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Thank you Rod you hoser for leaving Manitoba and Canadian taxpayers with such a "beautiful" financial legacy!

Good Day Readers:

Don't you love the way those Senators cited in the Auditor General's report are beginning to squeal like sides of pork "stuck" on a production line?

Clare L. Pieuk

Retired Senator Rod Zimmer's alleged questionable expenses $175K: Auditor

CTVNewca. Staff
Friday, June 5, 2015

Among the 30 current and former senators to be named in the auditor general’s report on expenses is retired Liberal senator Rod Zimmer, who is said to owe the Senate $176,000.
That’s according to Auditor general Michael Ferguson's comprehensive audit of Senate expenses, to be tabled next week.


Senate Expenses: Two sitting senators among the 9 cases to be sent to RCMP

Audit outlines systemic issues in senators' expense claims

As CTV News reported on Thursday, Ferguson is planning to refer two sitting and seven former senators to the RCMP for a criminal investigation following a long-awaited expenses audit.

The two sitting senators who will be referred to the RCMP are Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, who left the Conservative caucus on Thursday, and Colin Kenny, originally appointed as a Liberal senator.

The other seven, all retired, are Zimmer, Don Oliver, Gerry St. Germain, Sharon Carstairs, Rose-Marie Losier-Cool, Bill Rompkey, and Marie-Paule Charette-Poulin.

Zimmer could not be reached for comment Friday. Several others defended their expense claims.

Colin Kenny said in a statement that he expects to be vindicated at the conclusion of the auditing process.

Don Oliver, a former Conservative senator, said in a statement that his expense claims are legitimate and that Ferguson’s conclusions are “not based on all the facts.”

Gerry St. Germain, another former Conservative senator, called the auditor general’s findings “baseless” and said the audit report is an incomplete record that suggests a bias or prejudgement.

In addition to the nine being referred to the RCMP, 21 other sitting and former senators will be compelled to repay questionable expenses.

Among those 21 are three senators in leadership roles – speaker Leo Housakos, government leader Claude Carignan and opposition leader James Cowan.

Carignan said a staffer misinterpreted rules on travel and has paid back $3,000 mistakenly expensed.

Housakos’ flagged expenses include $1,500 spent by a staffer who travelled to a charity event, which Housakos said has been repaid. But Housakos said he will dispute the finding that he should pay back another $6,000 spent on a contract for policy advice.

Cowan told CTV’s Power Play Friday that he will be disputing the auditor general’s finding that he should pay back $10,000. He said his disputed expenses include three trips he took in 2011 on parliamentary business, for which he filed appropriate claims supported by “appropriate resources.”

However, Cowan said the Senate did not back up his emails from that time period, so he doesn’t have the additional supporting documentation that is now required of him.

But he said he’s “perfectly satisfied” that his claims were “above board” and in accordance with Senate rules.

Senators who want to dispute Ferguson’s findings can take their case to Ian Binnie, a former Supreme Court justice who has been appointed by the Senate as a special arbitrator.

Cowan said he will respect Binnie’s decision and abide by it.

CTV News has previously reported that the Senate audit cost $21 million. That audit has uncovered $978,627 of questionable expenses. The five senators with the biggest tallies of questionable expenses owe a combined $546,000, the audit will show.

With a report from CTV’s Deputy Ottawa Bureau Chief Laurie Graham

And then there was this .....

Senator Rod Zimmer, whose 24 year old wife made international headlines last year during an incident of airplane anger, has retired from the Senate due to health concerns. The 70 year old raised eyebrows in Ottawa after marrying Maygan Sensenberger, 46 years his junior. His young wife was convicted for the airline spat, but charges of uttering threats to her husband and endangering the safety of the aircraft were later dropped.

Appointed by Paul Martin in 2005, Zimmer will collect an annual, indexed to inflation pension of $31,601. The law that regulates Senator and MP pensions provides that in the event of their death, their surviving spouse will continue to receive 60 per cent of their pension. Sensenberger and Zimmer were only married for a quarter of his Senate term, entitling her to 15 per cent of his total pension.

Assuming Zimmer lives until age 90 - the average life expectancy of pension plan members - Sensenberger will begin to collect a pension in 2033, at 44 years old. Indexed to inflation, she would collect $532,568, assuming she also lives to age 90. In the event that she were to begin collecting immediately, she would collect $644,000 by the time she reaches age 90 in 2079.

Sign the CTF's petition calling for a national referendum to abolish the Senate here.
By Nick Bergamini
Posted: August 07, 2013

And finally .....
Maygan-Sensenberger, ex-senator's wife charged after allegedly assaulting police

By Jesse Ferreras
Thursday, May 21, 2015

Maygan Sensenberger, the wife of ex-Liberal senator Rod Zimmer, is facing more legal trouble after allegedly pulling knives on police officers.

Sensenberger, 26, has been charged with uttering threats and mischief after an encounter with police in February.

This latest incident follows an August 2014 confrontation at an Ottawa medical clinic. She was charged after allegedly attacking two women using a hand-held fan and lit cigarette, The Ottawa Citizen reported.

She later failed to show for a court appearance and a bench warrant for her arrest was issued in September 2014, according to court documents cited by The Ottawa Sun.

The warrant, however, wasn't executed until February 22, when paramedics arrived at the home she shares with Zimmer in Ottawa's tony Rockcliffe Park area.

At that time, paramedics were called to help the 72-year-old ex-senator with a health issue, but they notified police about Sensenberger, who reportedly appeared drunk and threatened three police officers while holding kitchen knives, The Citizen reported.

She was charged with uttering threats of bodily harm, and she faced an additional charge of mischief after allegedly damaging the window of a police car while she was being arrested.

Sensenberger has also been charged with breaching her conditions, after she received a suspended sentence following a 2012 incident on a flight from Ottawa to Saskatoon.

One of those conditions was that she not consume alcohol, the Sun reported.

She is out on bail.

The plane incident brought her to national attention after she allegedly threatened to slit her husband's throat. She later pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance on a flight, and was directed to seek counselling.

The Sun reported that police were called to the couple's Ottawa home again last week after four men allegedly broke in and stole 27 firearms. No one was home at the time of the break-in.

Zimmer resigned from the Senate citing health concerns in 2013.

Dear Dr. Phil:
These two hosers are bankrupting Canadian taxpayers we desperately need some divine intervention and your help! Could you please use your considerable influence with the Pope to get them on your show where you can then offer them access to the best counselling and treatment centres in North America. Please hurry!

Clare L. Pieuk


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