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The Koenigsberg Affair/L'Affaire Koenigsberg

British Columbia Superior Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg

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The genesis of CyberSmokeBlog's upcoming series, The Koenigsberg Affair/L'Affaire Koenigsberg began recently when Vancouver-based contributor Chris Budgell, no stranger to the Canadian Judicial Council, e-mailed  CSB. Based on his information the decision was made to dig deeper. Thus began a   fascinating research project that's still unfolding as we speak. It starts with RoadKill Radio founder Kari Simpson.
The highest reward for a Blog Master is the opportunity it presents to meet some truly remarkable people. Individuals like: the aforementioned Vancouver-based non lawyer Chris Budgell challenging the Canadian Judicial Council; Winnipeger Karyn Delichte a single parent raising two young children while studying full time toward an advanced degree (Psychology, University of California) while fighting a protracted custody case much as a self-rep in Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench (over 400 filings to date) - how many have you met who can make a claim like that? Then there's this lady Kari Simpson. All have cojones in spades!

Each in their own way are unsung heros who have been struggling for years in relative obscurity against almost insurmountable odds challenging the system but, nevertheless, are quietly changing the country's legal landscape. If CSB could award Order of Canada Medals they'd be at the front of the line. Enough said back to work

The RoadKill Radio Story

RoadKill Radio (RKR), a web-based current affairs show, was created to combat media bias, complicity and silence on important issues affecting Canadians and to create an information conduit to apprise Canadians about judicial corruption involving one particular case first known as Simpson versus Mair & WIC Radio and finally in the Supreme Court of Canada proceeding as WIC Radio versus Simpson.

RKR founder Kari Simpson was the Plaintiff in the matter; she sued Rafe Mair, a lawyer and influential member of the media establishment for defamation. Mair, using his CKNW radio talk show and columns in several Vancouver, BC publications as his bully-pulpit, went on a two-year campaign of hate and vilification of Simpson for her support of parental rights in public education. Mair published in excess of forty editorials about her on matters that he later admitted, in court, to having never heard Simpson speak on and to which he had no personal knowledge.

Through a series of events just now being made public, Simpson realized - after spending over $900,000 in legal fees and expenses - that the judicial fix was in, and provably so. Simpson also realized that if there was any hope for justice, she was going to have to level the judicial playing field.

Since RKR’s inaugural show in March of 2009, great things have happened. RKR gained fast popularity and now commands a vast global audience. has now been acquired by WOW Corporation, a multi-media corporation that has preserved the core intent central to Simpson’s vision of giving a voice to those often silenced and holding those in authority accountable. has grown and has established a number of shows and public service initiatives. One of those crucial endeavours is the take-no-prisoners Drive For Justice (, a show dedicated to exposing the judicial corruption at play in Kari Simpson’s case and holding accountable those who defiled the Rule of Law. Yes, Drive For Justice names names!

So what’s with the name? Good question! The name “RoadKill Radio” was inspired by the words of Supreme Court of Canada‘s Justice Ian Binnie, who stated during the WIC versus Simpson hearing these words:

If you look at some of these public affairs programs, of course they are intended to stir up and you can’t say everybody believes everything they say. But when what they say is highly damaging to a particular individual, can you really say, “we’re sorry, you are road kill in this debate, but it is an important debate?”

Justice Binnie repeated the comparison in writing the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision for the majority in WIC Radio versus Simpson:

An individual’s reputation is not to be treated as regrettable but unavoidable road kill on the highway of public controversy, but nor should an overly solicitous regard for personal reputation be permitted to “chill” freewheeling debate on matters of public interest.

Kari Simpson was called a lot of nasty names by Rafe Mair - the list was long and ugly - but she had never been referred to as road kill. For those who know the facts of this case and know Kari Simpson, well, she will never be road kill. This story is just beginning ...

Truth will always make an appearance. Sometime she just waits for a bigger stage to be built. That stage is

Coming up ... The Koenigsberg Affair/L'Affaire Koenigsberg - Dear Prime Minister

Clare L. Pieuk


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