Friday, May 22, 2009

You (deleted) crybaby!

Dear Readers:

The other day we noticed Mr. Lone Fat Arse from Arsenisms ( had posted this picture of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on his Blog.
As fate would have it we came upon the following image while searching for something else. For reasons understood only by us, we found it very funny so saved it for possible future use. With the Oliphant Commission winding down we thought this might be a good time - the two seem to fit.We apologize in advance for the coarse imprecation but we were unable to remove it. Sincerely,
Clare L. Pieuk


Blogger Scott MacNeil said...

Good one! All we need now is an audio of a whining self absorbed child to go along with the two pics & the story will be complete!

If it was me, I would entitle it: "Brian Bawling: a Bastards Tale!"

1:43 PM  

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