Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Debate: Justin Trudeau wore pants; resisted the urge to whip it out; Harper's staff can't spell!

Good Day Readers:

Spent the evening switching between the Canadian leaders' debate and the Republican Party's. By comparison the former was much more controlled, sanitized and polite. In Cleveland there was a large audience present that cheered or booed candidates as they insulted one another and trash talked - loved it. Perhaps the next debate here should be held at the Air Canada Centre.

Here' how one regular CyberSmokeBlog contributor summed it up.

Clare L. Pieuk

Harper faced dozens of accusations that he was lying and was generally attacked by Trudeau, May and Mulcair. Most of his statements and answers were provable lies or based on distorted facts. Trudeau did surprisingly well. May always seems to perform well. Mulcair was holding back trying to look likable, I guess, but got in some strong shots.

Harper was so bold as to declare victory in this tweet that went out to his 900,000 followers. I wonder how many will notice that his staff can't spell his title correctly!


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