Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does little Tory need more parliamentary paper Mr. Fat Arse?

Good Day Readers:
To explain. Fellow Blogger Lone Fat Arse (http://arsenisms.blogspot.com) feeds his MP's Parliamentary Reports to his pet hamster Tory so he can line his own cage.
Received yet another mail out (third in past two weeks) from my Member of Parliament who shall remain nameless. This time it was an 8-page 28 x 43 centimeter extravaganza anouncing the launch of their, Proud to be Canadian Campaign! Here's what's annoying:
(1) On page 3 there's a 26 x 13 centimeter colour paper cutout of a flag we're supposed to display in a window for Canada Day - as if anyone will be able to see it from the street! Haven't Senior Citizens earned at least a new, real, cloth one? Then we're asked to fill out, detach and return a reply card (no postage required) checking off a series of boxes:
Show your pride. Do you commit to displaying a flag on your residence in the weeks leading up to Canada Day?
YES, count me in as a Proud Canadian!
YES, I display a flag year round!
I'm not interested in participating
Is (MP's name) on the right track? YES NO
(2) Page 2 is consumed by 11-black and white pictures of MP "X" speaking with .....; MP "X" participating as a tea pourer at at "Tea with a Twist" - now that must have been a real blast were brownies served too?; MP "X" bringing greetings on behalf of ..... - you get the point
(3) Look as I may, I couldn't find any comment as to why they weren't one of only 4 Members of Parliament who agreed to reveal their expenses recently to a Toronto Star reporter given last year all 308 accounted for $127 million in taxpayer dollars or about $414,000 each. Wonder how much this latest "Parliamentary Report" cost?
So where does this leave us? We'll just have to trundle out our old, trusty Canadian flag come July 1 - but at least it's real!
Clare L. Pieuk
P.S. Enjoy the shreddings Tory!


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