Thursday, November 01, 2012

CyberSmokeBlog issues official apology!

Good Day Readers:

CyberSmokeBlog has just received a demand letter from RoadKill Radio's founder Kari D. Simpson regarding the previous posting, The Onion does TED!
In it she clearly threatens to drop on CSB a couple of the expensive 16 lawyers who attended yesterday's Federal Court of Canada conference call hearing in the Douglas Inquiry - that is, if she can get them to stop squabbling long enough.

Leaving out the nastier parts, Ms Simpson has demanded not asked, that we immediately print the following correction with an apology:

For the record, my menagerie does include ducks, 5 to be exact! There might also be a Llama in the mix and a few other critters that have yet to be disclosed. I should also tell you that I know why a duck "quacks" and a chicken "clucks!" They do so because they can."

The apology

If you're reading this Ms Simpson CyberSmokeBlog is so, so, sorry My God it's sorry woman!

Ms. Simpson instructed her attorney should CSB not published a correction and apology immediately they will litigate beyond the site's ability to pay, you know sue CyberSmokeBlog's ass off, for the equivalent of 10 years worth of feed for her animal farm.

Ms. Simpson knows defamation having successfully fought and won a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Canada a few years ago (Simpson versus Mair & WIC). When threatened it's best to apologizes all over yourself as fast as possible to mitigate any future damages.

Should Ms Simpson and her lawyers reject CSB's sincere, heartfelt, full-bodied and robust apology, it remains confident it can win. CyberSmokeBlog is prepared to call before a judge and jury The Onion's expert animal behaviouralist analyst Peter Garcia to testify for the Defence as an expert witness that beyond a preponderance of doubt ducks do not "quack" and chickens "cluck" because they simply can as Ms Simpson asserts. Rather, the explanation is much more profound and scientific thereby calling her credibility into question. Her statement is vexatious, frivolous and cavalier thereby deliberately intended to mislead the public. Is necessary, CyberSmokeBlog will vigorously defend itself.

Further, CSB is prepared to ask British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg to preside over the trial by judge and jury. CyberSmokeBlog is very, very confident she will rule in its favour.

CyberSmokeBlog rests its case ..... for now.

Clare L. Pieuk


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