Monday, June 03, 2013

It's the digital/social media age dummies everyone already knows it was the butler!

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What's amusing is how long in this day and age does the British Government really believe it can keep the prying eyes of the formal and informal media away from such a juicy tidbit? By week's end or sooner we'll know who they are?

Clare L. Pieuk
Internet speculation rife over identity of mystery pair in No. 10 secret love affair as PM holds crisis talks over tryst

  • Identities of people involved or details of relationship cannot be disclosed
  • They are middle-aged figures and the affair in now concluded
  • Mr Cameron was 'stunned' when told the identities of alleged lovers
  • He immediately realized the importance,' sources revealed
  • 'None of us could believe it when we first heard it' senior source said
By Amanda Williams
Sunday, June 2, 2013
David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him.

Speculation is rife over the identities of two people allegedly involved in a secret affair which could have serious political implications for David Cameron and his government.

The internet has been awash with rumours since details of the relationship emerged last night.

It comes as David Cameron holds crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of the alleged affair which has potentially significant political implications for him.

For legal reasons, MailOnline cannot disclose the identities of the people involved or any details of the relationship – or even how long it lasted.

It has been said that they are middle-aged figures and that the affair has now concluded.

It does not involve anyone serving in the Cabinet.

Mr Cameron was said to be stunned when he was told the identities of the alleged lovers.

It was said that he ‘immediately realised the importance of the story’.

The Prime Minister and his aides also discussed the possible fallout should details of the affair become public.

The situation was labelled 'dynamite' and a 'complete mess' by senior party sources.

The affair, which was revealed to the Prime Minister within the past few weeks, is also said to have caused ‘great personal distress to innocent parties’.

It is likely to cause a further headache for Mr Cameron, whose leadership is already being tested by backbench revolts over issues such as Europe and gay marriage and rumours of plots being hatched to overthrow him.

On Friday, he faced a further blow when one of his MPs, Patrick Mercer, resigned the party whip after being caught in a cash-for-questions ‘sting’ operation.
Surprised when aides told Mr Cameron the identities of the alleged lovers he was said to be 'stunned.'

A third person has also given a statement to Lancashire police, claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Mr Evans, and on Friday police said they were planning to interview a fourth alleged victim who claims he was intimately groped by Mr Evans in a Commons bar.

In April, Scotland Yard said it had launched a formal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by the Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard.

The Metropolitan Police set up a phoneline for alleged victims after a number of women made claims about inappropriate conduct by the peer, who was the party’s former chief election strategist.

And Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock will tomorrow face a disciplinary hearing to determine whether he should lose the party whip over ‘very serious allegations’ of sexual assault.

Mr Clegg asked the party’s chief whip to convene the meeting after Hancock was served papers as part of a High Court civil action brought by a ‘vulnerable’ constituent.

When asked about the affair last night, a Downing Street source said: ‘This is not something we can talk about.’


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