Friday, November 13, 2015

All in the (incestuous media-political) Family!

Good Day Readers:

When you listen to Ezra Levant hold forth you get the impression he simply doesn't fully grasp politicians and the media often find themselves in bed together in what could best  be described as an incestuous relationship - speaking figuratively of course.

In his video below, Mr. Levant refers to former Maclean's researcher/writer and now Canadaland's Jesse Brown as "an independent, muckraking journalist."
"Independent muckraking Journalist" Jesse Brown

And you'd describe yourself Mr. Levant as .....?" Anyone who advocates Calgary International Airport should be renamed The Stephen J. Harper Airport ought to be examined very closely.

However, thanks to Ezra Levant CyberSmokeblog now knows the identity of "Luigi" it's Perry Tsergas. Recall when Mr. Brown first broke the story of the love-in between Peter Mansbridge and the federal Liberals he didn't mention the name of the groom and Liberal apparatchik of newly minted Trudeau Director of Communications Kate Purchase. Mr. Mansbridge, hopefully not using any public money, flew to Italy to officiate at Ms Purchase's wedding. Since CSB did not have his name at the time, plus the ceremony took place in Italy, he was assigned the temporary moniker, "Luigi."
Perry "Luigi" Tsergas
But it just gets better folks.

Stage Right Bruce Anderson

Mr. Anderson a regular on the CBC National's Thursday night At Issue panel hosted by none other than Peter Mansbridge it seems is Ms Purchase - "Luigi" - Tsergas' father. In fairness throughout the recently concluded marathon federal election, on more than one occasion Bruce Anderson self-disclosed saying his daughter worked for the federal Liberals although he didn't specify her name and what she did.
Stage Right Rob Silver

Bob Silver who often appeared on the CBC's Power Politics panel hosted by Rosemarie Barton it seems is married to Justin Trudeau's new Chief of Staff  Katie Telford. Although CyberSmokeBlog is a regular viewer of said show, it cannot recall him once either before or during the recently concluded federal election disclosing this relationship. Missed that one didn't you Ezra? Bye, bye for you Rob.

Stage Right Amanda Lang
While you were asleep at the switch, Ezra, that independent muckraking journalist Jesse Brown broke the story involving CBC's now former Senior Business Correspondent Amanda Lang. It seems she tried to suppress an unfavourable story about alleged abuse of the federal government's temporary foreign workers program which fellow CBC journalist Kathy Tomlinson of Go Public fame was working on at the time.

To compound matters, Ms Lang gave a very favourable interview to a senior RBC executive and is said to have accepted paid speaking engagements at events sponsored by the Royal Bank. Of course, it mattered not that at the time she was in a relationship with Bank Board of Director Geoffrey "Toothy" Beattie.
Oh and BTW almost forgot. She's the daughter of former Liberal federal cabinet minister Otto Lang.

Stage Right Ezra Levant
So you see young Ezra Levant you snooze you lose. Damn that Jesse Brown! Politics and the media are inextricably linked.

Clare L. Pieuk

P. S. And remember what Donald Trump said about former presidential candidate Governor (Texas) Rick Perry. "Don't think just because you put on a new pair of glasses it makes you look smarter."



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