Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is your life Gord Timmerman!

Good Day Readers:

Had a request recently from Gord Timmerman to add us to his Facebook page to which we agreed. It's been about 15 years since we've seen him but were always impressed with his technical and mechanical abilities - at that time he was restoring a vintage camero. The fact he now has a renovation/construction company comes as no surprise given his skills set.
For those who remember, This is your life! was a radio and television show from 1952-1961 which aired again on NBC in 1972. Host Ralph Edwards would introduce a guest then read from his "red book" a biography of that person's life. Voices could be heard off stage from those who had played a part like ghosts from the past. Sometimes they were recognized other times not.

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. Talk about social networking of another type. Had a telephone message from someone recently we used to work with in Ottawa. Hadn't seen hide nor hair of them in about 28 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gord Timmerman Investments is the biggest 2 person show of bureaucratic bullshit that is obvious if you are a contractor that has subbed work. You say you are NOT surprised with the skills this jerk has, that he opened a construction / renovation company? Well, as of reading this. Gord Timmerman has successfully put our business in dire straits with his neglect to follow the project and guideline through. We have 4 children that did not receive a regular Christmas, because Mr. Timmerman LIED clearly in several messages stating our invoice was PAID through CHMC mortgages. Anyhow, to ANY CONTRACTOR that is considering doing any projects through this pompous jackass, then take heed, we are still owed several thousand dollars, and as I read earlier.... HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN, watching her husband bust his ass to complete COSMETIC requests to a job.... and STILL NOT BE PAID 6 months AFTER the job completion. However... Mr Timmerman has WIRED ME for SOUND... so I will start by collecting the remainder of our receivables through CHMC, and then follow with a complaint to the BBB, then YES... the local newspaper in his northern town, and of course... the TORONTO SUN.

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