Friday, March 07, 2014

At least he wasn't appointed to Queen's Bench Family Division!

Good Day Readers:

If Allan Fineblit and the Judicial Selection Committee responsible for appointing Mr. Toews have not yet taken the time to listen to the 7-Vic Toews YouTube videos by the hacker group Anonymous perhaps they should. They've been posted on the internet for at least a couple years where they remain to this day.

And the judiciary can't seem to figure out why public confidence in it is at an all time low. Duhhhhh? Where was the public input into this decision. Why are taxpayers always handed important appointments such as this as fait accomplis.

Clare L. Pieuk
Vic Toews appointed to Court of Queen's Bench

Friday, March 7. 2014

Vic Toews will sit in the General Division of the Queen's Bench, sources say. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Vic Toews has been appointed to Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench, the head of the provincial law society and multiple legal sources confirmed to the Free Press this morning.

Toews, who retired from federal politics last summer, was long-rumoured to be headed for a judgeship. He will sit in the General Division of the Queen's Bench, sources said.

Toews, 61, is a former Crown prosecutor and was Manitoba's justice minister in the late '90s prior to leaving provincial politics for a lengthy career as a Conservative MP in Ottawa.

Toews headed up several high-ranking federal portfolios, including as minister of justice and minister of public safety.

Manitoba Law Society CEO Allan Fineblit said Toews's legal experience — especially his expertise in the field of constitutional law — will serve him well on the bench.

Fineblit suggested some could find Toews's appointment unusual because of the length of time Toews was in politics — but said he's very knowledgeable about the law.

"I expect his appointment will be controversial because of his background," said Fineblit. "He may surprise people."

Fineblit, who was director of prosecutions in Manitoba around the time Toews was justice minister, said he was always impressed by the courtesy he showed for those who worked with his office.

Court of Queen's Bench judges are appointed by the federal government. An official statement announcing Toews's appointment has not been released.

Note: It's instructive to read the almost 70 comments that have been posted thus far on the Winnipeg Free Press webpage accompanying this article.


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