Friday, March 21, 2014

And the decision is ..... Yes!

Shouldn't have embellished the story about your relationship with the Detroit Red Wings when you were younger!

Judicial Smackdown - Rocco Galati 1 Harper government 0!

Good Day Readers:

It has just been announced the Supreme Court of Canada has denied the appointment of Marc Nadon to the land's highest court. Yes!
CBC National Reporter Alison Crawford (a Winnipeger) in a lead up story to the Court's decision made an interesting, insightful comment. Had Mr. Nadon been confirmed but not unanimously it would have created a unique, awkward situation to which CyberSmokeBlog would add can you imagine this? Since Judge Nadon had no input into the Supreme Court's decision, he would have had no way of knowing the dissenter(s). So there he'd be suspiciously eyeing his Bench colleagues wondering if they were the one(s).

You blew it yet again Justice RoadKill!
When the Harper government was starting to have second thoughts about the legality of the Nadon appointment, it sought an opinion from former Supreme Court Justice Ian "RoadKill" Binnie of Drive For Justice/RoadKill Radio News fame. His opinion? Everything was copasetic. Maybe he should now refund the more than $4,000 he charged the federal government. In fairness to "RoadKill" he was only one (likely the most expensive) of several "so-called" experts who advised the Harper government and managed to get it wrong.

In the lead up to the decision, CyberSmokeBlog has been in contact with Rocco Galati's Toronto law office. Currently, he's out of the country but we're hoping he'll issue a statement once he's had a chance to study the ruling. If he does, CSB will post and share it with the media.

Rocco Knows Winnipeg
Many Manitobans will recognize Mr. Galati from his work before the Douglas Inquiry representing complainant Alex Chapman. After attending every minute of the Inquiry (save for the occasional pee break) CyberSmokeBlog's conclusion? Like Texas don't mess with this man he knows his Constitutional-Charter law!

As an aside, his visit to Winnipeg for the Douglas Inquiry was a first. He was most impressed with the friendliness of Winnipegers, the vast open spaces, clean air, as well as, low food/housing costs - didn't find the mosquitoes a problem. Tried to convert him but failed.

As soon as a print copy of the Court's decision is available it will be posted on this site.

Clare L. Pieuk

P. S. The vote was 6-1 against.


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