Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wise words from a retired judge!

Good Day Readers:

Hardly a day goes by it seems without getting an e-mail someone is now friends with ..... or so and so has posted new material on CyberSmokeBlog's Facebook Page. Truth is, maintaining a quality Blog is quite time consuming. Ditto for Linkedin when newly connected contacts (Where did they come from?) send links to articles some of which can be quite interesting and worth publishing. Ditto for Twitter. In our absence these social media have taken on a life of their own without CSB participating which is fine.

In the case of Facebook, while some material can be borderline bizarre, nevertheless, there will always be diamonds in the rough. The following newspaper clipping appeared under "Henry Bills" (a pseudonym) - we know who you are "Henry!"

Family Law Courts are in crisis everywhere Canada is certainly no exception. Because this type of litigation can drag on and on and on and ..... a very high price in time, effort and money may be exacted sometimes translating into heightened emotions on the part of one or both litigants. No doubt Judge Haas has likely seen almost everything (Just when you think you have along comes something new!) during his many years on the Bench. His wise words are worth considering.
Judge Michael J. Hass retired in late 2002 after 26 years serving in the Ninth Judicial District Court of Cass County, Minnesota.

Clare L. Pieuk


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