Monday, November 04, 2013

The nasty little Ms Entitlements!

Furious Pamela Wallin lashed out at staffer after aid told auditors about expenses, letter claims

Jessica Barrett
Monday, November 3, 2013
Pamela Wallin arrives at the Senate on Parliament Hill in Ottawa last Wednesday. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

OTTAWA – A letter the RCMP is seeking from a former aide to Senator Pamela Wallin makes scathing allegations about the embattled senator’s spending habits and professional conduct.

The August 2012 letter from former aide Alison Stodin is part of a long list of documents the RCMP is seeking as part of its investigation into the ongoing Senate spending affair. Stodin allegedly sent the letter about Wallin to Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen, at the time a member of the Senate’s standing committee on internal economy.

In it, CTV reports, Stodin raised several concerns about Wallin’s spending and alleges the senator was vitriolic when unhappy with Stodin’s performance. “I have never been subjected to the kind of treatment and disrespect I received from Senator Wallin,” CTV quoted Stodin as stating in the letter. “This involved harassing me personally, screaming at me and threatening me.”

CTV also cited sources saying Wallin’s expense claims were so perplexing that Stodin and Senate auditors had to go through them together.

When Stodin, a 20-year executive assistant in the parliamentary system, alerted auditors to the situation, her letter claims, Wallin lashed out.

“Wallin said they did not need to know anything about her expenses,” Stodin reportedly wrote. “Wallin terminated my employment on August 22, 2012 stating incompetence, and inability to run her schedule. She also said that she would tell future employers that I was a negative recommendation.”

On Friday, court documents revealed the letter is one of dozens of documents sought by the RCMP in an investigation of fraud and breach of trust allegations against Wallin. It is thought to have been a major factor provoking an internal audit of Wallin’s expenses.

Wallin’s lawyer Terrence O’Sullivan told Postmedia News Friday that he was not concerned about what the RCMP might find. “We believe that an objective review of all the evidence will demonstrate that there was no attempt to defraud the people of Canada,” he said.

He also dismissed Stodin’s letter as the comments of a disgruntled employee with “several performance issues,” according to CTV.

Stewart Olsen declined to comment on the letter Sunday “because it is the subject of a police investigation.”

Taxpayers you be the judge and jury!


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