Sunday, May 03, 2009

Good on you Law is Cool!

By: Law is Cool Contributor · May 2, 2009
LawIsCool has recently begun a partnership with The site is an online forum that provides resources to both lawyers and members of the lay public.
Founded earlier this year by Nancy Kinney, an entrepreneur with a law background, AdviceScene aims to provide a “fully moderated, social networking community linking lawyers and the public to provide a free and democratic exchange of legal information.”
A key difference between other legal forums and AdviceScene is that AdviceScene provides legal information from actual practicing lawyers; answers don’t come from anonymous sources.
According to Kinney:
“The site offers lawyers a credible method to join the online world of public discussion on legal matters in a manner that conforms to their professional code of ethics.”
The site also assists lawyers who want to contribute legal information online by providing FREE marketing services such as a free lawyer directory, free banner ad, free profile in the monthly newsletter, and soon free website templates, including free search engine optimization (SEO) and hosting.
As an added bonus, AdviceScene Enterprises Inc. donates 5% of gross advertising revenues to pro bono legal services societies.


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