Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mr. Lone Fat Arse - Help!

Mr. Lone Fat Arse
Dear Mr. Arse:

Could you help us please? Today we received our warm, fuzzy, feel good Member of Parliament Report from Ms Shelly Glover which we the taxpayers finance. Here's our problem.
On the eve of the last election we got a telephone message from the now Honourable Ms Glover which almost moved us to tears. It was, "Clare, I need your help to accomplish - whatever - .....!" and "Clare, your vote is really important to me!" and "Clare if I'm elected I'll dedicate myself to serving the constitutents of the Saint Boniface, Manitoba (Winnipeg) Riding! and "Clare .....!"
Well, since Ms Glover was elected she has failed to reply to two of our e-mail. So much for forgetting about you as soon as politicians get voted into office. Probably won't hear from her again until the next time we go to the polls.
Here's the problem Mr. Lone Fat Arse. Unlike you we don't have a ....-eating hamster so can't shred the Parliamentary Report for its cage. What should we do? Please help us!
Clare L. Pieuk
P.S. If you wish we can shred and send it to you for your little "Tory."


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