Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Metis Women of Manitoba?

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Go Clare Go ..... I keep checking your site and continue watching your progress/process through the courts on this one. Go Man go...

Heard David (Manitoba Metis Federation President Chartrand) on NCI Radio's Metis Hour Times Two
traveling to the Metis Women of Manitoba Annual General Meeting held in Swan River this past weekend at the Friendship Centre. He commented he hoped that was what heaven was like. How chauvinistic - like was he looking for the 72 virgins or what? (next 5 words deleted -!).

The MWM Head hails from his hometown too ..... like that's a no brainer... maybe he wants her to be the next MMF President. She'd better not have those aspirations... oh Rosemarie (McPherson) where are you now...

Dear O00:

Thank you for writing with the kind words. It's been a longtime since you first contacted us so by now your little o's must have grown into big ones.

Our readers appreciate your update on the Metis Women of Manitoba. The last we heard about the MWM was during October 2008 on www.derrylsanderson.blogspot who hasn't posted for over two months. Anyone know, are "Bear" and he still alive?
At that time he reported Plaintiff Anita Campbell
had replaced Rosemarie McPherson
who promptly (January 2009) withdrew from the MMF's alleged defamation lawsuit against the now defunct www.CyberSmokeSignals.com. Of course, Federation apparatchik Muriel Parker was there.
Is Plaintiff Campbell still Head of the near moribund Metis Women of Manitoba?
Clare L. Pieuk
P.S. It this correct? Plaintiff Elbert Chartrand
is Executive Direct of the Swan River Indian & Metis Friendship Centre and, as such, reports to Muriel Parker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant' believe these people are our representatives. Most of these bozos could use a lesson in grooming and hygiene.

11:40 AM  

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