Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Canadian Judicial Council: Anatomy of a failed institution!

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

I spoke to Judicial Affairs Canada and asked for their financials including the CJC's. I have also requested a breakdown of the costs associated with the Douglas Inquiry. It has promised to look into what is available and get back to me by the end of the week.

Here is the link to the Financial Report:


As your readers will see it's short on detail.

Best Wishes,
Kari D. Simpson
Founder www.RoadKillRadio.com/www.DriveForJustice.com

Dear Ms Simpson:

Thank you very much for taking the time from your busy schedule to contact CyberSmokeBlog.

First, CSB applauds your bravado in contacting JAC but after reviewing the 7-page link provided when you say, "It is short on detais" you can sure say that again. "It is short on details CSB" ..... Kari Simpson.

Well then, please share the reply you receive from Judicial Affairs Canada? Bet you one American and one Canadian dollar it can't or won't tell you how many taxpayers dollars have been spent to date for the Douglas Inquiry plus how many public dollars have been budgeted in total for the Inquiry when it finally finishes - sometime in 2015 at the rate its currently proceeding.

The link's content is Pablum for public consumption.
Sure hope you're not expecting a meaningful response from Judicial Affairs Canada given the Canadian Judicial Council's vague, weaselly-worded comments that have been coming out recently about the Douglas Inquiry coupled with people like the Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Canada's Supreme Court and the Federal Justice Minister all of whom, as we understand, have failed to respond to your submissions requesting a Parliamentary Inquiry into British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsber's conduct in your defamation lawsuit (Simpson versus Mair & WIC).
While CyberSmokeBlog still has you here, Ms RK R, and bearing in mind management studies have shown about 75% of what travels along the grapevine is accurate, any truth to the rumour RoadKill Radio will be launching a Print Edition Wednesday, November 21, 2012? Well is there?

On the subject of launches, CSB has a launch of its own coming up. In the next days, weeks and months ahead it will be rolling out a series called, The Canadian Judicial Council: Anatomy of a failed institution!
CyberSmokeBlog's crack team of researchers lead by Caveman will begin examining CJC's processes under a magnifying glass - everything from intervener applications, the role of "Independent" Counsel, complaints adjudication, lack of taxpayer financial and administrative accountability, as well as,  organizational transparency. Are they significantly f....d! No, no, no not that word "flawed."

Recently Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin, who doubles as Chair of the Canadian Judicial Council told Canadians, " .....I sincerely believe that we have one of the best legal systems in the world if not the best ....."
Caveman, Head of CyberSmokeBlog's CJC Research Team: "Jeezus who wrote that speech? To which third world developing countries was she comparing our system?"

Again, thank you Ms Simpson for taking the time to write CyberSmokeBlog.
Clare L. Pieuk


Readers have sent several e-mail asking when the next episode of Drive For Justice (The First Verdict - How The Winner Lost) featuring Mr. Ron Gray and you will be available. It seems the previous one (Episode 22) Closing Arguments, And A Bizarre Settlement Conference resonated here. Thank you!


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