Sunday, June 21, 2009

Affidavit of John Doe - free!

Good Day Readers:

Recently we discovered there's no charge for having an affidavit notarized if it's done by the Deputy Registrar of the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench. However, it can only be from you to the court. Simply go to the Provincial Law Courts Building at 408 York Avenue (Winnipeg) and visit the File Registry (main floor).
If this exact same service were provided by a lawyer it could cost anywhere from approximately $50-$75.

Clare L. Pieuk


Blogger Scott MacNeil said...


Thanks for this; a very useful tidbit of info, I shall keep this in mind next time I hear a friend or relative bitching about the cost of getting something notarized.

Do you have any more info of easily accessible and useful services available at MB's Law Courts that the general public may be unaware of?

After all, if it is true that: Knowledge is power, and that power allows for options - - then it must also follow 'Joe & Jane Public' can only benefit if they are made aware of ALL their options?

The more information the better - as it improves everyone's chances of securing fairness and justice from our legal system; the two commodities that must be preserved if the system is ever to be seen as being worth a damn.

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