Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The New Rocky sets Guinness Book of World Records - knocks out same opponent multiple times in first round!

Good Day Readers:

Well, we're not ones to gloat but didn't we tell you so? The Douglas Inquiry's New Rocky (George Macintosh) knocked out feature witness Jack Anthony King, husband of Manitoba Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas not once but at least five times. Mr. King would get up only to be whacked again by Mr. Macintosh.

The first knock out came when The New Rocky Macintosh compared Jack King's earlier statements to his lawyer Ian Histed he didn't know what he was doing and why he did it to yesterday's testimony group sex is a life style choice. Knock Out 1!

For the first 10 nude photographs, aspiring portrait photographer and Yousuf Karsh protege Jack King used a Polaroid camera claiming he kept the photographs in an envelope so the only way Ms Douglas would see them was to go through his possessions. As Mr. Macintosh pointed out, in the 30 or so seconds it took to develop the photographs what was Ms Douglas doing standing around waiting for them to be developed? Knock Out 2!.

Mr. King had earlier claimed the $25,000 shut the you know what up money paid to Mr. Chapman was paid to protect Jack King's reputation such as it is. Mr. Macintosh argued it was to protect Lori Douglas so she'd get her judgeship. Knock Out 3!

Mr. Macintosh documented in his examination of Jack King several inconsistencies in which the letter filed by  Jack King with the Law Society of Manitoba as his response to Alex Chapman's complaint contained multiple errors including an affidavit which had two serious mistakes. Knock Out 4!

What Jack King told Senior Managing TDS Partner Michael Sinclair at the time he'd been outed by Mr. Chapman was completely different from what he'd told the Inquiry. Knock Out 5!

CyberSmokeBlog salutes the New Rocky Mr. George K. Macintosh!

Clare L. Pieuk


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