Thursday, May 16, 2013

No telephone calls only writing!

Good Day Readers:

CyberSmokeBlog received the following bilingual auto-response from it's Member of Parliament. Anyone can send these but will there be any meaningful follow up? Besides, having a healthy disrespect for politicians of all stripes (code for do not trust) CSB doesn't do telephone calls with them because there's no paper trail. In light of the Mike Duffy fiasco can you blame it?

Clare L. Pieuk

Thank you very much for writing the office of Shelly Glover, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface. We appreciate hearing from constituents and being made aware of their views.

Constituents of Saint Boniface:

If you would like to receive a response, please ensure that you have included your mailing address along with your email. It is also appreciated if you can provide your phone number as many questions can be addressed more efficiently with a phone call. Responses to specific inquiries can be expected within three to five weeks.


Please contact your Member of Parliament. If you don??t know who your MP is, you can search by postal code at

Thank you again for writing.


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