Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeezus Jack WTF?

Good Day Readers:

Have we got a deal for Jack! After he's finished testifying at The Douglas Inquiry we job share. He can bring his Polaroid camera to work for a week as CyberSmokeBlog we'll go to Petersen King to practice family law. However, you know the rules no pornography on CSB Jack! 
Let's see how he likes earning the Big Dollars while having to deal with all these ladies he's managed to p..s off. We're starting to get so much e-mail since he began testifying Monday afternoon, while he's on the stand (likely for the rest of the week) we're having our first annual "Jack You Festival!" during which we'll post nothing but letters from ladies he's managed to p..s off like this one. You know what Shakespeare said about a woman scorned Jack

So how do you figure we should answer it Jack ..... eh?

Clare L. Pieuk

Hi Mr. Pieuk:

I just wanted to introduce you to the ideas behind "parental alienation." Lots of parents turn to the internet for help when they realize they are experiencing abuse and they look for answers.

This website,, is an excellent resource. They appear to advocate for non-abusive parents and have some great facts on Dr. Richard Gardner, the man who came up with "parental alienation". Use of this label in Family Courts is rampant. I recently saw a news story of a father who was given sole custody even after semen was found in the child's diaper. But here's the problem, good parents don't abuse their children, so why are children sent with their abusers?

A concerned parent,

Dear Cameron:

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact CyberSmokeBlog. As must be painfully evident by now we're not Philadelphia lawyers at CSB but even we are starting to realize Jack knows effen shitte about parental alienation..

Clare L. Pieuk


We're starting to wonder like Ricky is Cameron a man? Has Jack managed to p..s off fathers as well? Way to go Jack!


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