Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey, that's my Member of Parliament you're talking about!

Truth To Power
Good Day Readers:

The following article appears on one of our favorite Blogs anonymously hosted by The Public Eye a Canadian attorney.

As a constituent it is of concern because if accurate it clearly demonstrates the Honourable Member of Parliament for St. Boniface (Winnipeg), and former Public Relations Officer for the Winnipeg Police Service, has yet to successfully make the transition to political life in managing the media.

Politicians read the Blogs. A few weeks ago we received a telephone call from one of Ms Glover's staff regarding an article we'd published in which we claimed she had not responded to two of our e-mail. We subsequently pointed out to the gentleman where they could be found on this site. They have still not been acknowledged. As a voter, what does that tell you? Who does she think she is?

Clare L. Pieuk
20 June 2009
Canadian Federal Member of Parliament Shelly Glover


By "Greg"

As originally posted on: They Call Me "Mr. Sinister"

The following exchange between the press and MP (and cop on leave) Shelly Glover will give you some pause. It certainly makes me think about how cops view democracy and free speech. I hope Ms. Glover is the exception rather than the rule. But a press conference in Ottawa today added a new twist. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan were at the Canadian War Museum to announce new legislation related to Internet surveillance.

They were joined on stage by several police officers who supported the measures as a way to nab child predators lurking online.

But it was a big news day and reporters also had questions for the ministers on the case of Abousfian Abdelrazik, the ongoing Cornwall bridge closure and a report from the House of Commons public safety committee.

The moderator, former Winnipeg police officer and first-term Conservative MP Shelly Glover, would have none of it.“

If I could interject,” she said after a question on Mr. Abdelrazik. “Today’s a very, very special day for the people who have come from a long distance. Could we please keep our questions focused on today’s announcement?”

“With due respect, it is a news conference,” CTV’s Roger Smith replied.

“Yes,” Ms. Glover replied sternly.“And when they put a police officer in charge, they give directions and we hope that you follow them.”

Translation: Shut the ..... up and write what we tell you to write. Charming. Ms. Glover has a future in Iranian politics, if she ever gets tired of Canada.

Editor's Note: We thought it best to delete the colourful all purpose word used by Greg in the original article. Also, Achtung is a German term meaning warning, watch out or caution.

Ms Glover can be reached at or her website


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