Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Vidocq Society?

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CNN is profiling the case of the Grim Sleeper so named for the long hiatus between murders.

To date there have been at least 11 victims mostly prostitutes since the killings began over 24 years ago. Our suggestion - if they haven't already Los Angles police should contact the Vidocq Society - learned about it from watching John Walsh on America's Most Wanted.
Clare L. Pieuk

Crime Solution Catalysts

An unusual, exclusive crime-solving organization meets monthly on the top floor of the historic Public Ledger Building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Public Ledger Building

In a famed walnut-paneled meeting room, members of The Vidocq Society honor Eugène François Vidocq, the brilliant 18th century French detective who served the Sûreté, by applying their collective forensic skills and experience to "cold case" homicides and unsolved deaths. At Vidocq meetings Vidocq Society Members (V.S.M.'s) evaluate, investigate, refocus, revivify and solve the unsolved deaths officially brought to them.

The Rotunda

V.S.M.'s are forensic professionals and motivated private citizens who, as a public service, donate deductive, scientific and other talents for the common good. A long-unsolved homicide or death is the focus of a Vidocq Society meeting during which the case and its evidence are dissected for members and invited guests, all with an eye towards rekindling or refocusing the investigation.

When cases meet Vidocq's stringent criteria and the investigating agency seeks our participation, V.S.M.'s serve in the background at the pleasure and direction of law enforcement.

In our role as crime solution catalysts we are equally as satisfied when our participation in a re-investigation moves a case forward incrementally as we are when law enforcement wins the conviction of the person or persons responsible for the crime.

The Vidocq Society is a Nonprofit, 501c(3) corporation, which, by the terms of its charter, is a fraternal organization comprised of professionals and non-professionals who meet in a social setting to discuss unsolved crimes. Our work is pro bono and we do not consider every case presented to us. Our sole purpose is to act as a catalyst and provide guidance to law enforcement agencies to assist them in solving these crimes. Opinions offered by our members are personal opinions offered in the spirit of cooperation and goodwill, based only upon the facts presented, and should not be considered formal or legally binding opinions of the Vidocq Society.


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