Thursday, July 09, 2009

What's he up to?

Good Day readers:
We'd like to thank one of our readers who sent some information on a couple Murray Trachtenberg files available online from Manitoba Justice's File Registry. One is SC09-01-13443 involving Wendy Gambrel carrying on business as Aruba Massage Therapy Clinic. It would appear Ms. Gambrel was taken to Small Claims court by Counselor Trachtenberg. The Defendant appears to be self-represented (last entry was June 1, 2009.
This next one is quite interesting. It goes back to 2005 and involes a Walter J. Chartrand represented by Mr. Trachtenberg versus unrepresented Eastwood Chrysler Dodge (CI o5-01-43903). Could this possibly be the same Walter Chartrand brother to Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand who, at least in the past, has worked for the headquarters operation in Security?
Shortly we'll review the contents of both and post the most interesting material.
Clare L. Pieuk


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