Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Merci bien Monsieur Sabourin!

Hello Mr. Pieuk:

Rulings of the Committee will be posted on the CJC website once available; we will send the usual notice to subscribers.

Norman Sabourin

Good Day Readers:

To explain. A few days ago we wrote Mr. Sabourin requesting clarification as to whether the Inquiry Committee's ruling read into the record last Friday by Chief Justice Fraser on Team Block-Reynolds request to halt the proceedings would be available.

After receiving a severe "judicial whacking" Ms Block asked for a written copy to which CJ Fraser replied she hoped to have it available within two weeks. Uncertainty arose on our part because a complete transcript of the proceedings covering the period July 16-27 will likely not be available until sometime in December after all witnesses have completed their testimony at which time we will be going through Jack King's with a fine tooth comb.

CyberSmokeBlog is awaiting word on a second request made to Norman Sabourin. Recently, we were sent an electronic copy of a complaint filed by a single parent mother. Therefore, CSB has asked for clarification regarding the CJC's publication policy. The reason? Sections 79 (1) and (2) of The Legal Profession Act governing operations of The Law Society of Manitoba forbid the naming of a Member until after a Disciplinary Hearing has been held and a decision rendered. The penalty? A fine of up to $2,000 and/or possibly up to six months in jail. No thank you! We're not prepared to go to prison for anyone and that includes the Queen.

Once clarification is received we will post Mr. Sabourin's reply and make our decision.

Clare L. Pieuk


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