Wednesday, October 07, 2015

"No, you renounce your heritage you redneck Harper Conservative!

James "Redneck" Cumming Conservative candidate Edmonton Centre

Good Day Readers:

Here's how stupid "Redneck" is - he tried to mix it up with a law professor no less! Those Conservative candidates sure have been simultaneously shooting themselves in the groin, head and feet lately - no mean feat (nice pun).
They're dropping like flies!
Clare L. Pieuk
Law Prof claims Tory candidate told him to renounce his heritage over citizenship law concerns
Edmonton Centre candidate James Cumming calls allegations 'completely false'

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Edmonton Centre Conservative voter Ubaka Ogbogu says he was told by Tory candidate James Cumming that he could renounce his heritage if he were worried about Bill C-24. Cumming calls the allegations 'completely false.' (CBC)

Ubaka Ogbogu on being advised to renounce his heritage.

A University of Alberta law professor wants an apology from a Conservative candidate after he says he was advised to "renounce his heritage" if he is worried over the new citizenship law's possible effect on his children.

Ubaka Ogbogu recently greeted Edmonton Centre Conservative candidate James Cumming on his doorstep, and was eager to talk about the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, or Bill C-24.

Bill C-24 and the politics of citizenship
Revocation of citizenship: 5 things to know
Bill C-24 up for debate as first Canadian stripped of citizenship
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The law allows the federal government to revoke Canadian citizenship from people convicted of terrorism, espionage or treason — provided they are also citizens of a second country.

Ogbogu is worried his two young girls, who were born in Canada but have dual citizenship, could be sent to Nigeria, where he was born, if he were ever implicated in a terrorist act or even a less serious crime.

"He really didn't have any response to that when I pushed him on the fact my daughters would lose their citizenship," Ogbogu said.

"He then said to me if the law was a concern to me, I should renounce my heritage and I'll be OK," he said. "Those were his exact words.

"I was dumbfounded"


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