Thursday, November 01, 2012

Douglas Inquiry Update: The "transparent" Federal Court of Canada Hearing!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mr. George K. Macintosh, Q.C.
Farris, Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP
25th Floor, 700 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V7Y 1B3

Re: Federal Court of Canada Douglas Inquiry Hearing of October 31, 2012

Dear Mr. Macintosh:

On behalf of CyberSmokeBlog I trust you are keeping well during these turbulent Douglas Inquiry times.

This correspondence is directed to you in your capacity as Inquiry Counsel. A copy is also being transmitted to Mr. Norman Sabourin the Canadian Judicial Council's Executive Director and Senior General Counsel, who, on multiple occasions, has failed to respond to our queries.

Yesterday it was reported in the media:

a de facto hearing in the Federal Court of Canada was held via conference call to discuss the Douglas File.

Our Questions

1. Why was there no pre-announcement placed on the Council's website of Press Release issued?

2. Why were no arrangements made so the public could be kept informed by PodCast or other similar technology as if it had been held in an FCC courtroom per se? Is this not consistent with the public interest as the Canadian Judicial Council purports is the most important part of its mandate?

3. Could you please arrange to provide a list of names of lawyers who represented the various individuals and/or groups participant in yesterday's hearing?

By so doing CyberSmokeBlog will be able to keep its readership informed.

Pleased be advised a copy of this letter will be posted on CSB, as well as, any reply received.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Clare L. Pieuk

Media Citizen Journalist

Norman Sabourin


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