Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Conrad Black does Monty Python ..... "You're a criminal! No I'm not! Yes you are! No I'm not! Yes you are! No ....."

Good Day Readers:

For Monty Python aficionados you'll love the interview below with Conrad Black on BBC Television's Nightnews. At one point the interviewer (Jeremy Paxman) says, "But you're a criminal." The never at a loss for words Mr. Black shoots back, "No, I am not a criminal." The juicy part of the video, the interview per se, begins at about the 4-minute mark where he comes a cropper, unglued whatever the descriptive. It was really quite hilarious.

Lord Black of Crossharbour presides over a grotty little section of East London (Sorry Crossharbourites!) but to hear him tell it you'd think he was the King of England.

Clare L. Pieuk.


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