Monday, November 26, 2012

The Arcane Brotherhood of the Law: "What? Judges can be Silly, Stupid, Sloppy or Sinister?" Maybe the Canadian Judicial Council should institute "The 4-S Rule!"

Good Day Readers:

One of CSB's favourite Legal Blogs is Above the Law ( hosted by New York-based Harvard-trained lawyer Elie Mystal. It's been rated as the United States' most popular Legal Blog with in excess of a million and a half professional monthly viewers. Its term for Judges who exhibit "The 4-S Syndrome" is "BatShit Crazy."

BTW, it also has an online Canadian version which has been giving significant coverage to the Douglas Inquiry debacle. In fact, CyberSmokeBlog received "honourable mention" when a single parent Mother and it argued unsuccessfully for intervener standing back in May of this year. Damn near impossible save for a complainant(s).

E-mailed Ms Simpson this morning to congratulate her on this latest video and the new launch of RoadKill Radio News.  
Paid her the ultimate compliment in an e-mail CSB can bestow. Told her every morning the first thing the Blogmaster now does ever before his first pee of the day and coffee/coissant is to tune in RoadKill Radio News for the latest. She seemed genuinely touched, humbled.and appreciative better yet she came up with an even better solution. Why not set the bathroom up with a wi-fi laptop computer, small baking oven and coffee pot.

Jeezus, why didn't CyberSmokeBlog think of that? Now you know why they pay her the Big Dollars!

Clare L. Pieuk

Ron Gray takes us point-by-point through "Justice" M. Marvyn Koenigsberg's schizophrenic verdict in Kari Simpson's defamation case against the liar Rafe Maie - a verdict that was so contrary to the facts of the case that it has begged the question: Was the Judge being silly, stupid,or sinister. Tune in to hear why the appeals court had absolutely no problem tossing the verdict out.


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