Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Looney Tunes gang is back!

Good Day Readers:

There've been more filings posted on the Canadian Judicial Council's website in the past couple days. To avoid boring you with more legal wrangling, legelese and lawyerspeak here's a brief summary:

(1) The CJC has dropped the first allegation against Lori Douglas, that is, the alleged sexual harassment of Alex Chapman

(2) The complaint by Manitoba Chief Justice Glenn Joyal that Ms Douglas had misused an expense fund available to federally appointed Judges will not be pursued - that must please him to no end!

(3) Team Douglas filed a motion requesting all remaining allegations against ACJ Douglas be dropped. Open to the public, it will be argued later this month (October 27-29 inclusive)

(4) Still to be decided is where.Team Douglas is arguing the hearing should not be held in Winnipeg because the adverse publicity would be unfair to Ms Douglas and her relatives. Independent Council Suzanne Cote maintains not so. Team Douglas had earlier lobbied unsuccessfully to have the Inquiry per se held outside Winnipeg.

Will the previously November 24 announced re-start date for the Inquiry be met? Hard to say. While the motion hearing will go ahead (wherever), if Team Douglas does not like The Council's ruling, presumably it could file for a judicial review of the decision in the Federal Court of Canada. Yet another delay? Entirely possible.

Clare L. Pieuk  


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