Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench services?

Fat Arse ( has left a new comment on your post, "Affidavit of John Doe - free!"


Thanks for this very useful tidbit of information I shall keep this in mind next time I hear a friend or relative b......g about the cost of getting something notarized.

Do you have any more information about easily accessible and useful services available at Manitoba's Law Courts of which the general public may be unaware?

After all, if it is true that knowledge is power and that power allows for options - then it must also follow 'Joe and Jane Public' can only benefit if they are made aware of ALL their options?

The more information the better - as it improves everyone's chances of securing fairness and justice from our legal system - the two commodities that must be preserved if it is ever to be seen as being worth a damn.
Dear Fat Arse:

Thank you for writing. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell there are very few free services associated with the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench - increasingly it seems to be pay as you go. If you wish to access a file there's a $5 fee unless you are one of the Parties to the action. They're usually available except if a judge has sealed them (rare but possible) or a trial is near and they are in use by the judiciary. The media has access to all files at no cost. Why? Freedom of the Press.

Once you have a file you can photocopy any and all material problem is it's 25 cents a page which we think is highway robbery - they've got a captive audience at The Law Courts Building. By way of comparision, some Shoppers Drug Marts have photocopying machines that only charge 10 cents.

If there are any court officials or lawyers who are aware of other free services available to the public, please let us know and we'll publish the information. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. We know of one solicitor who a couple years ago over the holiday season offered to notarize legal documents for low income individuals at no charge. How many times have you heard of that?


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