Monday, May 06, 2013

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Stickman that's who not Stephen Harper or Vic Toews!

Dear Clare,

I'm excited to announce the latest update to our annual Who Has Your Back? privacy report!

When you use the internet, companies ask you to trust them with your private data: from personal messages, to search terms, to photos, and much more. But government officials increasingly ask companies to hand that data over a fact highlighted by the recent battle over CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act).

To make Who Has Your Back?, EFF lawyers and activists review company policies and interview legal departments to find out exactly how companies deal with government requests for your data. We review their answers and give stars to companies with industry-leading policies and practices, which helps privacy-conscious users with informed decisions and encourages the companies to step up.

But the real power behind Who Has Your Back? comes from you. EFF's strong and principled community pushes companies to take privacy seriously, and after three years, we're proud to report that even more companies have moved toward instituting best practices when it comes to standing up for users' privacy from the government.

We're proud to be fighting for users' rights, made possible by donations from individuals like you. Please consider supporting projects like Who has you back? by joining EFF today!

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Thank you,
Marcia Hoffman
EFF Senior Staff Attorney


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