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How could Winnipeg Police Inspector Danny Smyth gotten it so wrong?

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You really have to wonder how Winnipeg Police Inspector Danny Smyth could have gotten it so terribly wrong! In the story below he is clearly shown stating shortly after Guido Amsel's arrest that the accused had no previous record yet a quick check by media showed otherwise. Was Inspector Smyth so horribly misinformed/under informed by his staff or were there other considerations whatever they might be? Besides, whenever a name first comes to the attention of authorities, don't they next check to see if the individual has any priors - Police Academy 101!

So the fundamental question becomes, how could such an amateurish mistake have been made?

What makes this even more bizarre is when you consider police departments' penchant for collecting data on citizens (e.g. Metropolitan Toronto but they're certainly not alone) some of which violates privacy rights and that doesn't even consider their highly controversial practice of carding. With the exponential growth in criminal record checks, information such as 911 calls, names of those who were questioned by police but never charged with any crime etc., etc., etc. an increasing number of people are being denied employment and volunteer opportunities.

So tell us Inspector Smyth how could you have possibly gotten it so wrong?

Clare L. Pieuk
Accused bomber Guido Amsel had previous contact with police

Guido Amsel has been charged in the past with assault and had weapons seized

Melanie Verhsegne
Tuesday,July 7,2015

The man accused in a series of bombings that injured a lawyer in Winnipeg has had contact with police in the past, despite police telling media on Monday that they had no other dealings with him.

Back in 2009, court documents show that police seized 19 weapons from Guido Amsel's home on Pandora Avenue and from his former home in St. Clements.
Guido Amsel shown in this Facebook photo, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of aggravated assault after explosive devices were mailed to law firms and other businesses in the Winnipeg area. (Facebook)

Some of the guns included a Winchester and an unregistered Luger handgun.

Winnipeg police will not comment about what happened to the firearms, but said in cases that do not result in a conviction, the weapons are usually returned.

Amsel, 49, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault and several charges relating to the possession of explosives.

Three women were the targets of the attacks over the past few days. Amsel's former lawyer, who worked at Orle, Bargen Davidson on Stradbrook Avenue. A bomb was detonated there Sunday night.

Amsel's ex-wife was also targeted. A car repair shop on Washington Avenue was damaged after a bomb was detonated there on Saturday.

Lawyer Maria Mitousis, who represented Amsel's ex-wife, was injured in a blast Friday.

Injured Winnipeg lawyer Maria Mitousis undeterred by bombing

Guido Amsel went through bitter, lengthy divorce, court records show

Amsel appeared to make peace with ex-wife in recent months

The bombs were hidden in grey recording devices and sent through the mail, according to court documents.

On Monday, police officers were seen tagging several guns at Amsel's Pandora Avenue home.

Assault charges stayed

In 1995, Amsel was charged with assault and uttering threats.

The alleged victim in that case, a landlord, told CBC News there was a dispute when Amsel rented space in his Springfield Road property.
Guido Amsel shown with a weapon in this Facebook photograph. (Facebook)

The landlord said Amsel brought in a mechanic, which was considered to be competition.

A dispute happened when Amsel allegedly tried to take something from the building, which was not allowed under the lease agreement.

The landlord said Amsel yelled at him in German, threatened him and spit in his face.

Those charges were stayed and Amsel was under a peace bond for a year and ordered to stay away from the man who accused him of the charges.


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