Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You can call us stupid but .....

Good Day Readers:

So we understand. Independent Counsel Team Pratte-Crain, appointed to protect the public interest, has applied to the Federal Court of Canada to have struck from the record the masterful cross-examination of two key witnesses, Michael "Mr. Internal Investigation" Sinclair, as well as, Jack "Polaroid" King by Inquiry Counsel George "Rocky" Macintosh even though some significant questions were raised about their testimony? Further, henceforth, Rocky not be allowed to cross-examine any more witnesses.

If Team Pratte-Crain's examination of these witnesses was so complete and thorough, pray tell why did the Inquiry Committee feel the need to ask Mr. Macintosh to pose additional questions on its behalf?

When Guy Pratte goes before the Federal Court of Canada to argue in support of his application, who will be there in the public interest to take the position, "No, no, no this is playing directly into the hands of Team Block-Reynolds and the best interests of their client Lori Douglas?"

Who will be present at the FCC representing the public interest to argue, "No, no, no quashing the Douglas Inquiry will waste hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands, probably millions, in taxpayers dollars to what end Team Block-Reynolds? Nice try though!"

What this graphically shows is the Canadian Judicial Council in its infinite wisdom after all these years has yet to get its "you know what together" on the question, "What is the appropriate role of an Independent Counsel in representing the public interest?"

Dare we suggest the Inquiry is in danger of rapidly descending into a very expensive taxpayer Gong Show if it hasn't already?
Clare L. Pieuk


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