Thursday, March 07, 2013

Leave those song birds alone!

Oh my Clare,

I thought I was still hallucinating from my midday catnip when Stanley emailed me your recent posting. I should state for the record that my relationship with Stanley is strictly purrrr-tonic. I should also warn you he is a bit of a poll cat. He sent you his ministerial lap-warming picture, not mine. He survives in the rough and tumble world of politics and, yes, poll cats can get ticks. Like politicians they can be deceptive, change their stripes and colours when need be. Don't let the colour of a cat fool you. I, like Stanley, also wear a coat of may colours.

Here is my official picture with the Prime Minister, man his lap got hot when I starting kneading his thigh with my paws! Notice his tomcat smile. Trust me, I could feel his motor getting all revved-up.
Your blog is always so catty awesome! I must admit my whiskers turned hot pink when I scrolled my iPaw and saw those two golden arses buttering-up your page. Are Senate seats really that BIG! 

And that picture of “Chief Harper,” did Stanley send that to you? I remember the day. It was right after the meeting with the thugsters from the Idle Some More camp. Stanley and me were hanging with a few other cool cats in the Big House. There were lots of remains from dead birds around, enough feathers to choke every cat in the pound. Stanley wanted to play “obey your cat” so the PM obeyed and dressed-up like a partially plucked ostrich with gay pride beads so we could tease and torment him …. I think he thought “feather play” was a different kind of game. His goon squad was worried that pictures might end up on the internet so I wasn’t allowed to take any after we plucked him. It was funny, he just kept me-owwwwwing.

Redman/Shmedman, what do you expect if you're Standing with Buffalo all day? Chief Impeachy made his first mistake by worshipping overgrown bovines. Had he done what I told him and stood on all fours with the Cattaglory Nation he would be happily serving his cat masters and cashing cheques of obscenity instead of facing his catastrophic demise. I even had a Cattaglory Nation Blanket designed just for him! Can you believe he rejected this …

I must scoot, the song birds are gathering at the birdfeeder, always a good feast!

Paw for now,

Ms Thugsy Mugwhomp
Dear Ms Mugwhomp:

Thnak you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog - I think. Nice to hear CSB's turning your little whiskers pink.
 Don't know whether Senate seats are really that BIG but the arses who fill them certainly are.

Thank you for clarifying the picture issue. Had a feeling that wasn't you. In the past you've been critical of those powerful, nasty little critters at the Canadian Bar Association and in the Federal Minister of Justice's Office so thought perhaps you were trying to throw them off your trail.
Deceptive always changing his stripes and colours? Stanley certainly sounds like is master!

Playing obey your cat, dressing up like a partially plucked ostrich wearing gay pride beads,"feather play?" WTF else is happening behind those locked doors at 24 Sussex Drive taxpayers don't know about? Jeesus, and CSB thought the Douglas Inquiry had the monopoly on taxpayer financed kinky!

Yeah right, next you'll be trying to tell us Stanley and you are part of his inner circle at daily senior staff briefing meetings ..... eh?

Sounds like you best keep your relationship with Stanley purrrr-tonic lest you risk getting a bad case of the ticks. If true, imagine the PM's Official Residence could have a bad case of the ticks. Wonder what visiting foreign dignitaries would think if they only knew?
Regarding those feathers, hopefully, they're from Grand Chief Harper dressing up like a partially plucked ostrich and playing the "feather game" while wearing his head gear and not Stanley hanging out the birdfeeder.

Now, you wouldn't be doing that would you ..... well would you?
Yet another of Stanley's victims tits up?

And leave the song birds alone at least they make nice music unlike starlings that only serve to crap over everything and can't even sign. So you don't screw up here's what the noisy, ugly, smelly, little buggers look like Thugsy.
Clare L. Pieuk

Psst ..... Hey Mugsy, between you, that "proverbial gatepost" and CyberSmokeBlog does Stanley really have an expensive taxpayer financed catnip habit?


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