Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Royals not amused but amusing!

Good Day Readers:

While Charles and Camilla seemed a tad ....ed off (especially the latter) you must admit it was hilarious. It's perhaps fitting because the British have had a long fascination of men dressing like women (e.g. Monty Python), Benny Hill, etc.)

Below is a trailer from Serving the Royals a one hour documentary already featured a couple times (once quite recently) on CBC Television's Doc Zone. It's hard not to come away without the impression the Royals are a dysfunctional family laden with eccentricites, idiosyncrasies and quirks.

Don't you love the one where Charles inadvertently dropped a message from "Mommie" off his desk and into the wastepaper basket. So what does he do? Telephones one of his personal servants to come from the library to retrieve it for him. Or the Queen's corgies that haven't been completely house trained so are given to wandering around Buckingham Palace peeing wherever.

And how the Royals treat Buckingham Palace staff like .... and should be investigated by the British Department of Labour. Long live The Dysfunctionals!

Clare L. Pieuk
Charles and Camilla "were in on the joke, says Wake Lynch

Jim Day
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A comic impersonation of Queen Elizabeth II Monday in Charlottetown in front of her son Prince Charles may have been a royal mistake.

The decision to have actor Wade Lynch reprise his familiar role has sparked negative, even angry, feedback from the public.

Tasteless, insulting and shameful are among the descriptions given to the tongue-in-cheek performance watched by Charles and his wife Camilla. However, others said they enjoyed the show and didn’t express any concerns about the performance.

Camilla, in particular, appeared most put off by the performance seemingly registering expressions ranging from bemusement to disgust.

Charles did not look much more enthused over watching a man parade around on stage as the Queen.

Both Charles and Camilla sat stonefaced when Lynch, in character, served up the following introduction to the royal couple:

“There are two members of our audience that call me by quite another name and that is of course ‘Mommie.’

 Hello kids. Surprise.’’

Premier Robert Ghiz, sitting directly to Camilla’s left, looked somewhat anxious over what his special guests were witnessing as intended entertainment.
Wade Lynch AKA Queen Elizabeth chats with Anne of Green Gables during a celebration at Province House Monday night. (Guardian photo by Brian McInnis)

Charles greeted the performance with at best half-hearted applause while Camilla lightly drummed her fingers on the back of her hand.

Lynch was surprised — and disappointed — to hear that the show had upset so many Islanders after being told of numerous negative comments coming into the newspaper.

In fact, the veteran actor believed he was hitting the mark. He felt “a lot of the jokes landed’’ and he could even see the prince “sort of nodding and chuckling.’

Lynch was not able to see Camilla’s reaction throughout his performance. He says the show had to be cut in half due to time constraints.

Lynch says Brenda Gallant, the director of marketing with Tourism PEI, first approached him with the idea to perform as the Queen in front Charles and Camilla. Gallant says this was not her idea, but noted that her department was designated as the lead for the event Monday night that included Island musicians and fireworks.

“I said yes to the idea with trepidation,’’ he said. “My concern was it sounds tacky...at first blush, it sounded like a bad idea.’’
“I understood it was no surprise at all...that they (Charles and Camilla) were in on the joke,’’ Wade Lynch
Lynch sought assurances that Clarence House, the official residence of the prince and his wife, endorsed the idea.

“I understood it was no surprise at all...that they (Charles and Camilla) were in on the joke,’’ he said. “I produced a script many weeks ago that went through many filters.’’

Lynch says he received feedback from the province that the prince loved the performance and was laughing and chuckling.

“If the actual Royal family was offended, I am really sorry because that was never the intention,’’ he said.
Lynch first added his impersonation of the Queen to his impressive comedic repertoire many years ago and has slipped on the crown and dress more than 100 times over the years.

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