Canada will be holding their annual ceremony to mark the Opening of the Courts for Ontario. This is your opportunity to let the judges and lawyers know that we will not stand for the lies, deceptions cover-ups and unlawful activities that are going on in family courts and child protection courts today.

Chief Justice Warren Winkler says,

"Family law is in a state of crisis. We see a system that is in disarray - one that is beyond tinkering and that needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up using new concepts and fresh ideas."

Please share this information with your readers to help make changes to the corrupt system we have in place today.

It's obviously a problem that is recognized by whom I assume is Ontario's Chief Justice (so I checked and he was appointed June 2007) since this event is in Toronto. Manitoba is silent on the issue.

There is no comment from our Justice Minister (Andrew Swan), and no recognition that our system is a complete mess. It's not a small group of Manitoba mothers who are voicing dissatisfaction. It's widespread and there is a climate of fear such that mothers are afraid to speak out. I am particularly interested in the quote by Toronto organizers that they will not stand for "lies, deceptions, cover-ups and unlawful activities" in family courts.

Hope the hearing was fruitful today. Saw your blog. Goodness me, it's even trumped the the Douglas Inquiry.


Dear Anonymous:

Thank you so very much for contacting CyberSmokeBlog - BTW a superb piece of research!

CSB has been approached by an increasing number of women to talk about their Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Family Division horror stories. Are all these mothers wrong all the time? We don't think so. The picture that's starting to come into focus for us is the Douglas Inquiry is merely the tip of a much, much larger iceberg.

What's really, really sad is in talking with and reading these ladies' comments the fear is palatable as custody of their child/children is being dangled over their heads. Even had a gentleman approach us at the Douglas Inquiry to say, "Manitoba has the worst family court system in the country."

The journey for CSB on this subject began a few weeks ago when we decided to visit Manitoba Justice's online file registry in search of an answer to the question, "What is Jack King doing these days now that he wasn't disbarred? That's when we came upon, Karen L. Delichte versus Brendan N. Rogers File Number: FD04-01-73022. As we started to pull documents at The Law Courts and go for a read we thought, "OMG this one increasingly appears to be a doozy of a whopper." Initiated in March of 2004 and 394 filings later it's still in play. It involves a divorce and child custody.

Is this the only one? We don't know because we haven't done the research but like the Douglas Inquiry we suspect it may merely be the tip of an iceberg.

As you can see, we're sending a copy of this posting to Mr. Andrew Swan, Manitoba's Justice Minister, Premier Greg Selenger, who also just happens to be our MLA, as well as, Shelly Glover our Member of Parliament with an invitation to meet with CyberSmokeBlog to discuss the situation and what can be done to improve it. Any replies received will be published. We're not hard to find after all we're not hiding out in the Witness Protection Program under an assumed name. Better yet why not give us a call?
CyberSmokeBlog would like to go on the public record as supporting a top down bottom up review of Manitoba's Queen's Bench Family Division by an outside/independent Blue Ribbon Task Force and for God sakes don't make the same silly mistake as the Douglas Inquiry by not including citizen oversight.

And thank you again, Anonymous. Please keep CSB apprised of the Toronto protest.

Clare L. Pieuk


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