Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Chan versus Katz: The lawyer who shows up in court with the most paper and has the nicest shoes will win!

Good Day Readers:

Based on conventional wisdom and observing many court proceedings, the lawyer who arrives in court with the most paper and has the nicest shoes will win! Yesterday it was a draw. Robert "Dapper" Tapper had the nicer shoes, however, David Matas had more paper.

Seriously though, Robert Tapper constantly tried to trivialize the matter, "It was only $3,000." Next time you pass the gentleman on the street ask if he'll "give" you only $3,000. What do you figure he will tell you? Further, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was removed from office for soliciting only $1,800 worth of illegal campaign funds. Unfortunately, upon appeal the decision was overturned so now that city is stuck with a Big Goof at least until the next election. Does the same fate await Winnipegers? Perhaps lawyer David Matas said it best in court yesterday, "Conflict of interest does not come on a sliding scale."

Admittedly, the trial only focuses on one "minor" incident if Mr. Tapper is to be believed. However, has there not been a litany already well-documented in the media of highly questionable other dealings which when taken in total spell (you fill in the descriptive)?

As a taxpayer your concern should be that Justice Brenda Keyser will let Sam Katz off with a slight slap of the wrist rather than order him removed from office ... p-e-r-i-o-d. Perhaps in the end not the courts but the people/taxpayers rule only problem may be you will have to wait until the next municipal election to kick Sam Katz out of office as he so richly deserves.

You should also thank Joe Chan for having the cojones to take this matter to court and should he lose appeal the decision as he has previously indicated.

Finally, Sam Katz has lost the public trust, therefore, he should do the right thing and resign the sooner the better.

Clare L. Pieuk


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