Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Capiche? No capiche?

"Enzo The Barber" ..... and his extended family!

Good Day Readers:

For what must be over 20-years now we've been visiting "The Barber" weekly for haircuts and beard trims - never had a bad one yet otherwise we'd have "done" him, failing that, arranged to have him "done."

You see, having a "Godfather" entails a lot or responsibility! Oh for sure, a good accountant can hid your millions offshore, an excellent tailor able to disguise many mistakes as you grow older and a shyster, kvetching lawyer find ways to keep you out of jail but there's nothing quite like a Godfather to protect you! Perchance, should you meet a lady "The Barber's" got to meet her to give his approval otherwise it's airrivederci for you mademoiselle as happened recently! So exactly what do you think we discuss, stupidos, as "The Barber" works his magic - the weather?

With this next e-mail, CyberSmokeBlog has confidents/confidentantes, like "The Barber," who we implicitly and explicitly trust. We have never had children, nor occasion to appear in Manitoba Family Court, so know "Jack" (Sorry for the bad pun Mr. King!) about the matter, which is just as well given with our off-the-wall sense of humour we'd have wharped the little darlings.

Rather, we rely upon a group of single parent Mothers currently fighting child custody cases in Court of Queen's Bench here to keep us apprised. So, ladies how say you to the following e-mail from Gary?

Clare L. Pieuk

Gary has left a new comment on your post, "Lock them in a room Chief Justice Joyal and make them watch this!"

Nice post about parental alienation. Is CyberSmokeBlog going to look further into this concept and keep Readers informed?

How much of his practice involves the problem of obstruction of the prosecution of abuse cases?

Thanks a lot for posting this article.


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